Each year for the last few seasons Major League Baseball has held a “competitive balance draft lottery” that gives additional draft picks after the first and second rounds to “disadvantaged” teams either due to small market size or small revenue. If a team falls into the bottom 10 in either of those categories, they are placed into the draft lottery pool. There are six picks given between the first and second rounds and six more given between the second and third rounds.

The draft lottery was held this afternoon by Major League Baseball. The Cincinnati Reds were shutout in the portion that gave picks between the first and second rounds, but they were able to pick up an extra pick between the second and third rounds. One thing that makes these picks a little bit different, though I don’t believe we’ve actually seen it happen yet, is that these picks can be traded up until the day of the draft at 5pm. With the whole draft spending cap, that is a very important thing these days.

The Reds won the first pick after the second round. This past draft saw players taken in this area sign for the following amounts: $1,000,000 – $750,000 – $546,100 – $800,000 – $1,000,000 – $2,000,000. This pick adds some serious money to the draft pool, with the slotted money being around the $700,000-800,000 range.

8 Responses

  1. Randy in Chatt

    Didn’t the Cardinals also win one last year? Two years in a row for them. Ugh. I guess they fall in the smaller market category because I can’t imagine that they fall short in the “smaller revenue” department when they continually get 30,000 to 40,000 every home game, are in the playoffs constantly and have a nation-wide following.

    • Doug Gray

      Correct. They have a small market, they just happen to dominate in their market so they can turn in revenue.

  2. Dale pearl

    The Yankees of the national league are considered small market…. The term competitive balance must have a definition in which does not include words such as equality, even playing ground , fairness.

    The deck has been stacked in favor oft he cards for some time.

    • Doug Gray

      The Cardinals made their deck. It speaks, unfortunately, to how well they are run, instead of something else. They aren’t the Yankees. They are the Oakland A’s with postseason success. They are in a small market, but one that they absolutely dominate and have been able to for a very long time with a passionate fan base that shows up in droves. If you build it, they will come. Well they built it and they came and are still coming because they keep building it.

      • dale pearl

        i dont buy it Doug. st louis smaller market than tampa bay or pittsburgh…. we are talking competitive balance here how in any scenario does st louis need a competetive adjustment compared to other teams.

      • Doug Gray

        In the scenario where they have a small market and thus limited abilities to bring in revenue through a tv deal compared to big market teams.

  3. Will Rich

    Didn’t the Pirates trade Bryan Morris to the Marlins for their competitive balance pick this past year? I believe it was the 39th overall pick.

    • Doug Gray

      That does sound familiar now that you say it.