A.J. Cole is a right handed pitcher from Oviedo High School in Florida.


  • 6’5″
  • 190 lbs
  • RHP

Scouting Report

  • Fastball has worked 90-92 MPH and has touched 94. Has touched 96-98 according to some reports. Average movement at times, but flashes good movement at times.
  • His breaking ball is a slurve in the high 70 MPH range. The pitch could be a plus pitch in the future as he refines it more.
  • Throws a change up in the mid 70’s that needs more consistency.  Could be an average pitch in the future.
  • I like the mechanics and don’t see any red flags at all with them.


Video from farmsystem on youtube

Overall Opinion

I would love to see Cole slide down to the Reds. His mechanics seem good, his stuff is good today and he projects to improve across the board as well. Some mock drafts have him going beyond the Reds, so here is to hoping we can grab him up. Given the Reds AAA rotation right now, they can take a guy who may need time in the minors out of high school with lots of potential.

Scouting reports from MLB.com and PNRScouting.com. For more draft stuff from me, click here.

17 Responses

  1. mdccclxix

    Best looking kid yet, in my opinion. In this year’s week class, I’d rather not take someone with injury risk or with less projection left. This would be a nice fit.

    • nycredsfan

      Agreed. I’d kind of like them to take a hitter, but since the hitters who will be available at #12 are mostly underwhelming, I’d love to have Cole.

      • Kyle

        Josh Sale could very well be around at 12 and I love his bat. Think Travis Snider with more bat speed and a chance to stick in right field.

  2. wanderinredsfan

    My preferred draft order for the players with a chance at dropping to the Reds: Whitson, Paxton, Cole, Colon, J. Sale.

    I hope the Reds stay away from these players: Wimmers, C. Sale, McGuire, Brentz, Wilson.

    • Doug Gray

      I am fine with Deck McGuire. Chris Sale is a no go for me now that I have watched him throw in slow motion.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Want to make an early prediction on who the Reds will select? I’m going with Paxton or Colon, just because they are college guys and probably priced right. I think the Reds will try to save a little cash by avoiding the high schoolers.

      • Doug Gray

        Paxton is someone I would like to grab up.

      • wanderinredsfan

        Is the draft televised? Might be a good time for a ‘live-chat’.

      • Doug Gray

        The first round is, yes. There will be a live thread, not a chat. Makes it a lot easier on me.

  3. Kyle

    I am operating under the assumption that the Reds will not draft Austin Wilson, AJ Cole, and Nick Castellanos because they are supposed to try to go way over slot.
    My preferred signable guys in the Reds range are Karsten Whitson, Josh Sale, Stetson Allie, and Kolbrin Vitek.
    Vitrek is starting to get mocked to the Reds and he seems like a real solid player.
    I would love Allie or Josh Sale because their upsides are huge.

  4. joered

    Keith Law has a mock draft up and the Reds take Yasmani Grandal.
    This what he had to say:

    Taking The Reds seem pretty open but have showed strong interest in Grandal down the stretch. They seem more inclined to take a college player to help the big league club when it’s a strong contender for the National League Central crown sometime between 2011 and 2013, ? la Mike Leake.

    What do you think of him?

    • Doug Gray

      Not a fan. Don’t see him sticking as an every day catcher and don’t see him hitting enough to move to 1B/3B. So unless something changed, I just don’t see him as a middle of the first round talent.

      • joered

        That makes sense, because over all not a big fan of Keith Law. and maybe it’s me, but i think he has a thing against the reds. Just lots of negative articles about us. And why does everything i hear about the reds draft on espn have to do with mike leake. I don’t think the reds are going to draft purely on the quickness they get to the major league, because Leake has been a success. anyway.

      • wanderinredsfan

        What makes you think that he can’t stick behind the plate? What’s the report on his defense?

        If he can stick behind the plate, I’m not against it….but, I’m not that keen on taking catchers early on either. If he can make short order of the minor leagues, then I’d love to have him, Mesoraco, and Soto trickling into the bigs over the course of 2012 to 2014.

      • Yeah

        (I’ll summarize the insider report, because I don’t think we’re supposed to share it?) Rated 65 for arm strength, 50 for range, and 45 or less for everything else. Apparently he’s incredibly slow. Switch-hitter, (a lot?) better from the left side, Law says he projects to have above-average power from the left side. Calls his own games from behind the plate as well.

        I think we could do a lot better. Still wouldn’t hurt to do your own report on him, Doug.

  5. Eric

    I saw Castellanos play shortstop the other day. He looked like Adam Dunn out there physically — just a huge kid. Obviously no one’s thinking he stays there, but he’s got some athleticism for his size.

  6. Patrick

    This is who I want to see them grab if hes there. Followed by Brentz.