Here are the five Spring Training Introduction videos for today.

RHP Carlos Contreras

RHP Tim Crabbe

Infielder Chris Nelson

Infielder Neftali Soto

Outfielder Donald Lutz

For other videos in this series, click here.

4 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    This is a cool feature, thanks for the work that you put in on these videos.

  2. wanderinredsfan

    I think I prefer the production of the first two videos (Contreras and Crabbe).
    Good stuff.

    • Doug Gray

      As do I. They would all look like that if I had pictures of all of the guys, but I can only do that with guys I have images of (most of the images on the site are video stills). My plan in 2014 is to really step up my photography at the games (while also still shooting the same amount of video on a second camera).