First things first: Happy new year. Hopefully everyone is safe and sound this morning, things can get dangerous out there on nights like New Years Eve.

For the early post today I thought I would take a look back at some things on the website from 2013.

There were 532 articles published in 2013.

There were 44 videos published to youtube.

The youtube page now shows over 250,000 video watches.

June was the most active month from visitors by a wide margin and it has been ever year that I have had stats for it. No surprise there though, as it is the month of the draft. September was the least active month from visitors this year for the second year in a row.

2013 finished with the second most visits since I began tracking stats for the website in 2008. It fell 17,000 visits short. If only the Reds had made a blockbuster prospect trade this year, we may have made it.

There were 8216 comments posted in 2013 that remain on the site (no spam and no comments that I wound up deleting).

The top pages viewed (other than the homepage) was the Prospect Rankings page, followed closely by the 2013 Draft Tracker.

The top five articles read this year were:

  1. 2013 Midseason Top 10 Cincinnati Reds Prospects
  2. 2013 Cincinnati Reds Draft: Rounds 3-10
  3. 2014 Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospects List #1-5
  4. 2014 Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospects List #21-25
  5. Cincinnati Reds add four to the 40-man roster, leave several Rule5 eligible

The top five countries to visit the site outside of the United States:

  1. Canada
  2. Germany
  3. Republic of Korea
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. Mexico

There were 15 countries that provided one visitor and three of them are countries that I didn’t know existed.

The most viewed link outside of the site was (likely for various box scores in most cases) and there were over just over 59,000 clicks from the site to this year. Baseball America, Minor League Ball, Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus round out the top 5 (not accounting for twitter or Reds/

On the flip side, the top referrers to my site were “search engines”, which brought in 49,389 visits (google accounted for 37,458 of those). Twitter came in second at 17,569. Yardbarker came in third, followed by and (Enquirer).

The most searched term that brought a visitor to the website (the top 6 are actually all some variation of redsminorleagues or outside of the name or address was Seth Mejias-Brean. Funny enough, the second most popular one was “minor leagues Doug Gray”. Tucker Barnhart was the second most popular player name to come back from the search engines, with Sal Romano, Jeremy Kivel and Ryan LaMarre rounding out the player top 5.


8 Responses

  1. Anish Singla

    very cool analytics, i came here through searching for prospects on google and now a subscriber. thanks doug for all your work.

    are you going to change the site or content based on this?

    • Doug Gray

      No changes coming because of any of this, aside from I hope to have more articles this year than last. And maybe learn all of the countries in the world so next year I can’t claim I had never heard of three of them.

      Now if only I could get through to youtube, where they are fighting with me over having advertisements in the videos. Incredibly frustrating.

  2. Beard

    Happy New Year everyone! Doug thanks for all that you do and for a great 2013 – and here is to a great 2014 for you, the site, and the Reds.

    Question: Why do you think September is the lowest traffic month? I get that the minor league games are coming to an end, but the Reds have had good enough teams to be relevant in September the last two years. Do you think you should shift the content to more major league oriented stuff at that time? The “All Questions Answered” articles seem to be the biggest draws each week. Perhaps you could shift in that time to two of those a week instead of just one on Wednesday. (Just my opinion and thoughts which probably don’t amount to much when it comes to running a website.)

    Keep up the great work!

    • Doug Gray

      I figure it is because the minor league season is over at that point and plenty of readers probably stop looking for the help on the farm that could be coming since it is there in September.

      I try to limit the AQA, otherwise people will run out of questions. Twice a week would probably kill the questions pretty quickly.

  3. rick in boise

    What other intel can we help you gather for your site?

    p.s. just read that Yankees might prefer to deal Ichiro. Would HE be a 1-2 year option for CF? Salary is $6.5 MM. Down year but still has good defensive stats & had 20 SB.

    (or Vernon Wells at only $25 MM LOL)

    • Doug Gray

      I am all for trying to get more people on the site. If you can figure that one out, please let me know.

      Ichiro is someone I will pass on. Sub .300 OBP is something I want no part of.

  4. MikeD

    Happy New Year Doug!

    Not to get into your finances, but how much improvement percentage wise do you need to continue to provide us the service you have?

    • Doug Gray

      Well, it is honestly tough to say right now as I am having issues with youtube/google right now. They are making me jump through all kinds of crazy hoops in order to continue paying me for the advertising through the youtube channel so I may be losing that income. While it isn’t much, it certainly does help pay for traveling to some games throughout the year and every little bit helps.

      Honestly, I don’t know what the improvements would be to keep everything going. Adding to the subscriber base kind of changes all of that dynamic, but sticking with just that, doubling what I currently have is probably a start to that. Right now, I am under 75 subscribers. Book sales are also way down this year, at least to this point. Advertising is also down, though I have tried to compensate for that by adding a few extra ads and another advertising company that is starting later today to test out their rates versus the current company I use.

      So I either need to find a way to improve my content enough to get a lot more people to subscribe, or improve the content enough to get significantly more viewers on the site to boost the number of advertisements that get viewed.