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Cody Reed began the season in the Carolina League, pitching for the Wilmington Blue Rocks in Wilmington, Deleware. The Royals started the left hander at the Advanced-A level and in April they kept him on a bit of a shorter leash as he was piggy-back starting with another pitcher on the Blue Rocks roster. Reed would make two starts on the month and pitch the 6th-9th in two other games. He posted a 2.20 ERA in 16.1 innings with four walks and 14 strikeouts in that span.

The piggy-back thing carried over into May, but only for one more time through as he started the first game of the month, then came out of the bullpen on May 9th. That was the last time that he would appear out of the bullpen. He celebrated that in a very big way. Over his next two starts he threw 12.2 shutout innings, allowing just seven hits, one walk and he struck out 20 batters. His workload more than doubled from April, tossing 33.1 innings with a 1.08 ERA, nine walks and he struck out 37 batters.

After dominating in May things got out to a good start in June with 6.0 innings with just an unearned run in his first start of the month, but things were more of a struggle in the next two starts. In 11.2 innings he allowed eight runs on 17 hits and four walks to go along with nine strikeouts. Despite the struggles, he was promoted to Double-A by the Royals. He would make one start at the end of the month for Northwest Arkansas, allowing just one run in 6.0 innings. On the month his ERA would jump up to 3.42 in 23.2 innings. He walked eight batters and had 19 strikeouts.

July began with the Royals, still pitching in Northwest Arkansas where the lefty would start four games. In 22.2 innings he had five walks and 14 strikeouts to go along with a 3.97 ERA. The Royals would trade Reed to the Reds on July 26th in the Johnny Cueto deal along with two other pitchers. He would make his debut on the final day of the month, striking out six batters in 7.0 innings with just one run allowed.

August and the first week of September was an interesting stretch. Reed was either absolutely dominant, or he pitched poorly. On August 10th and August 21st he combined for 7.2 innings with 10 earned runs allowed (11.73 ERA), five walks and seven strikeouts. In the other five starts he made to end the season he threw 35.0 innings with nine walks and 47 strikeouts to go along with just one earned run (0.26 ERA).

2.41 145.2 127 7 42 144 1.16

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Fastball | He generally sits at 92-94 MPH with his fastball, but has reached as high as 97 MPH with the pitch during the 2015 season. The pitch doesn’t show a ton of movement, but his 3/4 arm slot allows the pitch to come across the zone well.

Slider | The pitch flashes itself often as an above-average one, working in the mid-80’s range. The slider has movement on two planes, again due more to his arm angle than true two-plane breaking action. It’s still inconsistent at times and flattens out, but when it’s on, it’s a true put-away pitch.

Change Up | Before the season this was a clear third pitch for Reed, but the pitch made improvements in 2015 and showed itself as an average to above-average offering, particularly later in the season. While he doesn’t use it often, it’s a third quality offering that has good armside run and some fading action to it.

Other | 2015 was a helium type year for the former 2nd rounder (2013) as he put past control problems behind him (he walked 59 batters in 113.2 innings coming into the season) and was able to put together fantastic results. He’s got clean mechanics and he showed he could handle a full minor league seasons worth of innings for the first time in his career. Using his change up a little more frequently will probably be required in the big leagues, but it’s already a quality pitch, just one he may need to work in a little more often.

If his steps forward with his ability to throw strikes were real, and there’s no reason to think that they weren’t, he could be pushing the door open to a Major League spot as soon as the middle of 2016 if there’s a need.


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  1. sultan of swaff

    Reed gets great tilt in his delivery. The delivery is smooth and repeatable, more so than with Finnegan or Garrett. It’s easy to see why he has the higher probability of sticking as a starter.

    The Cueto trade looks like it will be a win-win for both clubs.

  2. Jasonp

    I am not real familiar with Reed. I know he had a great year but what do people think he can be. Is he thought to be a #2 or #3 or he though to potentially be a staff ace?

    Do I remember correctly that the year before this one wasn’t to good for him? Was there something that he changed that made him be able to have the kind of year he had this year?

  3. DHud

    Love the easy throwing motion. Doesn’t look to be exerting too much effort on the shoulder and finishes smooth and square to the plate.

  4. jonathan

    Did anyone else see what the Braves got in return from Simmons? I like their haul and its nice to see another team value pitching like the Reds do. I wonder if this will increase the Red’s chance of getting quality bats for some of their arms…

    • Colt Holt

      The Braves traded a controllable bat and got two arms in return. I’m not sure how that is encouraging to the Reds situation as they are looking to offload bat’s (Phillips, Bruce, Frazier), not arms. Granted, there is a slew of prospect arms that we are holding, but I don’t think that you will see the Red’s chasing after a player like Simmons since they are looking to offload money, not take it on which would be the case with Simmons.

      I would have been more encouraged to see a highly rated bat moved for Simmons, in hopes of pulling in a couple highly rated hitting prospects in trades.

  5. MK

    Not sure how the 78 mph looing curve ball plys in the big league. More of a put away itch for a loogie.

  6. MK

    Nick Traveso had a great AFL outing today. Got his first win as well.

  7. daryl

    Well we can take the Red Sox off the list for Chapman. They just Kimbrel and gave up some great pieces to get him. I would’ve loved to see Margot in a Reds uni. And Asuaje as well.

  8. Mike

    I know it’s unrelated but reds missed the boat with chapman, Boston just gave a kings ransom to San Diego for Kimble 2 top 75 position prospects there top outfielder and a stud ss with defense and bat plus power added for good measure 2 more of there top 30

  9. RDriesen

    Man, I wish the Reds could have traded Chapamn for what SD got. It really stinks having a bad FO.

  10. Champ Summers

    That’s a very unfair comment. Kimbrel is under team control 2 years and there is a team option for a 3rd year. Chapman is free after 16. That alone gets SD a bigger haul. There’s the fact that Kimbrel is arguably better if contracts were equal. That said they aren’t so this is just an unfair statement

    • Doug Gray

      The contract is the difference between what the Padres got and what the Reds should expect to get. But, it probably bodes well for a premium prospect and a good one as a bonus.

    • RDriesen

      Fair points, but contract status shouldn’t matter that much. Any team trading for someone like Chapman right now is probably going to be able to keep them. For example, Boston (probably) would have had no problem signing him to an extension.

      • Jim t

        RDriesen, you can’t be serious. Contract shouldn’t matter??? 3 years of team control versus 1 is huge. Yes the sox could extend Chapman but the leverage he would have is a huge difference.

      • Dave

        Agree with Jim, the contract status is huge. Boston has no guarantee that Chapman resigns with them at end of year if they make trade. Why would the player give up his leverage of having other teams bid for his services? Only way is if he likes the organization and situation he is going to.

  11. MK

    Cannot imagine the Yankee would allow the Red Sox to easily re-sign him.

  12. Mike

    i don’t believe anybody is gonna trade for chapman with only 16 in mind with the haul they will have to give up but the Reds really did miss the boat here chap mans a lil better than Kimbrel the trade would be different because the situation is different I think they coulda got those top 2 prospects for chapman 2top 75 position players the other are also top 30 prospects and pretty good I’ve read maybe there the allowance for contract difference

      • Stock

        The lifeline of RP is interesting. Many fade quickly. Beware once the fade begins. Did Kimbrel show signs he may be fading last year? Well his ERA was a full point higher than past years. His other indicators seem fine but I would have at least a pause here.

      • Tom Gray

        Same theory would apply to Chapman. He’s had 5 yrs as dominant RP.

    • Jim t

      Mike if you wanted a haul for Chapman the time to trade him would have been this time last year. The sox got 3 years of Kimbrell versus 1 year of Chapman. I’m sure they will want to sign him but that will be up to him and his agent. Anything can happen in free agency.

  13. DaveCT

    With Kimbral off the mah-ket, and the D-backs dumping salary (Hendrikson), I’m thinking we may see Chapman heading there.

  14. terry m

    I thinkt he Astros would be a fit for Chappy. If I dream on a little with Voto going to the Yanks the Astros have a young first baseman to fill that slot. I know I’am dreaming but their are a lot of big deals being done before the winter meetings. Who knows ??

    • RedsFaninPitt

      I would enjoy seeing a Votto trade to any of the following teams (and perhaps Chapman and some major cash payout or bad contract in return over the next couple of years as a sweetner) – Astros, Red Sox or Yanks. Each of these teams have really good 1B prospects that could come back in return – Reed, Travis, and Bird. Until Guerra (by the way, I think he may be the best prospect in that trade) was traded in the Kimble trade there were 3 really good SS prospects with each team – Bregman, Guerra (now gone) and Mateo – that are now blocked by other young long-term players. I think each of these teams could afford most of Votto’s contract. I will say it again, the player right now with the most value – if the Reds would be willing to $20-40 mil. of his contract or swap bad contracts – i.e. Ramirez- is Votto.

  15. DanD

    Just curious, Peter Gammons said Chapman should be traded by the weekend, is he ever right? Also,as much as I like Todd Fraiser how about a trade to Cleveland for Clint Fraiser and two other high end prospects. Would also love to see Chapman traded to Miami for either Ozuna or Yelich plus others. I can see Chapman signing long term with the Marlins. Does Cleveland and Miami have other players to make it a worthwhile trade?

    • Rob

      Dan, I agree on Gammons. I was never a big fan of his. Seemed like he could talk about the Yankees or Red Sox and then was lost after that. Seems like a nice guy but very over rated as an analyst.