First, let me apologize for the complete lack of content from Monday morning until now. I caught what has to be the worst 24-hour bug in the history of the world. I went to a 9-year-old’s birthday party on Saturday and apparently someone there had it at some point because three of us wound up with it. We all agreed that we’ve never been anything close to as sick as we were. I’m feeling much better today, but I am still incredibly weak as I’m recovering. This may be the only update for the day, especially if the Reds don’t make any moves as I’m just trying to rest up. Onto the baseball news!

Rookie Davis made a new, life-long friend, unfortunately due to a very bad circumstance. Alyson Footer wrote about about what led to the Reds right handed pitcher bringing 7-year-old Chace Gibson and his mom out to Redsfest as his guest to take in everything.

“It’s a great reminder of why we do this,” Davis said. “If you’re able to use your platform, and use even social media for in-person experience like this, I know it’s something I’m never going to forget. And I hope that for [Chace] and his family, they won’t either. I’m incredibly honored to have them here.”

Baseball is great on it’s own. But stories like this make it a little bit better.

Baseball America’s Kyle Glaser and JJ Cooper tackled the Cincinnati Reds farm system in a recent podcast. They were both quite impressed with what the Reds have been doing. Of course, as they said early in the podcast, when you’re drafting 2nd overall in back-to-back years, you should have a good farm system. Go give it a listen – it’s well worth the 25 minutes of your time.

The Christian Yelich sweepstakes may be back open

The Miami Marlins firesale was ongoing, but then they shut things down. It wasn’t long after that in which the team said they weren’t trading outfielder Christian Yelich. Then over the weekend word came out that the team was going to get in touch with Yelich to talk about whether he wanted to stay with the team or not before deciding what their plan would be. I would imagine that they already know the answer. Why would anyone want to stay there if they had a say in it? The team clearly wants to cut as much salary as possible, which mean getting rid of anyone who is proven to be good. They have already traded away an MVP and an All-Star, and are still looking to move others.

As I, and others have noted, Christian Yelich would be a great target to go after for the Cincinnati Reds. The price won’t be cheap, and if he’s truly available, there will be many teams in the running. Still, it would make so much sense for the Reds to almost go all in on acquiring Yelich and keep him around for the next five seasons to accelerate the rebuild.


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  1. Kap

    If there was any sort of glimmer of hope that the Reds would at least think about getting Yelich, I would be excited. But there hasn’t been at least not yet. I really hope I’m wrong because the Reds could pull that trade off

    • wes

      You honestly don’t think that is what Dicks pursuing when he says he has several ongoing discussions? If I can’t believe that he’s doing that- then I would be shopping for a new team this Christmas.

    • MuddyCleats

      If Yelich is upset over Marlins talent dump, what makes anyone think he wants to come to Cincy w/ their recent history? He’s played a little CF, but I don’t think many project him there?

  2. wes

    Reds need to be all in on Yelich. They will prob have to take a contract to save Trammell and that’s how they should pursue it. Also, since it’s now clear Miami will take closer to mlb ready guys- I’d offer:


    Gives Miami several viable young pitching options and in return take Ziegler which will save them another 9 mil.

    Seems real light I’m sure but the Marlins haven’t gotten market value yet so….

    If you just go for Yelich and don’t save them money-


    Not sure if I’d do that one…but if Reds did I would rejoice : )

    • Fish

      I’m pretty sure we’d have to give up senzel AND Greene to have a shot at yelich. They absolutely have to make up for their other trades and his contract is super affordable.

      • Kap

        Don’t know about that much. Trammell and mahle for sure with a pair of either long, Gutierrez, santillan, or friedl. Maybe a billy throw in as well

      • Craig

        If the Fish ask for Senzel and Greene, DW laughs and hangs up the phone (as well he should). That would be like Toronto parting with Vlad Jr. and Bichette in the same deal. With that said, I do not think you get Yelich without giving up one of them, unless you take on Prado or Ziegler. I could probably get behind a package of Greene/Mahle/Siri/Gordon. Two top 100s and two prospects with upside seems like a fair deal for a 5 WAR player under control. However, given the Marlins’ recent transactions, who knows?

  3. Bill

    Love Yelich but he going to be very expensive either in terms of prospects or player contracts. Two other scenarios I would hope the Reds would pursue:

    – Duvall and Gennett to Toronto for CF Anthony Alford and C Danny Jansen. The Blue Jays have a 3-years of control on 3-WAR Pillar in CF, but have replacement level players at 2B and LF. Alford and Jansen would start the year at AAA. Alford would be our future CF and Jansen a right-handed offense first catching complement to Barnhart.

    – Duvall and Gennett to Boston for CF Jackie Bradley, Jr and INF Tzu-Wei Lin. Duvall would start in LF for Boston and Gennett would start at 2B while Dustin Pedroia recovers to health. Bradley starts in CF for the Reds for the next 3 years and Lin is our backup SS and provides a left-handed bat to back up our right handed infielders.

    Both options keep the Reds prospect capitol in tact for the trade deadline or next offseason when we have a much better idea of how our pitching staff shapes up.

    • victor vollhardt

      With Cozart already gone—any kind of trade that includes BOTH Duvall and Gennett means that one-third of your starting line up is gone and a lot of power figures(some maybe inflated because of last year’s “ball”) are also gone. Not a good idea.

      • Doug Gray

        Replace Duvall with Winker and Gennett with Senzel and your offense is probably better off for 2018.

      • asinghoff

        And then you also have Blandino as a stopgap to save Senzel’s service time, and you still leave open the door for a Hamilton trade.

    • CP

      I’ve been a fan of the idea of going after JBJ for awhile now. I think Duval makes great sense for the Red Sox.

      I also really loved the idea of going after Inciarte with the Braves, but that door may have closed now with the trading of Kemp. They could potentially still pull it off if Duval is more attractive to them in LF and then move their rookie star, Acuna, into CF. Duval would upgrade their power production from the OF, and still provide high level defense.

      Inciarte is a gold glove CF, and a clear offensive upgrade to boot. He is also cost controlled and under contract through 2021 and has a team option for 2022. It will take perhaps another pitcher or something to sweeten the deal along with Duval. The Braves are set at 2B. Maybe throwing in a Lopez or Moss. Not sure if that would be enough or not….

      • Bill

        I think the Braves would want a lot for Inciarte. Suarez and Duvall/Schebler might be enough. It’s rare to see quality, affordable players with 4-5 years of control moved in a trade. There’s just tremendous value in the years of control and cost certainty.

    • Clammy

      Hey Bill, I like both scenerio’s. I mentioned Tzu-Wei Lin a while back as a possible target. Doug mentioned Jansen a few posts back.

      Glad you’re feeling a little better Doug. Here’s hoping for a full recovery by the weekend.

  4. Cbus

    Yelich’s contract is so team friendly I don’t think you get even close to getting him without giving up one of Senzel or Greene which I highly doubt the Reds would do.

    • Doug Gray

      As I’ve covered before, I think they can do that. It’s still going to be really expensive, though.

  5. Piggly Wiggly

    Going “all in ” on Yelich will definitely be expensive prospect-wise. If you are going “all-in”, then Hunter Greene will have to be the headliner of that package. By including Greene, you probably can protect the rest in your top-5, but have to give up more in the #6 – # 15 range. A big price, but one the Reds can readily afford.
    Going by Mr. Gray’s top-25.
    Give up RHP Hunter Greene (#2), 2B Shed Long (#8), OF Jose Siri (#9), RHP Vladimir Gutierrez (#10), and SS Jeter Downs (#11) or SS Jose Garcia (#12). Two starting pitchers and solid up the middle with very well regarded prospects at SS, 2B, and CF.
    By trading Schebler or Duvall and Scooter, a few prospects could return to help re-stock the cupboard. Or trade them first to acquire even more prospects and enhance the trade package to Miami even more.

    • RobL

      Usually, people offer up crazy trades that are totally lopsided. I believe the Marlins would jump all over this offer. I wouldn’t make this trade if I were the Reds, but it may be what the offer would need to be. If you removed Downs/Garcia, I think I would pull the trigger. And I think the Marlins would still seriously consider it.

    • Colorado Red

      This is a crazy offer.
      Way too much.
      Man stop the Hate on Hunter.
      Give him, this season before you hate him. You seem to be calling him a bust for no reason at all.

      • MK

        Don’t understand the Greene hate either. If it is the way the Reds are bringing him along that is not the kid’s fault. In 4 years he is the face of the franchise.

      • Piggly Wiggly

        Dude, you have to give up something of value to get something of value. How does having him headline a major trade be the equivalent of calling him a bust? That is ludicrous.
        However, of it comes to only keeping one of Senzel and Greene, which will likely be the case with Yelich, it is adios Greene. No hesitation.

      • Colorado Red

        Yes, you do but you do not pay 100,000.00 for a 4 Runner.

  6. MikeinSoCal

    Everyone seems to want to dump Duvall and or Schebler, 30 homers, 80-100 rbi guys. I’m not a fan of that scenario. I prefer trading Hamilton, though I know CF don’t grow on trees. Package BH, Gennett, and a couple pitching prospects for your target guy. If we do trade Hamilton I would go after Joc Pederson of the Dodgers to play CF. He could be gotten cheaply, imo, because Dodgers are loaded with OF and might be in on McCutcheon or Cain.

    Doug, sounds like you think Senzel could be playing 2B for the big club sometime this season. Do you think the Reds will go for it?

    • asinghoff

      19 individual OFs in the Majors had an equal or higher bWAR than the Reds combined starting 3 of Duvall, Hamilton, and Schebler. The Reds should be open to trading any of them.

      For Pederson, he has been pretty bad in CF defensively, and has only put up a half win more of bWAR than Hamilton over the last 3 years combined. He’s obviously a much better hitter and you have him for 1 extra year, but I would hope the consideration of a Pederson acquisition would be contingent upon him moving to one of the corner spots.

      Personally, I, and I’m sure everyone else, would be disappointed if Senzel didn’t man 2B at some point in Cincinnati in 2018. First, the only thing I could see keeping him in Louisville is if he struggled. Second, whether the Reds are contending or not in 2018, Senzel needs to get some big league at bats to adjust going into 2019. I can’t imagine Senzel being too happy with the organization if they held him back another year for service time.

  7. Stock

    I don’t like the idea of a club with no chance trading prospects. We should get prospects in a trade not give them up.

    Here is a Great idea on how to spend the $50 million the Reds picked up. Matt Kemp, Alex Verdugo, Yadier Alvarez and Gavin Lux for Duvall and Scooter. This would send a message to the fans that the Reds ownership is not about pocketing the $50 million haul. They can point to Kemp’s contract. Verdugo fills the hole in CF. Alvarez gives the Reds another top 50 pitching prospect. Kemp combined with the $50 million haul make this deal money neutral for the Reds.

    Dodgers get an upgrade in LF. Duvall is better than Kemp or Pederson. Scooter has an opportunity to send Forsythe to the bench. Worst case scenario he provides the Dodgers with much needed depth in the infield. Most importantly, the Dodgers dump Kemp’s salary and the huge Luxury tax implications that go with it.

    Bonus: Throw in Billy Hamilton giving the Dodgers the perfect 4th OF. This also fills a need for the Dodgers. Upgrade from Lux to Mitchell White or Starling Heredia.

    • Greenfield Red

      If Billy is included, the Reds should get Kiebert Ruiz too. I like the idea a lot. The Reds have got to get an advantage. Taking on a couple of bad contracts to get high end prospects is another avenue.

    • MikeinSoCal

      I thought about the Kemp deal also. I don’t think the Reds would spend that kind of money and then release him. Though the Braves had no problem releasing Gonzalez.

      I like Verdugo also. He is a better hitting Winker with a strong arm. I think he is suited for RF though because of his lack of speed for CF.

      • Burg Red

        No way Reds fo takes on any more bad contracts. They still owe Bailey and Mez. I do like the way everyone is thinking outside of the box…unlike the Reds fo although.

      • Stock

        Dude, read the post. I state the Reds pay Kemp’s salary.

        Plus the fact of the matter is the Dodgers are paying $3.5 million of Kemp’s salary to in 2018 and 2019 not the whole thing. Finally, they are not paying the Pads they are paying $3.5 million of Kemp’s salary in 2018 and 2019 reducing the amount owed by the team owning him from $21.5 million in these years to $18 million in these two years. Of course the team owning him is the Dodgers.

  8. Hoyce

    The Orioles are saying they want 2 pitchers with 4-5 years of control for machado.
    The white sox seem interested in machado.
    I wonder if the Reds could be a middle man in a 3-way trade.
    The real question is what kind of pitchers are Balt looking for: something like Romano and Davis? Mahle & Romano?
    Mahle & garrett ? Maybe I’m no where close. Or the Reds would have to offer up a third prospect.
    But Robert Luis would be a great target to ask for from sox.

    • Colorado Red

      I would think the O’s would want Castillo, and not Garret.
      That would be too rich for my blood

      • MuddyCleats

        And how do Reds pay Machado? Even if they have him, they continue to lose just like Baltimore did because neither team has enough quality SP. Likewise, they would be down SP prospects they used to get him?

      • Colorado Red

        I update my thoughts on this.
        The Reds are not in a win now.
        So anything for machado would be a waste this year.

  9. Mike

    I am not in love with Yelich. I don’t think he will get us to the playoffs. I wait one more year. We should know what we have in terms of a starting staff going forward. Then you make the big splash acquisitions.

    • Craig

      Yelich alone may not get the Reds to the playoffs, but you would get 5 years of team control. You would be dealing for a player that will contribute, not only in 2018, but for 2019 and beyond. He is exactly the type of player the Reds should target, even if not Yelich specifically.

      • MuddyCleats

        I admit adding Yelich is interesting, but in reality the Reds will move him just like any other good player w/ 1-2 yrs left on his contract. So, why give up much for him when it’s SP that they need first

  10. Wes

    Senzel and Greene talk is pretty crazy!

    Senzel’s floor is where yelich is today. Altuve is ONLY 2nd baseman that will stand in his way to be best in all of baseball.

    Greene’s ceiling, and I’m not a Yuge Greene fan by any means, is the best player in baseball.

    How can u trade either of those guys?

    • Colorado Red

      I doubt DW would trade either one of them.
      I have to agree 100% with you.
      Good post.

  11. Scott

    If the Reds are going to trade prospects, I would rather they go to Detroit for Fulmer.
    I think that finding a center fielder is much easier than a top of rotation controllable starter.

    • MuddyCleats

      Spot on! SP is Reds biggest area of need before they can even start to think about competing. It’s also the most cost efficient way to move in that direction. Teams like Tigers & Marlins R good partners because they R just starting their rebuild; they may be more open to taking a A or AA prospect for a ML caliber player