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Redleg Nation Radio

Redleg Nation Radio

Call in number:  (347) 996-5520

Redleg Nation Radio was started by the crew at and has evolved from a pre-recorded podcast to a weekly show throughout the season that is aired live on Hosts will vary over the season depending on the schedule of everyone involved, but will be made up by the crew at Redleg Nation and Doug Gray from

The show is anywhere from 30 minutes-90 minutes long and will focus on the big league Cincinnati Reds as well as touching on the minor league side of things. If you are listening live you can interact with the hosts at via the chatroom or you can call the show directly (phone number above).

If you are looking to subscribe to the show, be sure you check it out on iTunes or you can subscribe via RSS to keep up to date for when we have a scheduled show coming up to listen live here.

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About the Author

Doug Gray is the owner and operator of this website and has been running it since 2004 in one variation or another. You can follow him on twitter @dougdirt24, contact him via email here or follow the site on Facebook. and Youtube.