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Here is the official roster for the Dayton Dragons. I will do separate posts for each team as the rosters are released (and tomorrow I will have some roster previews for each team) and each roster will be linked at the top of the post when they are released so you can go between the various rosters.

Player Position Player Position
Nick Travieso RHSP Joe Hudson C
Ismael Guillon LHSP Brandon Dailey C
Sal Romano RHSP Julio Morillo (DL) C
Amir Garrett LHSP Tanner Rahier 3B
Junior Morillo RHSP Sammy Diaz INF
Alejandro Chacin RHRP Carlton Daal SS
Joel Bender LHRP Daniel Mateo INF
Scott Brattvet RHRP Jamodrick McGruder 2B/OF
Zack Weiss RHRP Humberto Valor (DL) INF
Daniel Wright RHRP Phillip Ervin OF
Layne Somsen RHRP Beau Amaral OF
Pedro Diaz RHRP Jeff Gelalich OF
Evan Mitchell RHRP Sebastian Elizalde OF
Sean Buckley DH/OF

I will do a more detailed roster breakdown for tomorrow. For now, here are some quick thoughts:

  • The starting rotation returns four guys from the 2013 season and adds in newcomer Junior Morillo.
  • The bullpen looks very strong. Surprised that Chacin is returning, he was very good last year.
  • Three catchers on this current roster seems like one too many, but Dailey can also play the infield, so maybe it isn’t.
  • The infield defense should be very good once again.
  • Sebastian Elizalde could be an intriguing follow. His time in the Mexican League should have him prepared well for the Midwest League.
  • Sean Buckley is back. He can’t play the field yet, so he will serve as a DH to begin the year.

21 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds just bought him from the Royals. There was an injury at the end of spring and the Reds needed another infielder to step in for Dayton. He played in the MWL in 2012 but struggled in the Carolina League last season.

  1. Krozley

    I’m guessing Mateo is the first basemen for now. None of the others has experience at first. I though Pigott would be there but maybe that’s the injury. Uxa apparently is jumping to Bakersfield? I’m disappointed Ervin starts here as well as others that are returning.

    • Doug Gray

      Pigott was the injury. Not sure where Uxa is at this point, though it wouldn’t surprise me if he is in EST and Marquez Smith were back in Bakersfield.

  2. The Duke

    So will the Morillo’s each have the first three letters of their first name on their jersey?

    Jul. Morillo
    Jun. Morillo

    Given the Reds LF situation, I thought they might be a little more aggressive with Ervin and at least start him in Bakersfield.

    Is this Sam Diaz’s third or fourth year spending time in Dayton? Neither Avain Rachal nor Ty Washington as close enough?

    No Jose Ortiz is disappointing

    Seems like they are being overly cautious about advancing players this year after jumping guys up to early last year.

    • Doug Gray

      Having gone through the situation, I think Ervin was a numbers game situation if you can believe that. The Double-A outfield has Rodriguez, Lutz, Duran and Smith. The Advanced-A has Waldrop, Winker and Arias. All of these guys except Smith are heavily invested in by the club and Smith is probably the best player of the group right this second. Getting everyone at bats is more important than where they are getting them at. You probably could have sent Smith to Triple-A, but with LaMarre, Perez and Neal, there are good players there too that need to play. I think Ervin and Winker both see time at two levels this year, but right now it is about getting everyone some at bats.

      I was bummed to see no Ortiz in Dayton. I was really looking forward to watching him play. I guess that will have to wait.

      I was slightly less surprised about no Rachal or Washington, but only because I had heard all spring they weren’t heading to Dayton.

      • MK

        I’ve heard about a possible attitude situation with Mr. Ervin.

      • Billy

        Because of the assignment to Dayton or causing the assignment to Dayton?

    • MK

      You know Duke I saw something on twitter yesterday about Washington visiting with the Dragons players while they were held over in Texas at the airport. Good to see my boys, blah blah blah, or something like that. He is a Texas native and you hate to speculate as to why he was in Texas, but Why would he be in Texas and nor Arizona if not going to Dayton.

      • Doug Gray

        The guys who are in EST all got to go home at the end of ST. Not sure when they have to go back, but lots of guys were back home.

  3. IndyRedsFan

    McGruder is the name I don’t recognize. Where did he come from?

    • Doug Gray

      He was a free agent signing. Former 9th rounder, has been very hot or very cold in the past two seasons. Very good speed, good plate discipline, undersized.

  4. Mexatanic

    Let’s hope to God that the Dragons aren’t in a pickle and their only hope is McGruder isn’t trying to detonate the bomb.

    • Doug Gray

      I see what you did there. And I approve of it completely.

  5. MountainLover

    It seems they often start with three catchers and use one of them at first base. Last year it was Nick O’Shea.

  6. Norwood Nate

    It have been nice to see an OF of Winker, YRod, and Duran with Lutz at first. Send Mattair to AAA. That way Ervin could move to Bakersfield. Would like to see more filling from within than from outside the organization, seems to create log jams too often and a lot of repeating.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, it does seem that there are so many repeating guys this year because of how many veteran types were brought in to fill out Louisville.

  7. RobL

    Hunberto Valor, Sammy Diaz, and Ronald Bueno all came stateside in 2010. All three have had exactly 600 PA’s in four seasons. How crazy is that?

    • RobL

      Nevermind, that was the Oliver projections on Fangraphs? How crazy am I?