Tim Lincecum is attempting a comeback. The two time Cy Young Award winner did not pitch in the 2017 season. From 2007-2011 he was one of the best pitchers, if not the best pitcher alive. Over that five season span he posted a 2.98 ERA in 1028.0 innings with 1127 strikeouts. Things took a quick downturn, though. The right hander fell off of a cliff, so-to-speak, in 2012 and never recovered. From 2012-2016 he posted a 4.94 ERA in 654.0 innings. That was good for an ERA+ of 72, meaning he was 28% worse than the league average when adjusted for the parks he pitched in. That’s got to be among the worst pitchers in the league.

In 2015, Tim Lincecum was solid, but unspectacular. He made 15 starts for the Giants, but threw just 76.1 innings and had a 4.13 ERA. That, of course, came in the confines of San Francisco and their large ballpark. His ERA+ was just 93, which was below-average – but not terrible.

From the year that he made his debut, through 2016, Tim Lincecum watched his velocity fall drastically. In 2007 he averaged 94.6 MPH on his fastball. In 2016 that had dropped all of the way down to 88.4 MPH. Driveline Baseball doesn’t just work on improving velocity of pitchers, but that IS what they are known for doing. Lincecum at 88 MPH probably still doesn’t get much done. But if he can get back up to 92 MPH, there could be something there.

For the Reds, it may not make sense to look at him as a starting pitcher. But, if there’s enough there to give it a look in spring training, he could provide a bullpen option and if nothing else, provide some length as a long man or spot starter if needed – particularly early in the season.


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    • Rls321321

      Absolutely no reason not to sign him to a milb contract. He’s not going to take up a roster.

  1. Stock

    Even in 2012 and 2013 when he was throwing 91.5 his ERA was about 5.00 in SF. If he can get back up to 93 I would be all in but for a pitcher to go from 88 to 93 just won’t happen. I would pass.

  2. Colorado Red

    I would have no problems with a minor league contract, and an invite to spring training.

    • victor vollhardt

      Mr. Gray’s assessment as outlined in his write up is spot on. If those requirements are met then a chance in spring training is worth a shot.

  3. Mike

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Price loves retreads and washed up vets.Let the young guys pitch and take the decision out of the worst manager in baseballs hands!!!