Earlier today I posted an article at Blog Red Machine about how hard it is to actually find a Major League shortstop. It turns out that the Reds have actually been rather successful at finding potential big league shortstops compared to the rest of baseball recently, and even then, it has not been too successful. Go give it a read.

Tomorrow I will be doing something new for the site. I will be throwing together a video review for the month of April rather than writing all about it. Hopefully it goes smoothly. I will take a quick look at each team, then talk about several players.

If Kyle Waldrop can get two hits tonight in five or fewer at-bats he will finish the month with a .400 or better average.

Speaking of the Kyle Waldrop and the Bakersfield Blaze, they head into the final day of the month with four everyday players who have a .400+ OBP. That offense has been incredible.

I am a few days late on posting these three things. But it’s better late than never, right?

The Louisville Bats official blog The Bats Signal has up their weekly podcast for the last week or so. Chris Cehring and George Nunnelley  sit down and talk for just over 14 minutes about the team. Go give it a listen.

Earlier this week the Pensacola Blue Wahoos posted two interviews on their youtube channel.

Tommy Thrall interviewing Donald Lutz

Tommy Thrall interviewing Travis Mattair

That’s all for now.

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10 Responses

  1. Randy in Chatt

    Lutz, might be the only player ever to say the words “don’t go out, don’t go out”.

  2. shawn

    Doug, what players in Louisville or Pensicola do you think have a reasonable chance ti make the big leagues? Mostly wondering about position players. Thanks

    • Doug Gray

      To make it or to be starters? There is a big difference between the two questions.

  3. shawn

    Starters or bench players we may see playing for the Reds this season.

  4. shawn

    I’m not sure I made myself clear with my last post. I mean players that may be starters anytime or bench players we may see this year, thanks

    • Doug Gray

      Potential bench guys this year/bullpen guys: Partch/LaMarre/Diaz/Rogers/Crabbe/Francis/Neal
      Potential starting players in the future: Rodriguez/Lutz/Navarro/The entire rotation – lots of potential bench/bullpen guys in AA too, just not for this season.

  5. MK

    Sebastian Elizalde went out tonight with what appeared to be a bad hamstring pull running to first base. As they helped him off the field he was dragging the bad leg. I talked to a person, who would know, who told me he didn’t think it was as bad as it looked.

    • Doug Gray

      That’s good at least. I was hoping to make it to the games today, but I had already committed to babysitting my nephew and couldn’t find anyone to watch him for me, so I listened. The description didn’t sound good for how he was helped off of the field, so hopefully it’s not nearly as bad as that.

    • Doug Gray

      It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but I also want to point out that the velocity listed there doesn’t quite match up with what I have had for him this season. The low end is about right, but the high end, not so much.