In December the Cincinnati Reds traded Alfredo Simon to the Detroit Tigers for shortstop Eugenio Suarez and right handed pitcher Jonathon Crawford. Suarez has been a nice player for the Reds so far this season, filling in for an injured Zack Cozart and hitting .306/.344/.488 through his first 33 games.

Jonathon Crawford has been a different story. He began the season on the disabled list with shoulder tendonitis. The right hander missed the entire first half of the season before beginning a rehab stint with the Arizona League Reds at the Goodyear complex on June 29th. He would made three appearances in Arizona, totalling 8.1 innings with a walk and eight strikeouts as he built up his innings in each start with the last one stretching four innings.

On July 13th Crawford made his full season debut of 2015 with the Daytona Tortugas. He only threw three innings, allowing three runs on four hits without a walk and with two strikeouts.

He would take the mound six days later against the Blue Jays and would last just 2.1 innings this time around. He allowed just one hit, but walked three batters and had four strikeouts while giving up two runs. The next day he was placed on the disabled list.

While the transaction doesn’t specify the injury a source told me that he’s back on the disabled list with the same shoulder issue as before, which was shoulder tendonitis. I was also told that he isn’t expected to return to the mound this season.

Shoulder injuries are a lot scarier than elbow injuries. Hopefully this isn’t one that will need surgery, but will be able to be fixed through rest and rehab instead of going under the knife.

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4 Responses

  1. dale

    Now this is very sad to hear. I suppose on the positive side of things is that we have so many young pitchers performing above expectations that this makes the news of Crawford more bearable. And then there is Suarez…. boy he sure can hit.

  2. TCevad

    Gotta feel for the young man. First season with a new organization and he can’t perform. Better luck next year. Similar to Howard in that respect, in the failure to launch. Silver lining is we get two no. 1 picks back next year.

    Suarez has been a really nice pick up. Very astute. May never have elite, Cozartian defense, but dude puts the bat on the ball. One less swing and miss, black hole in the lineup. Tucker’s offense fairly encouraging, too.

    • Doug Gray

      Suarez actually has a 25% strikeout rate this year (and last year), so he’s not exactly a bat-on-the-ball guy right now. But when he does make contact, he’s made it count.

    • Tom Gray

      We are kind of spoiled on SS with the Reds.

      Leo Cardenas in the 1960’s. Davey Concepcion from 1970’s into mid 1980’s. Barry Larkin from mid 1980’s through early 2000’s. All good hitters and good fielders.

      Most teams have a good hitter (Suarez) OR good fielder (Cozart) at SS.