Bernie Pleskoff, former Major League Baseball scout and now writer has released his Top 32 Prospect list. Why we chose to go to 32 of all numbers, I do not know. But, the Cincinnati Reds landed two players in his Top 20.

2016 1st round pick for the Reds, Nick Senzel, came in at #7 on the list. Here’s what Pleskoff has to say about the third baseman:

He has tremendous power in a compact frame with broad shoulders and a robust chest. Senzel combines strength with a plus hitting tool that leads to a solid batting average. (cut) He is an All Star quality player, and one that could put up huge home run numbers on an annual basis once his time has come.

There’s a little more at the link on Nick Senzel if you are interested in the rest. The plan for Senzel as he heads into spring training appears to be to get him work at both third base and second base. With Eugenio Suarez manning third, Senzel sliding to second base where he spent time in college, could be the opening needed to get both into the same lineup at some point in the future.

Hunter Greene, the 2017 1st round pick for the Reds was the next player on the list for Cincinnati. The right handed pitcher was called a unique talent by Pleskoff in his write up. Here are some other things he has to say:

Greene has a live arm with the ability to reach 100 miles per hour on his fastball. (cut) His repertoire includes a slider and a change up that promise to get even better as he matures and gains experience. The Reds have a top, top prospect in Hunter Greene and one that can help brighten their franchise.

The plan for Hunter Greene sounds like it’s going to be with the Dayton Dragons in 2018. The real question is, will they send him out to Dayton in April? Or will the team keep him back in Arizona until it warms up a little more in the Midwest League? It would make sense to keep Greene back in Arizona to both keep him from pitching in 30° and 40° weather, as well as having a better control over how many innings he’ll pitch during the year without shutting him down and skipping him later in the year. He will be just 18-years-old next season, so there’s no reason to think he should be pitching a full 125.0 innings that would be there for a full Midwest League season.

Among the “others I am watching with interest” group beyond the Top 32 players is a third Red: Jesse Winker. The Cincinnati outfielder was on the list of 20 players that followed.


22 Responses

  1. Shamrock

    I see Christian Arroyo just missed the list (top 35?)
    Any chance this guy can stick at shortstop?

    I would want a bit more for Billy, but read that SF was also interested in Duvall.
    If our coaches see Arroyo as a really good shortstop prospect then perhaps we pull the trigger? (give Peraza some stiff competition while opening up leftfield for Winker)

  2. Brad

    Saw Padres designated Travis Wood. I believe Royals are paying all or close to all of his salary. Worth a flyer for Reds. LHRP who can go multiple innings.

    • MK

      Wood had terrible year last year but would definitely be worth a shot, especially for major league minimum.

  3. Piggly Wiggly

    Senzel is a stud, no denying that. Will he be up in late April, or first week of June?
    Greene should stay in Arizona. Can’t take the kid gloves off now. There will be a patch on Greene’s sleeve that will read “FRAGILE: Handle With Care” #FHWC. I guess on days when there is the threat of rain, they will pass him up and pitch someone else too. Or maybe on days when the humidity is above 60% they won’t pitch him either.
    I absolutely love Zack Cozart’s parting shot at the Reds front office, “At the end of the day, my mindset was winning, I don’t necessarily think the Reds’ mindset is there.” He is 120% correct.

    • Colorado Red

      I think you are incorrect on Hunter.
      I would wait till this year, before I keep slamming him.

      • Piggly Wiggly

        It is a disservice to have Greene so highly ranked when he quit pitching his high school senior year, barely pitched a few innings after being drafted, and when he did pitch it was to a 12.46 ERA. Players shouldn’t be ranked until they pass Rookie level ball.
        Like you said, give him a year. Then maybe we can see if the hype is real or imagined. Give him time to learn how to really pitch. Time to learn to put some movement on that 100 mph fastball. Having him ranked in the top-20 of all of MLB is a disservice to everyone involved. Especially him.

      • RobL

        In this reply, I have no problem with your logic.

        It was the fragile tag, and the remark about humidity that come across as cheap shots. I don’t know, maybe that was your intent.

    • Wes

      Reds for sure aren’t thinking winning!? They have been and are still in rebuilding phase. Reds can’t sign 2 free agents every season so they have to have right pieces in place. They aren’t there yet and acknowledge that so they stay coarse. What’s your logic behind what you think they should be doing different?

      • Piggly Wiggly

        I would re-tool The Rebuild and accelerate it to make up for the lost year of 2017.
        By the time the Reds are aiming to contend, Joey Votto will be eligible to sign up for AARP.
        Quit wasting the Votto years.

      • Wes

        A lot of risk to run to maybe compete for playoffs if reds fail they’ll sacrifice some of best prospects they had in long time. Maybe that’s why management is being so patient.

      • Datdudejs

        The Reds probably will never have another player like Votto. Wasting prospects? How about wasting a Hall of Famer

      • richard williams

        To many, it would appear as though the bigger risk would be to run out Bailey, DeSclafani, and Finnegan as the Reds #1, #2, and #3 starters to start out with on Opening Day.

      • RobL

        But Richard, isn’t this the problem. The Reds were set up to have those three in the rotation. There was no reason at the start of last season to think that Disco and Finnegan couldn’t be relied upon. Homer has come back and pitched. The Reds can’t just go out and sign a #1, #2, and #4 on the free market. Who can they bring in? Chris Archer? We have no idea the asking price. And remember, the payroll is already over 90 million. So they can’t just take on money. And then you are still left looking for a #2 and #4.

        You don’t raid the farm when you have no real idea of what the team will look like, because you might wind up with not enough and no re-enforcements.

        This organization is caught between a rock and a hard place. Injuries have decimated this team for three years. There is very little, if any wiggle room in the budget. Adding a Rule 5 pick won’t move the needle.

      • Richard Williams

        But Rob, a #1 or #2 (for the Reds) is just what was needed. With a couple of more reputable relievers would do the trick on pitching.
        On offense, I would trade Scooter and Schebler with prospects to get what is needed. And welcome the additions of Winker and Senzel. Another course could be keeping Scooter and with Senzel, one takes 2B and the other LF. Then trade Duvall amd Schebler.
        More than enough on ha d to make trades.
        Prospects are nice, parades are nicer.

      • Wes

        It’ll take trammell and Greene and prob Suarez too to acquire 2 frontline starters. Schebler and scooter would be nothing more than throwins on trades like that. Not worth it to me. Reds need one more year

  4. CP

    I would like to think that Taylor Trammel wasn’t too far outside of the top 40 (top 20 + 20 that followed)…

    He seems like a very strong top 100 candidate to me now…

  5. MK

    I have stood next to Senzel several times and never did I think “robust chest.”

    • HavaKlu

      Always appreciate your insights MK. I really wonder how many of his prospects he has actually seen play in person.

  6. Tetbrura

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