Jamie Ramsey had this news tucked in under the Homer Bailey is also getting Tommy John surgery news at his blog.

in other medical news, minor league IF/OF Donald Lutz this morning had season-ending reconstructive UCL surgery

It’s never good news to wind up losing nearly an entire season to injury, but it’s even more complicated for Lutz, who is in his last option year and really could have used the season to round out his game before he must stick in the big leagues for the 2016 season.

Position players can usually return from Tommy John surgery quicker than pitchers because they don’t throw nearly as often and there’s far less stress on their arms. Still, this is going to cost Lutz the regular season and leave very little chance he can play any sort of winter league baseball, as even at eight months out, that would push things to January, as the playoffs are well underway in the Caribbean Leagues. With a designated hitter spot,it could leave open a small window of opportunity for Lutz to get some playing time later in the winter league season.


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  1. Jim

    this = 60 DL or inactive status which means it opens a 40-man roster spot, right? Who do you think gets placed on it?

    • Doug Gray

      No one. Lutz was injured while in the minors, so he is not allowed to be placed on the 60-day DL. It won’t open a spot at all.

  2. Kevin D


    First off I know that the Reds never used him properly when Votto was hurt last year. Should have been given as many at bats as possible to prove what he could do. I am to the point though where I think that the Reds need to be playing players in the minors who are actually showing stuff – not just potential. Lutz reminds me of the players the Bengals used to draft – potential – and then move to a position where they never played. Just a waste of Lutz’s year last year. Same as having a 30 year old at first base in Double A. Play the players that you think are going to have a chance to make it to the majors and let the 30 year old Double A player be the back up.

    • Volguimond

      Lutz could never stay healthy nor hit worth a durn when given a chance. You have to seize the chance given to succeed in the majors when you’re not a high draft pick.

      • Doug Gray

        He literally has never had back-to-back games as a starter. He was never given a chance.

  3. Jack

    Amir Garrett only went 2.2 innings despite giving up no runs. Anyone hear why?

    • DaveCT

      The game was a continuation of a game that was halted for bad weather. Amir pitched in the first part of it.

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, what Dave said. This game was the resumption from a game on April 11th.

  4. terry m

    R. Stephenson didn’t get out of the first inning. Something is going on.

    • Doug Gray

      Not a good outing. I wasn’t able to watch to see what was going on, but it looks like the control was not working at all by looking at the statline. Had a bit of a home emergency. Apparently my dishwasher has been leaking. It finally got through the subfloor and started leaking into the basement ceiling, which I noticed. So tonight’s gone wonderful. Tomorrow I get to replace the subfloor under the stove and dishwasher as well as fix the ceiling in the basement.

  5. dale

    Lutz is pretty much gone as a Red. Sad to say he never had a chance. I guess he gets revenge by practically sticking the Reds to a 39 man team roster. Good for him.

    Sad news on Stephenson. His stock has got to be dropping. He is proving game after game that he has no sense of a strike zone. He is a thrower not a pitcher. A top prospect status needs to earn the ranking and he is not earning his paycheck much less his status as the #1 top prospect. I would rank him around 11 or 12 based on a mix of talent and performance and even that is a stretch. Many players are out performing him that aren’t even ranked! Where is he fairness in that?

    Right now our top prospect should be Phillip Ervin based up talent, performance, and the stat sheet. He is playing like the next Eric Davis right about now.

  6. rgslone

    Since Spring Training I have suspected the Stephenson is not 100% right health wise. I hope the Reds are extremely cautious with him. If he’s pitching with a nagging issue (and I don’t know this to be true obviously, I just have that feeling) I think it will hinder his development and it would be far better to just shut him down for a while.

  7. Dale

    I for one am not sure why prospect rankings are fixed in stone for an entire baseball season. Shouldn’t the ranking of top prospects be influenced by actual play?
    I also do not understand when a prospect is removed from the list. For example Disco is removed but Lorenzen is not. Is prospect status determined by the same means as rookie status? If so isn’t Disco still eligible for “rookie of the year” ?

    • Doug Gray

      Prospect status is the same as ROY status, but as things stand now, Lorenzen is still eligible for the 2016 award, DeSclafani isn’t. So Lorenzen is still on lists and DeSclafani isn’t.

  8. Richard

    I had wondered the same thing about the 40 man-but I only see 38 players-is someone else-besides Lutz in that same boat? Maybe I cant count….. Also, what happened to Felix Perez-made the triple A all star list last year-now in Mexico-No longer any ties to reds?