The Cincinnati Reds have called up right handed pitcher Jon Moscot from Louisville today. The right hander was the 4th round pick by the Reds in the 2012 draft and he will be the first player for the Reds from that draft to make his debut.

Moscot has moved quickly through the system, spending 2012 with the Arizona League Reds for two appearances before making 10 starts in Billings, posting a 2.63 ERA between the two stops. He was advanced enough that the organization skipped him over Dayton the next season and sent him directly to Bakersfield.

He had some early struggles with the Blaze, posting a 9.72 ERA in his first four starts in the extremely hitter friendly league, but then posted a 3.73 ERA over his next 18 starts and got a late season promotion to Double-A Pensacola where he made six starts with a 3.19 ERA.

He began 2014 back in Pensacola where he made 25 starts with a 3.13 ERA in 149.1 innings and got another late season promotion, this time to Triple-A Louisville where he made three starts to finish out his year.

After impressing Bryan Price in spring training, the Reds sent the Pepperdine product back to Louisville this season. He made nine starts, going 7-1 with a 3.15 ERA this year with 54.1 innings pitched.

Here are his career stats:

2012 20 2 Teams 0 2 2.63 27.1 22 2 11 27 1.21
2013 21 2 Teams 4 15 4.30 146.2 143 20 48 140 1.30
2014 22 2 Teams 8 11 3.40 166.2 160 16 50 120 1.26
2015 23 Louisville 7 1 3.15 54.1 50 5 19 34 1.27

Quick Scouting Report

I’ve described Jon Moscot as Mike Leake-like in the past. He’s going to throw four pitches, fastball, slider, curveball and a change up. All four pitches are average to slightly above-average. His fastball is going to work in that 89-92 range and he tops out around 94 MPH. His slider is the best offspeed pitch he brings, and it’s a slightly above-average pitch and the one he tends to go to more often among the offspeed offerings.

He’s a strike thrower who can use all of his pitches in the strikezone. The one thing that makes the Mike Leake comparison a bit off is that Moscot, unlike Leake, is a fly ball pitcher. In the minor leagues, Moscot has a groundball rate of 40% for his career (Leake is at 50% for his big league career).

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17 Responses

  1. TCevad

    So, Marquis DFA’d? Cueto/Leake traded? Cueto hurt? Someone else missing a start? Iglesias to pen? Lorenzen to LF? Wouldn’t it be nice if the cloak of secrecy were ever lifted?

    • Doug Gray

      Lorenzen to left field would be the most unrealistic one, but probably not by far. I’m betting Marquis is out. He’s stated he didn’t want to pitch out of the bullpen, hasn’t pitched in 11 days now. Iglesias to the bullpen to take his place is my guess.

  2. TCevad

    Unless it’s Mesoraco to the bullpen, Pena to LF, and Jumbo catching. Old school!

  3. Champ Summers

    Also anyone else get this reference? Maybe someone in another org?

    Robert Stephenson ?@robsteev44 46m46 minutes ago

    man it’s awesome seeing a pair of good friends getting their shot in the show today!!

      • Champ Summers

        Are you answering both questions with one answer? That would be efficient.

      • Doug Gray

        Pretty sure it’s from another organization.

      • Randy in Chatt

        It must be Joe Ross of the Nationals

  4. terry m

    BA has the latest mock draft up 5.0. They have the HS catcher going #1. This is a crazy draft should be interesting…

  5. Ryan

    I was hoping to see Iglesias pitch today but I’m glad it’s Moscot and not Marquise getting the nod. I really hope your right about Marquise Doug, and its not an injury.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s both. Marquis DFA’d, Villarreal up, Iglesias to the DL with an oblique strain.

      • Ryan

        At least it’s not Cueto or Leake and it didn’t sound that serious. Iglesias was going to need his innings limited at some point anyways.

  6. MK

    Well with what he is owed for the rest of the year another $1 million to pay a player not to play. Got to wonder how long Bob C puts up with that.

    Guess Rosencrans didn’t get the scoop on Iglesias injury.

    What an excellent opportunity to get bench back up to strength but called up Villarreal anyway.

    • Ryan

      How much money did it save in the back end, being able to keep Lorenzen and Moscot down until the super 2 cut off?

  7. Ryan

    Thom Brennaman says the darndest things lol. He just said the Reds pretty much traded Yonder, Grandal, Boxberger, and Volquez for Descalfani(he wasn’t saying it in a positive way). Chris Welsh had to point out the 3 years of Mat Latos the Reds actually received in the trade.

    All things considered, the Reds won that trade and also got excellent value in the trade for Disco this post off-season.

  8. Sandheel

    Marquis gone, finally! Some good news in a dismal few weeks!