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The 2015 season got out to a nice start for Nick Travieso as he allowed one hit and one run over the course of 6.2 innings in the season opener for the Daytona Tortugas. He would finish up the month of April with a 3.38 ERA over 24.0 innings without allowing a home run, walking seven batters and he struck out 17. His WHIP was 1.13 on the month.

May saw a mixed bag for the right hander. His ERA jumped up to 3.54 and he allowed 36 hits in 28.0 innings, but his walk remained low (just eight walks) and his strikeout rate jumped up as he struck out 26 batters on the month. His home run rate was solid as he gave up three homers, but did jump up after not allowing any during the month before.

June had gotten out to a good start as he allowed just one earned run in 11.1 innings, good for a 0.79 ERA to go along with just two walks and 12 strikeouts. Things changed in his third start of the month after he was hit by a comebacker in the 1st inning and had to leave the game. Travieso was hit in the wrist and wound up missing seven weeks before returning in August.

When he returned he batted some consistency, particularly in his first game back when he walked four batted in 2.0 innings. His ERA was strong over the final 30.0 innings of the season, posting a 2.10 ERA, but his walk rate did jump up as he gave up 13 free passes in the span and struck out just 21 batters.

He finished the season with Daytona throwing 93.1 innings with a 2.70 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP. The missed time was likely one of the reasons that he was selected to head out to the Arizona Fall League following the season. Through his first four starts he’s posted a 2.12 ERA in 17.0 innings, allowing just one home run, three walks and he’s struck out 17 batters.

A+ 2.70 93.1 82 4 30 76 1.20
AFL 2.12 17.0 12 1 3 17 0.88

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Fastball | When he was drafted the Reds worked on his mechanics and those changes resulted in a drop in velocity from where he was throwing in high school. Each year though, he’s picked up velocity and the 2015 season was similar, although just to a small extent. He was sitting 92-96 most of the year, reaching into the 94-96 range for games as well. He’s topped out at 98 MPH during the season and has hit 97 MPH in each of his four starts in the Arizona Fall League.

Slider | The slider flashes itself as an above-average pitch with more vertical break than horizontal, but there is a slight amount of movement on the horizontal plane. The pitch works in the 80-84 MPH range.

Cutter | A pitch that really came to fruition in 2015, Travieso really began to lean on the offering, working in the 87-92 MPH range with good cutting action. It’s already showing itself as an above-average offering and one he’s showing tons of confidence in.

Curveball | Another relatively new pitch that he’s added to his repertoire during the 2015 season. It’s a slow curve, coming in the mid 70’s. It’s more of a show-me pitch at this point, but one he’s shown that he can throw for strikes.

Change Up | After not showing too much reliance on the change up in the past he began to show it more frequently in 2015. The pitch works in the 85-89 MPH range and has some sinking and running action on it. It’s mostly an average pitch right now and can be a tad too firm at times.

Other | Travieso has taken a step forward each year as a professional. He was well on his way there once again in 2015 before taking a comebacker off of the wrist. When he returned there seemed to be a little bit of feel missing early on, he didn’t make any rehab starts – so that’s quite understandable. Adding both the cutter and curveball just give him more weapons to go to and the cutter is already a major part of his game. His change up improved and a slight uptick in velocity all lead to his value rising.

He likes to work up in the zone with his fastball, and he’s got the velocity to do so. The same thing can be said for his cutter. The breaking balls and change up are pitches that work better down in the zone and for the most part, he can locate them there. He shows off good control and he can command his fastball at times within the zone.

Finding a little more consistency with his offspeed pitches will be key to getting the most out of his right arm, but all of the parts are there to see a quality starter in the near future.


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  1. Jonathan Linn

    Is he one of the top 3 SP’s out of the 2012 draft? After Lucas Giolito and Michael Wacka?

    • Doug Gray

      Tough to say at this point. Giolito and Travieso are both still just 21-years-old. What the future holds is really unknown.

  2. Jeff

    He has such an easy motion. Easy to repeat. Doesn’t look to be overthrowing. That should definitely limit arm injuries in the future.

  3. MK

    In addition to his physical skills, he is a high quality character kid. Since I have been in the hospital he has sent me two messages. Just an old guy he met as a player in Dayton . Quality, quality person. I will always be a fan.

    • Doug Gray

      Everything ok MK? You can shoot me an email if you don’t want to put everything out there.

      • MK

        Going home tomorrow. Still have no use of left arm or hand.
        Find out the warning signs of stroke and take precautions. It is not fun.

      • Doug Gray

        Sorry to hear that MK. Glad to hear that you are going home tomorrow, though. Small victories at this point seem to be welcoming.

      • Alan Horn

        Same here MK. Hope everything turns out ok. I enjoy reading your posts as much as anyone on here.

      • DaveCT

        Get well soon, MK! We still need you to be able to fake right and go left …

    • rick in boise

      Take care, MK! Thanks for the heads-up — ounce of prevention IS better than a pound of cure.

  4. Tom

    Hang in there, MK. I always enjoy your posts. From what you say, Travieso sounds like a quality kid. Looks like he has a bright future.

  5. Daryl

    Reds attempting to trade Phillips to AZ for Aaron Hill per mlbtraerumors.

    • terry m

      The Phillips deal info was just on wlw radio. The report also said Bob C. was ok for a rebuild and that everybody was available for trade.

    • Norwood Nate

      I get that saving 15 million dollars over the next two seasons would be the reason to do it.

      But this sounds like a bad deal for the Reds. Hill has been awful. Brandon has been about league average on offense and still good on defense. If we had to send money or players in this deal it becomes more confusing as to the motivation.

      Essentially we’d pay Hill 12 million dollars to sit on the bench behind Suarez and Cozart. Ugh.

      Fortunately there is only a slim to none chance that could work out.

      • swayback8

        I agree that Hill is a bad player, but feel that they would make the trade and have him move to third so that they could trade Frazier. Essentially saving a lot more than 15 million.

      • Jim t

        Nate saving 14 mil is huge for this team. It is also just the beginning. Chapman,Bruce and Frazier will all be heading out of town this winter.

      • Norwood Nate

        Jim, i understand that saving money is driving this. In fact that was my first sentence in the post. I just think they can get something back other than a 12 million dollar bench player who isn’t any good.

        If the Reds kicked in 12 million or more to some other team, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume they could get a prospect back? Even a mid-tier guy? A Stephen Johnson level reliever would be better than Hill.

      • jim t

        Nate the nuts and bolts of the deal is we take on Hills salary for 1 year and they take on 27 mil of BP for 2. If they couldn’t jettison Hills contract in the deal there would be no deal.

      • Norwood Nate

        And I’m saying, in my opinion, there is a better deal out there to pursue rather than taking on Hill in return.

        Surely there is a team out there that would take on Brandon Phillips + 12 million dollars (or whatever amount) and give the Reds something back in return other than an awful bench player. Even if that player is an A-ball prospect, it’s still better.

        Brandon’s contract is not upside down at this point. He changed his approach this past year and that has returned him to a league average offensive player who still displays excellent defense. He even did well on the base paths.

        If this is the path they go down to start, it does not bode well for the future of the off season.

  6. DaveCT

    Doug, you have as bullish on Nick as anyone. Romano, too. BA discussed Traveiso toning his velocity down for greater command, perhaps explaining concern for this “drop” in other scouting reports (Seems a consistent approach in the Peice years, by the way). With Disco and Iglesias relatively established, with Stephenson and Reed ahead of him, Garrett and to some degree Romano along side of him, all throwing harder, how does he compete with them as a starter? Does he learn to command at his former velo?

    • Doug Gray

      Only one of those guys actually throws harder than Travieso does at this point (Stephenson can too, so that’s sort of two guys- but he’s dialed things back for control). The biggest thing for me is that Travieso throws his fastball for strikes more often than the other big armed prospects do, with maybe the exception of Reed.

  7. MK

    Thanks for the Get Well messages. If I don’t, it won’t be for a lack of effort.

  8. Mike

    Read everyday hardly ever post enjoy all you guys input thanks Doug,wanted to post to tell you mck I’m glad your doing better and you’ll be in my prayers for speedy recovery

  9. Joe

    Get well soon MK! I always appreciate your insight. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. BABull

    My mother died due to a massive stroke a few years back. There were no signs or indicators at all. She was in good shape for her age (80) and walked 4+ miles everyday. The type of stroke that fell her leaves no chance for recovery. Thank God that you have a fighting chance, MK. Keep the faith and work hard.