Position player of the month – Devin Mesoraco

Mesoraco is making a push to sweep the award for the year, as he is two for two this season. The catcher hit .353/.426/.667 in the month of May with 7 doubles and 7 HR’s, while also getting a promotion at the end of the month to AA.

Starting pitcher of the month – Matt Klinker

Redleg Nations favorite minor league pitcher ran away with this award. Klinker only allowed a run in 2 games during the month of May posting a 1.41 ERA and 0.88 WHIP. Klinker also struck out 29 and walked 6 batters during his 32 innings pitched.

Relief pitcher of the month – Donnie Joseph

Much like Mesoraco, Joseph is making a run at sweeping the season here. The lefty threw 14 innings in the month and allowed 1 earned run with an ERA of 0.64 and a WHIP of 0.93 while striking out 27 batters and walking just 5 between Dayton and Lynchburg.

7 Responses

  1. mac624

    Mesoraco is picking up where he left off in terms of power in AA. Will be interesting to see how he does, as the scouting reports get around. Though I gotta admit, the more he does well, the more excited I get about him being the future mainstay behind the plate in a Reds uniform, though he’s still at the very least, another couple of years away from that step.

  2. icehole3

    didnt listen to the game but it seemed like he had the butterflies

    • Nick

      Joseph has been dominating this year. I remember you saying his velocity was down at the beginning of the year. I’m assuming his velocity is back to normal is this correct? Also what’s Joeseph’s best attribute as a pitcher?

      • MK

        I think the Dragons’ radar gun malfunctioned the first few games because Joseph has been as fast or faster most of the year. I have heard they are grooming Jospeh for the Arthur Rhodes lefty set-up role.

      • Doug Gray

        His velocity is fine. While I can believe the gun was running somewhat slow when I saw him earlier this year, I don’t think it was running 6 MPH slow or that Josh Ravin was throwing 97 MPH consistently (because he was hitting 91 that night on the same gun).