The Cincinnati Reds will have the 2nd overall pick in the Rule 5 draft later this week. It could give the organization a chance to grab an undervalued talent, though perhaps a player who isn’t quite ready for the big leagues just yet on an every day basis. The player will have to stick to the 25-man roster all season or have to be offered back to the team they were drafted from. With that said, today we are going to look at some of the possible options the Reds could look at on the mound. Tomorrow we will look at the position players.

There are several big arm guys from the lower levels of the minor leagues that are available. The two bigger names that jump out are Alberto Tirado of the Phillies and Jose Adames of the Marlins.

Jose Adames (22-years-old) is a 6′ 2″ right handed pitcher who spent his season in A-ball, split between Greensboro (Low-A) and Jupiter (Advanced-A). He’s got shown some control problems in the rotation, but any team selecting him would be using him out of the bullpen for the time being. He had 55 walks and 90 strikeouts in 117.0 innings as a starter this past year. He’s got plus velocity, up to 99 MPH and he’s got a good looking change up. Limiting him to the bullpen, there’s a chance that he could stick and actually provide some value as the first guy out of the pen.

Alberto Tirado (will be 21-years-old) spent his entire season in the Florida State League for the Blue Jays. He’s a former starter, but has been in the bullpen for the better part of the past two seasons. He can reach into triple digits on occasion and sits in the 94-97 MPH range. He also shows a potentially above-average slider. The problem is, he’s about as wild as they come. Over his last two seasons, Tirado has walked 120 batters in 153.0 innings (153 strikeouts).

Some lesser known names that could be options would include Jimmy (referred to as Yimmi in some places) Brasoban (21-years-old). He’s a 6′ 1″ righ thander who spent nearly the entire season in the bullpen in 2015 after starting in the previous three years of his career. His entire 2015 was spent in Low-A with the Padres organization where he threw 71.2 innings with a 2.26 ERA, 25 walks and 80 strikeouts. The numbers were strong, granted at a low level. His fastball works in the 91-94 MPH range and has touched 97. He’s also bringing a good looking slider to the table, though it can lack consistency at times.

Cardinals right hander Luis Perdomo (22-years-old) could draw some interest. He split time in A-Ball this past season, working as a starter. He has a 3.98 ERA in 126.2 innings with 37 walks and 118 strikeouts. He’s not ready to jump into things as a starter, but as a reliever there could be something there with solid control, a fastball in the 92-95 MPH range and a good slider to work with.

The biggest name from the guys with upper minor league experience is probably left hander Reymin Guduan of the Astros. He began his year in A-ball, where he had success. But when he reached Double-A he really struggled, walking 19 batters (with 19 strikeouts) in 16.1 innings. The numbers weren’t outstanding overall, but he’s a lefty that touches 100 MPH and guys like that don’t really exist (well, almost).

Another name to keep an eye on, perhaps as a second Rule 5 pick would be lefty Luis Lugo. He’s not a huge stuff guy. He’s been a starter in his career, but could be looked at as a possibly LOOGY type to stash in the bullpen. He’s 21-years-old and pitched in Advanced-A last season. He works in the low 90’s with a good change up and two solid breaking balls. Against lefties last season he had just three walks and 32 strikeouts in 138 plate appearances. He struggled some against righties though.

There are a lot of names out there and I am only covering some of them. Baseball America has an in-depth preview of names to go over if you want to read about a few more guys.

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  1. RFM

    Regarding the Rule 5 draft Jocketty told Mark Sheldon “we’re hoping to draft a couple of players.” Hopefully they can add both an outfielder (which I assume will be discussed in an article tomorrow) and a pitcher.

    25 year old RHP Chris Devenski sounds appealing, IF he’s goes un-picked by, like, the Reds’ third choice. His “changeup of death”, as described by Baseball America, sounds interesting. He might not deserve to make the team out of spring training, but also might be an interesting candidate for a long reliever/mop-up-man.

    • jbonireland

      Enough with adding rule 5 pitchers, the Reds have at least a half dozen pitchers at Pensacola or Daytona who could equal what we could get with a rule 5 pitcher I imagine. Go for the best almost ready non pitcher you can get since we have a lack of those plyers in the system right now.

      • Doug Gray

        You could be right, but the thing is, they don’t HAVE to use those guys in Daytona or Pensacola. So there is no need to rush those guys up. Add talent when and where you can. If that happens to be a pitcher, so be it.

      • RFM

        I expect the Reds will select a hitter #2 overall – hopefully Rays OF Tyler Goeddal, assuming the Phillies don’t select him first. It seems unlikely that any worthwhile bats will survive the first few picks.

        The Reds have several open roster spots and could make 2 or 3 Rule 5 picks, if they so desire. Might as well add some arms for $50,000, when given the opportunity.

    • Doug Gray

      Simply looking at the numbers, I don’t get the appeal. Haven’t read a scouting report though.

      • Doug Gray

        He certainly does. He wouldn’t be the worst 5th outfielder the team has run out there in the last few years, but I’d prefer an upside guy with a Rule 5 pick. You can usually find solid, low upside guys in minor league free agency every year.

  2. terry m

    Is their a rule 5 draft for GM’s and or Managing Partners ??

    • Tom Gray

      If there were, GM and owners who made 3 NL Playoffs and won 2 Division Titles in 4 years would go first.

      • terry m

        I’m looking at the last five years and the next three possibly. Not sure if they are the rebuild type..

  3. MK

    Think we have these guys in Mella already. I would like to see them take a chance on Cardinals Lefty Tyler Melling a Bellefontaine native and Miami of Ohio product. Though he started most of last year he could be a workable bullpen piece great ag at 27 to get this done kind f guys the Cards have that ends up being a great role pitcher.

  4. Tom

    Slightly off-topic here, although winter meeting related. With the Chapman trade blowing up in the Reds’ faces, am I the only pessimist who thinks that the Reds will now leave the winter meetings without making a trade of any significance?

    • The Duke

      That’s the feeling I’ve had too. Hopefully, we’re wrong.

  5. Daytonian

    “So I asked her for some happy news. She just smiled and turned away.”

    Given the big story in the news, I sure hope that you will have some happy Reds news for us soon, that you will not just smile and turn away.

    — Don McLean (not to be confused with Denny McLain).

  6. Chris in NC

    I would bet a month’s pay that the Reds take an outfielder with that 2nd overall Rule 5 pick.

    After that, who knows?