The Cincinnati Reds haven’t pulled the same shenanigans that they did last week. That’s when they made a free agent signing within thirty minutes of Brian and myself talking about the lack of moves that they have made. This week, the signing of reliever Jared Hughes, is topic number one. We also spent some time discussing whether it makes sense for the Reds, or Eugenio Suarez to sign a contract extension that would buy out some of his free agency years. There’s also a bit of a minor league update on the Greeneville affiliate, though if you read the article here at the site yesterday, you already know most of what was mentioned.

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21 Responses

  1. Colorado Red

    Why would the Reds want Mike Trout.
    He would be a RA at the end of the year.
    The cost to get him would not be worth it.

    • Colorado Red

      I am brain dead. He is singed for 3 more years at 33 mil per year.
      Not sure the Reds can afford it.

      • Hoyce

        Colorado red- either I missed ur humor all together. Or u are completely clueless.
        I’d say it’s about 50:50 at this point

      • Colorado Red

        Only Partially clueless.
        Trout is sign for 2018-2020 for about 33-34 Mil per season.
        Still is out of the Reds range in my humble opinion.
        Cheers to all.

  2. James K

    Complaining about the Jared Hughes signing is like receiving a Christmas present and immediately complaining that you were hoping for a bigger and better present… without even waiting to see whether that was the last present.

  3. The Duke

    “We’ve signed a veteran middle reliever with a sub 3 career ERA (and lower than that over the last 4 years) to a bargain basement 2-3 year deal”

    “But his K rate isn’t high enough!”

    Pretty much the quintessential saber-dork comment, and this coming from a guy who believes in sabermetrics.

  4. Michael B. Green

    Hughes is a ground ball pitcher. We just signed another one (Floro). Take a look at Jesus Reyes’ GB/FB ratio. We are building some ground ball artists.

    That is a very good sign of readying to compete. Good teams always have some depth in this area – even if they are not typically household names.

  5. jim t

    Have no issue with the reds letting the market come to them. Would love to replace Billy in CF but I’m not giving him away or over paying for his replacement.

    SS will be filled by Peraza until he demonstrates he can not do the job.

    Trading Duvall and Scooter would make sense in the right deal. The right deal is waiting for a team who has a need and negotiating a trade. Both replacements are in the system in Winker and Senzel.

    I’m not signing any innings eaters for the pitching staff. With our injured returning and the progress made by some of the youngsters I am sitting pat.

    If we can find another Loggy for the pen I’m all in.

  6. wes

    Y’all are proving my point for me. Suarez is reds best expendable trade asset by far. Love to see Reds get market value for him. Headlining a trade to Braves for a slew of their quality arms or something like that…

    • Hoyce

      Totally agree about Suarez. And Braves would be perfect

      The brewers are rumored to be after Cain. And up for trades for existing OFers. Wonder if reds could pry brinson from them. For mahle & Siri maybe. ?? Just a suggestion

      • Bill

        I would target Phillips for CF. His prospect shine wore off for a season or so. I would think one of our starting pitchers for either Brinson or Phillips would be good for both sides.

      • Colorado Red

        Hate to give up on Mahle (I know you have to trade talent for talent), but he showed the ability to pitch in the bigs.

    • Bill

      I think Suarez would be a nice fit with the Yankees. I would want Miguel Andujar and a couple of pitchers back from the Yanks in exchange. Suarez would give the Yankees the ability to play Torres at 2B initially and really solidify their infield. Andujar would man 3B and Senzel 2B for the Reds and we add minor league pitching depth. At this point, Suarez will likely only be with us for 2 season while we expect to compete and his value is currently at its peak.

      • wes

        Andujar looks fantasic! He also looks MLB ready. They may have their 3rd baseman….If they wanted a sure thing though- take Acevedo and convert him to closer with Tate? That’s certainly a worthy haul!

      • Bill

        Currently in New Jersey; lots of talk here that the Yankees like both Andujar and Torres, but are uncomfortable counting on two rookies when the rest of the team is pretty stacked. They are in it to win this year and their may be an opportunity to build our talent base as a result.

    • jim t

      Not trading Suarez unless completely overwhelmed. Young, Productive and controllable. Senzel will play another position of need.

  7. DX

    I hope the Reds do not enter into contracts that defer a high percentage of salary to the later years. Mez got a contract 4 years and $28m. If you cannot afford to give him more in the earlier years than you can’t afford him. I know a lot of teams do it, but if Mez was at $7m last year and this year he may have been easier to trade than the $13m that he will make this year.

    Do teams, like the Reds, ever do long term contracts with heavier hits in the earlier years? For example if Suarez got 6 years $100m (just throwing out figures), could they give him $30m in year 1 when the payroll is lower, and then in future years when the Reds are hopefully competing, his salary may be around $14m. Also, it seems like it would be easier to trade him in years 4-6 if the team isn’t competitive.

    • Bill

      Barnhart’s contract is structured as you suggest. His contract is front-loaded until 2022 when the Reds hold a $7.5M option with a 500K buyout:
      – 2018: $4.4M
      – 2019: $2.9M
      – 2020: $3.9M
      – 2021: $4.2M

      Mez’s contract more closely follows a standard arbitration progression. Based on his breakout year in 2014, its most likely the Reds were hopeful for cost certainty.