From the Dayton Dragons:

2010 Roster

Starting Pitchers:  Josh Ravin, Brian Pearl, Pedro Villarreal, J.C. Sulbaran, Jacob Johnson.

Relief Pitchers:  Donnie Joseph (closer), Nick Christiani, Ezequiel Infante, Junior Martinez, Doug Salinas, Justin Walker, Chase Ware.

Catchers: Kevin Coddington, Mark Fleury, Jordan Wideman.

Infielders:  Chris Richburg (1B), Henry Rodriguez (2B), Frank Pfister (3B), DiDi Gregorius (SS), Shane Carlson (2B-3B), and Kevyn Feiner (2B-3B-OF).

Outfielders:  Efrain Contreras, Andrew Means, Alex Oliveras, Byron Wiley.

I think this team could be pretty good to be honest. Byron Wiley is really the only guy who could hit in the middle of the lineup by definition (good discipline, good power), but there are a lot of really good athletes on the team.

This team should absolutely be better than the team last season was. The defense up the middle should be VERY good. Gregorius is considered an above average shortstop, while Henry Rodriguez is a shortstop who will be playing second and in center is a speedster who can cover a ton of ground in Andrew Means.

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    • Doug Gray

      Not at all. Byron Wiley is going to need to be the middle of the order guy for sure. With that said, I could see 3 other guys hit .300 this season in the lineup (Gregorius, Rodriguez and Oliveras).

    • TJ

      The Midwest league is typically a power-less league. Especially early in the season when you can have some cold night games. Did an internship one summer in Fort Wayne and some of the night games were in the 30’s.

  1. Robert Anderson

    I see they most be sending right fielder Conner back to Billings. When they brought right fielder Wiley back down to Dayton.

  2. Tom


    Do you know when the Lynchburg roster will be set, if it already hasn’t?

    • Doug Gray

      I figure it is already set, but it just hasn’t been released yet.

  3. MK

    Looks like a logjam had been created in the catching corps. As previously announced Mesaraco and Soto back at High A (Lynchburg), I would have to assume Weeems is there too, and Coddington and Wideman back at Dayton.

    For a position that seemed thin in the organization in ’09 it seems pretty deep or at least stagnat now.

    • Doug Gray

      The same thing can be said about the shortstop position. The Reds really flipped those two positions around in short order.

      • wanderinredsfan

        So, Where does this put McMurray? Considering the ABs he got with the big club this spring, I’m guessing he will be sent to Carolina. Very surprising move, but I guess the Reds are rewarding skill/performance over age/class, which seems like a little bit of a departure from past years of development. I like it.

        It is a little surprising to see three catchers in Dayton, but if Doug’s earlier reports that Fleury might be moved to another position are true, then I expect him to garner a lot of time at first. Richburg’s bat leaves something to be desired. Hopefully Fleury’s bat wakes up this spring.

      • Doug Gray

        It could also have to do with the ankle injury that Coddington reportedly has. Not sure how serious it is, but perhaps he can’t catch just yet and there are three catchers there to hold them over until he can. Not sure about McMurray.

      • MK

        Lynchburg website has McMurray listed there. But, I don’t see Weems anywhere. Is he still in the picture?

      • wanderinredsfan

        Perhaps he’ll be in Carolina with Bour.

        If so, it seems that the catchers will be:

        L’ville: Miller, Denove, Castillo
        Carolina: Bour, Weems, (Yarbrough?),(Long?)
        Lynchburg: Mesoraco, McMurray, Soto
        Dayton: Coddington, Wideman, Fleury

      • Doug Gray

        I heard it from a reliable source that the Reds released Bour. I haven’t seen it officially listed anywhere though.

      • Doug Gray

        Pay no attention to that roster. It lists Mark Pawelek for example, and he was released last week. That roster isn’t official in the slightest.

  4. Kyle

    What happened to Yen-Wen Kuo? I thought he was supposed to be a safe bet for Dayton. I’m surprised to see Wiley held back. The Lynchburg roster must have retained Sappelt and have Fellhauer and one of Phipps and Reed held back.
    I was surprised to see Johnson in the rotation. I figured if one of the young arms would make it it would be Cline for sure.

    • wanderinredsfan

      Yeah, I was sure Kuo would be at third, since Rodriguez was going to be at second. Kuo is an excellent defender at second and third, but doesn’t quite have the range for SS.
      What makes it more baffiling is that they promoted Pfister. I was not impressed with his play last summer at all. He definetely didn’t deserve to get promoted over Kuo. Maybe Kuo’s hurt.

    • Doug Gray

      Beats me…. outside of his final appearance in Dayton when he was clearly gassed, he dominated that league.

      • MK

        He was great in last series, until that last game. You are right he was gassed.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Perhaps this is just a sign of how good our pitching depth is ahead of Joseph. For what it’s worth, it does seem that Boxberger will be at Lynchburg or Carolina to start the season. Question is; Will he be starting or relieving?

        BTW, Who is Nick Christianni? I don’t recall ever discussing him. Any info. on his stuff/ability?

      • Doug Gray

        Christiani was a senior from Vandy. He wasn’t sure if he was going to sign or not. He did end up signing. Not sure how his stuff will play from the bullpen. His fastball has been in the 92-94 range in the past, and if he is working there from the bullpen he could have some success. As a starter last year in college though he was only working 87-90.

        As for Boxberger, the plan has been to use him as a starter for now and see where it goes.

  5. wanderinredsfan

    I think Contreras could surprise folks this year. He’s similar to Oliveras, in that he’s a pretty atheletic, high-contact hitting outfielder. If he can develop some power, I think he could become a star. Same for Oliveras.

    I’m kinda surprised that Garton didn’t break with the club. From what I saw in Goodyear, he seemed to be having a good spring while flashing lots of power. Dude has a cannon of an arm too.

    • Robert Anderson

      When I saw some of the games Conteras did not hit with a lot of pop most of the time just singles. What surprises me Conner was Hitting doubles almost every game I saw. Maybe it was because they were going bring Wiley back, could be the reason why Conner did not make the Dayton roster.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Yes, Contreras and Oliveras both need to develop some power, but fortunately that is the one tool that tends to develop last. They are very athletic and are good contact hitters, so I think they will have great value for a franchise that lacks a lot of high-contact bats. Gregorius fits this mold as well, and with Means, I think Dayton will see a lot of running on the basepaths this season.

        Honestly, I think Conner needs to go back to Billings, because he really needs work on his approach at the plate. The power is there, but he just couldn’t make contact with the ball. I’m afraid that he will be on a short leash this summer. If he doesn’t impress early on, he could get squeezed out once the new draft class is signed. Same goes for Stovall.

      • Robert Anderson

        I do agree with you about Conner needs to bring up his batting Avg.But he did lead the whole league with assist for outfieder’s and had 18 doubles. What l saw he had a cannon of a arm the best one on the whole Billings team last year. I think you would have to be pretty athetic to pull all that off. And as for Stovall he was their for 2 seasons with 100 games and still did not add up to what Conner did in the power areas for one season at the age of 21

  6. Beard

    Sorry this probably doesn’t belong here but I found it interesting enough that I do want to hear everyone’s opinion. Here is tomorrow’s lineup:

    And here’s the Reds’ lineup for tomorrow:

    Chris Dickerson 8
    Orland Cabrera 6
    Joey Votto 3
    Brandon Phillips 4
    Scott Rolen 5
    Jay Bruce 9
    Laynce Nix 7
    Ramon Hernandez 2
    Aaron Harang RHP

    Does this mean there is now a CF platoon with Dickerson/Stubbs and a LF platoon with Nix/Gomes?

    Dickerson may hit Carpenter well but Nix is 1 for 7 off of him I believe. Why not just start Dickerson in LF and Stubbs in CF — unless Dusty is planning on using the above platoon I spoke of.

    I can’t see how he can justify platooning Stubbs. Look at his limited numbers at the end of last year and his very good spring numbers and it is hard to say he shouldn’t be in the lineup most days (especially considering his defensive abilities).

    • Doug Gray

      Here is my take…. as long as Stubbs gets 145 starts in CF (assuming health and decent performance), then I am ok with this. If this is a sign of things to come with Stubbs platoon with a player he has clearly outplayed since the day he put on a Reds uniform and Nix and his sub .300 OBP playing often, we are in trouble before we get started.

      • Foxbud

        Well that is quite a strong statement about Stubbs. Sorry, I don’t see much of a difference between CD and Stubbs other than injury history. Stubbs more power, CD better OBP.

        Nix will be this year’s Tavaras. Baker won’t be able to help himself and he will be overplayed. He;s got Francisco on the yteam for a week. Start him in LF if he wants a LH in there. Sure would help the middle of the lineup. Historicals of BP and SR are lacking against Carpenter (which doesn’t surprise me.)

      • Doug Gray

        Why has Dickerson had the better OBP though? If you look at their underlying skillsets, it all suggests Stubbs should have the better OBP. The reason so far is Dickerson having a .375 BABIP to Stubbs .325 BABIP. That is it. Stubbs is the better hitter of the two players in every offensive skillset except walks, while he is still good in that category. He makes more contact and has more power.

    • wanderinredsfan

      So, Does anyone want to still question the belief that the ‘Nix over Balentien’ roster decision was a ‘Dusty decision’?

      IMO, Nix shouldn’t start any game, unless an injury or a ‘breather’ is the cause. Since the majority of the league’s starters are RHP, this is not a good sign to begin the season.

      I don’t normally bother with debating line-ups, but this is not the way to start off the season. This is a roster you put together once Stubbs has shown he struggles with tough righties. Oh well, I guess my 79-83 prediction may be a little on the high side. Ugh.

    • MK

      I don’t get Nix in left tomorrow. I would have thought Dickerson in left Stubbs in center.

      Dusty is at it again, overthinking then coming up wrong.

      It makes two years the non roster outfielder starts on opening day.

      Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. As Marty would say, “Here we go again.”

    • Beard

      Cool. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t outraged for no good reason at all and was overreacting somehow. I agree Doug if Stubbs gets that number of starts fine. It doesn’t matter if one of those days of rest comes in game #1 but if this becomes the standard I will hate Dusty’s lineup making skills even more if that were possible.

  7. Eric

    Absolutely agree wanderin. My defense of the Nix over Balentien solely was because I figured Nix would start only in a pinch. I figured Ondrusek over Burton/Wells/veteran X, Leake as a starter and Miles out before the beginning of the year showed that Dusty wasn’t making all the calls when it came to the roster. I generally don’t like GMs getting involved in on-field management, but he’s got to tell Dusty that this isn’t in the best interest of the long or near future, right? If he doesn’t, Dusty could be gone very soon.

    • broadwaydave

      i hate saying this because it just feels wrong to me but i hope the reds are about 10-15 games under .500 by the middle of may so we can get this clown of a manager out of here. you’ve got to be a first class idiot to start nix over stubbs on opening day. i don’t care who’s pitching against you. it doesn’t matter if nix goes 4 for 4 today. i stand by my statement. dusty baker is a bad manager for a young team trying to develop.

  8. wanderinredsfan

    Random question:
    If Harang and Arroyo both perform at about the same level (~4.00 ERA, 200 IP), which one would you prefer to keep around for 2011? Why?

    Ultimately, I’d probably go with Arroyo because of his durability, but I also believe his different style/approach compared to the rest of the predicted rotation is a factor. Also, I think Arroyo costs $1.5-mil. less than Harang next season.

    Of course, if they both produce this season, then I’d hope that Walt could work extensions out for them before 2011. I’m thinking a three-year deal around $24-mil. could get the deal done for each player.

    • Doug Gray

      I would keep Harang because I just trust his stuff more than Arroyo and his 88 MPH fastball.

      • MK

        Got to disagree Doug. Sometimes it is about the performance and Arroyo has gotten it done better lately than Harang. If you are going by stuff then Wells would have made the team. Sometimes it has to be about who puts their team in the position to win and lately, even this spring it has been Bronson.

      • Doug Gray

        I am more worried about who will be better moving forward and right now I feel that Harang is that guy. He can still miss bats. I don’t trust pitchers who can’t miss bats. Unless Arroyo gets his K% over 16%, I will continue to not trust him moving forward.

      • Alan Horn

        I prefer pitchers who just win and that is Arroyo. As I mentioned earlier, I think Harang will play himself out of being a consideration by mid season.

    • Beard

      If you keep both what do you do with Chapman when he is ready? Even if you feel that Wood won’t make it you still need to find Chapman a spot at some point in 2011. And if Volquez comes back it is even more crowded.

      I am hugely in favor of trading one of those two at the deadline.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Yeah, the team can probably only fit having one of the two in the rotation next season. But what if this team is competitive this year with Harang and Arroyo? Either way, if Volquez and Chapman take a little longer than predicted, it might be best to sign both next offseason in the interest of depth and cutting payroll for 2011.

        By doing this, one of the two could be traded by the 2011 deadline for a better haul in return, if Volquez and/or Chapman are ready. Of course, this assumes that all the rest of the rotation performs up to expectations and Volquez comes back as a starter. I’m not so sure Volquez will be back as a reliable starter. It might be time to groom him as a closer.

  9. Patrick

    It should be interesting to see if anyone shows some surprising power.

  10. The Duke

    A little suprised that Johnson made it over Cline or Tuttle, but still excited that he is on the team. If Ravin isn’t turning a corner by the end of June, then I think it’s time to move him to the pen. This would be my starting lineup for the Dragons.

    Dusty Baker sucks. He should be fired soley based on this starting lineup.

    • Doug Gray

      I think Ravin really started turning that corner last season but then ran into the injury problems that derailed his season. I expect him to perform very well this season.

  11. andrew

    Doug, do you know anything about Will Stramp? I remember when he was drafted that he put up rediculous numbers at a division 2 school.

  12. icehole3

    I think there’s a little over reaction going on here with the Nix and Dickerson thing, this is Chris Carpenter we’re talking about and I chalk it up to Carpenter wont be giving righties much to hit anyway so why not try LHs, thats why I think Stubbs is sitting, my thoughts