Pat Kelly has been with the organization since 2007. He has served in a handful of roles over that time, including a brief stint as Cincinnati Reds bench coach. Kelly has managed the GCL Reds, Lynchburg Hillcats, Billings Mustangs, Bakersfield Blaze, and Pensacola Blue Wahoos. He has been with Pensacola since 2015.

According to the Blue Wahoos newsletter, Pat Kelly will be moving up the ladder in 2018. He will be taking over as manager of the Triple-A Louisville Bats. What that means for Delino DeShields is uncertain. The Cincinnati Reds have not yet announced their coaching staffs for the 2018 season. They may be waiting on the deal with the Appalachian League’s Greeneville affiliate to become official before announcing all of their coaching and managing positions for the upcoming season.

For Pat Kelly, he’s found success at just about every stop through the Reds organization.

Pat Kelly’s Career Minor League managerial record with the Reds organization

The above chart doesn’t include his time spent as manager of the GCL Reds for a few weeks with the Gulf Coast League Reds. As noted, he served time as the bench coach of the Cincinnati Reds. That took place in 2007, being promoted mid-season. Without going through all of the game logs from that season for the GCL team, I just chose to leave those few weeks out of the data.


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  1. Norwood Nate

    Not sorry to see Delino gone from Louisville. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he ends up on the Reds bench.

    Pat Kelly’s the one who threw the rosin bag like a grenade right?

    • Jim H.

      Nope that was the Mississippi Braves manager who was formerly with Chattanooga when it was a Reds affiliate. Phillip Wellman I think, but may be wrong on the name. Ironically, that assault with the rosin bag was in Chattanooga.

      • Norwood Nate

        Ok good to know. For some reason I thought it was a Wahoos manager. It was a funny moment.

  2. MK

    Got to know Delino a little in Dayton. Was kind of hoping he would end up in Cincy in Managers seat. I think there have been times when he has been frustrated with the talent he has been given.

    It does seem like the Pensacola PR people have a tendency to jump the gun on some announcements.. Surprising the Reds don’t put a stop to it. I know they got all bent out of shape a couple years ago when a player coming to the Dragons made housing arrangements with a host family and the family let it slip that so and so was coming.

    • Colorado Red

      And Happy new year to all, from the not so called state of Colorado

  3. Piggly Wiggly

    This is great news for player development. Deshields was a huge obstacle at AAA. Deshields was the one who ruined Billy Hamilton’s bat when he was in charge of “teaching” Hamilton how to bunt better. I’d say Deshields time with the Reds is over. Starting the new year off on a huge positive note.

    • victor vollhardt

      If you go back and read the off season news stories (about 3 seasons ago, but maybe only two)—the story line was (to quote DeShields)”I’m teaching him to be a line drive to all fields to better utilize his biggest asset-speed”. At the time and in those news stories (online and BB America etc.) no mention of bunting was brought up. I thought that was very strange at the time given Hamilton”s speed—being made over to a switch hitter and DeShields background as a MLB player. Bunting was a big part of his game, But according to those stories—“making him into a line drive hitter” As Stengel used to say “you can look it up”.

    • MK

      Never heard of any batter being ruined by learning how to bunt.

  4. Hingle McCringleberry

    Just read this story. Mistakes happen but this should never happen:

    “There was no relief for a manager in the Dominican winter baseball league who signaled for a relief pitcher when nobody was warming up.

    Manager Pat Kelly, whose animated arguments with umpires have made for popular YouTube videos, was fired by Licey on Friday, a day after his gaffe in a game against big rival Aguilas.

    Licey reliever Rafael Soriano took a 2-0 lead into the eighth inning before the former major league closer gave up two hits. Kelly went to the mound and called for a new pitcher, but no one was getting loose in the bullpen.

    Leyson Septimo, who briefly pitched for the White Sox in 2012, entered and walked the only batter he faced. Aguilas went on to score five runs and won 5-2.

    Licey has lost five straight in a round-robin tournament to determine which two teams play for the league championship.

    Kelly, 61, was a catcher for three games with Toronto in 1980. He has managed in the minors for more than 25 years and guided Cincinnati’s Double-A Pensacola team last season.”

    What’s the odds of that happening again?

  5. Steve

    Great news! Hope he brings Danny Darwin with him. I think the pitchers that will be in Louisville will make better improvements under his tutelage.