The Cincinnati Reds stay at home today to take on the Los Angeles Angels. Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Jose Peraza – SS
  2. Jordan Pacheco – 3B
  3. Joey Votto – 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips – 2B
  5. Jay Bruce – RF
  6. Adam Duvall – LF
  7. Scott Schebler – DH
  8. Tyler Holt – CF
  9. Tucker Barnhart – C
  10. Cody Reed – P

We also know a few of the guys who will be entering the game for the starters. Calten Daal will be taking over at shortstop, Juan Duran will take over in right field, Yorman Rodriguez will take over in left field and Chad Wallach will replace Barnhart behind the plate.

The other pitchers that are scheduled to throw are: J.C. Ramirez, Layne Somsen, Tim Adleman, Dayan Diaz and J.J. Hoover.

Robert Stephenson and Sal Romano are both scheduled to pitch in a “B game” that starts at 12:30pm (ET).

Here is the list of minor leaguers that will be in uniform today on the Reds bench/in the bullpen: Zack Weiss, Chris O’Grady, Ramon Cabrera, Joe Hudson, Kyle Skipworth, Alex Blandino, Ray Chang, Brandon Dixon, Eric Jagielo, Seth Mejias-Brean, Narciso Crook, Phil Ervin, Kyle Waldrop and Jesse Winker.

What to watch for today

Cody Reed is taking the mound today for his first start, and his second appearance. He allowed two runs, one earned, in his first appearance over 2.0 innings. He’s expected to go out and throw 3.0 innings today. He didn’t walk anyone in the first outing, but in his second inning of work he did seem to struggle some with his control. Keep an eye, or ear out in this case since the game isn’t on any broadcasts aside from the radio, for how he controls the strikezone.

The Reds seem to be taking a good look at Jose Peraza at shortstop and it seems like a great idea to at least give it a look. He’s already shown off good range on a fly ball, but so far there hasn’t been one on the ground where he’s had to extend himself. Maybe that happens today. It would also be nice to see him get on base a few times and work the base paths.

Layne Somsen was impressive in his first outing and had Bryan Price talking about things he liked from the right hander. He’s probably a slight long shot to make the team because he’s not yet on the 40-man roster, but there’s always room to be made on the roster if he performs. He’s caught the eye of the manager, so it’s just a matter of getting guys out consistently over the next three-and-a-half weeks.

8 Responses

  1. sultanofswaff

    File this quote from Mat Latos under “ya think?”.
    “Maybe I needed a wake-up call,” said the 28-year-old. “I’m very direct, and I’ve just got to pick and choose my battles and learn to just hold onto some things. If I had some issues with things that went on with Cincinnati, I needed to keep them to myself. That was just a slip-up on my part. That was me dummying up. Just a bad lapse of judgment.”

    • Gaffer

      Losing out on 100 million dollars seems to me to be the thing that woke him up. I don’t regret the trade to get him (we KNEW he was a jerk) and I even less regret trading him away.

  2. The Duke

    Given that they’ve already moved Suarez off of SS, and that Blandino profiles much better at 2B than SS (I’m a big believer in Blandino’s bat/plate approach), it’d be sheer lunacy to not give Peraza every chance to stick at SS where he has the raw tools to be a good defender.

    • Greenfield Red

      Completely agree Duke. I like that infield.

      • Gaffer

        How could Cozart really be considered the SS of the next Reds playoff team anyway.

  3. Warren McLean

    Doug: What with the injury to SS Jhonny Peralta in St. Louis, I really think that the Reds should consider a trade of Zack Cozart (obviously, he would have to go through a rigorous physical examination and prove he can still play SS) for some more prospects. I agree with The Duke and Greenfield Red that the Reds would be far better off with Peraza at SS. The kid can pick it and may be the best option we have had in years at the leadoff spot. He can really run, as today’s game proved. I understand that we would be trading to an inner-divisional rival, but we have done that before with St. Louis. GM / VP Jocketty will remember trading Dmitri Young to the Reds when Jocketty was still in St. Louis. If you look back through history, the two teams have made several trades. Now, would be a good time to engineer another one. Your thoughts?

    • Doug Gray

      I’d trade him in a heart beat in the right deal, but I wouldn’t expect to get too much back. The other thing is, I doubt anyone would trade for him without seeing him play first. Shortstops coming off of serious knee injuries aren’t going to be in demand until they show something out there.