It would appear that the Cincinnati Reds and 2016 draft pick Chris Okey have come to an agreement and that the now former Clemson catching prospect will head to Billings to join the Mustangs to begin his professional career. Greenville Online is reporting that he will first head to Arizona next week to the Reds complex before heading off to Montana.

Okey will fly to Arizona to the Reds’ spring training complex on Sunday or Monday and then head to the Reds’ rookie league team – the Billings Mustangs.

If you’re looking for a scouting report, stats and other information on Chris Okey, you can check out the draft day report right here.

6th Rounder Tyler Mondile likely to sign talked with Cincinnati Reds 6th round pick Tyler Mondile on Friday after he was drafted. It sounds like he’s going to sign, but did note that no deal is currently in place.

I think I’m going to the minors,” Mondile told NJ Advance Media shortly after being taken with the Cincinnati Reds with the 168th overall pick in sixth round of the draft in Secaucus. Mondile was a Florida State recruit.

Mondile said there was no deal in place with the Reds as of yet, however.

Other news and notes from the farm system

Long-time Louisville Bats radio broadcaster Matt Andrews will be leaving the organization at the end of the month. He’s been working the radio in Louisville with the Bats since 2003. Andrews is leaving to take on a new gig with Ohio State where he will broadcast baseball, women’s basketball and also do some things with the football program.

Nick Curran, who has been working alongside Andrews in the radio booth since 2013 will be taking over as the voice of the Bats.

The Cincinnati Reds have signed three international free agents this month, which could be where some of the money from the Baltimore Orioles trade has gone to. They picked up RHP Oliver Rijo, an 18-year-old from the Dominican Republic, RHP Yoel Diaz, a 17-year-old from Venezuela and catcher Jorge Sequera, a 17-year-old that is also from Venezuela. At this point in time I don’t know much of anything about these three players.

It has been a long time since Jesse Winker has homered. His last home run came on April 29th. He’s only hit two home runs all season, both coming within a span of four days of each other. For most of May he struggled to find extra-base hits, but over the last two-and-a-half weeks he’s picked up the pace. Since May 24th he’s hit .365/.435/.481 with six doubles over the course of 14 games.

17 Responses

  1. Logan Boyle

    A little shocking with Okey. Seems polished enough for at least Low-A. Maybe this is good news about Tyler Stephenson’s wrist?

    • DHud

      Kinda what I was thinking as well. Seems like a pretty passive assignment

  2. The Duke

    I wonder if this means Jake Turnbull will repeat in the AZL. He is still only 18, but he hit well there last year as a 17 year old. With both Clemson and Tennessee out of the college baseball playoff, Senzel and Okey both should start right away as long as Senzel doesn’t get caught up in bonus demands.

  3. Brad

    I am guilty of it, but theres a lot we dont know about players in the draft process. One thing is their desire to be with the team. Okey clearly has a desire and a plan in place. Have to figure he is in Billings June-July and Dayton August-September. Still puts him on pace to start in Daytona for 2017 season.

    Love that Senzel and Okey could sign quickly and get on field. Have to think part of Senzel negotiation is getting him to majors ASAP to get him making 500k/year vs 12-15k.

    • Doug Gray

      Of course, does that matter much when you get a $5-6M bonus? That’s not really playing into his process, probably. A high schooler, maybe has to worry about that a little more. A top college pick like Senzel probably doesn’t worry much about it. At least until they turn into a guy who is now four years into their minor league career and haven’t reached the big leagues yet.

    • Ohiojim

      The slot signing value on Senzel is just short of $7.8M; and, with Boras as his agent, it is difficult to imagine him coming in at much , if any, less. I think he will be able to manage a couple of years at the minor league salary levels.

      • Doug Gray

        I will say this now: I’d be absolutely SHOCKED if he signed for more than $6.5M

  4. MK

    Don’t think you rush Okey and take the chance of putting him in over his head, just because you are disappointed with the guys at the next level. Trees might have heard the war drums in the distance however as he hit a bomb last night over the left field seats. I know purests don’t like to hear it but there are about 3 and a half million reasons that Stephenson is going to be given every opportunity to succeed without impediment. By the way Tyler is still in a hard wrist cast.
    In addition the lack of dominance of Clemson alum catcher Garrett
    Bowl ware might be a reason to take it a traditional pace with Okey

    • Doug Gray

      Boulware was a 16th round pick. The comparison to Okey is pretty much non-existent. He didn’t perform nearly as well in college and scouts thought there was an enormous difference between the two in talent on top of that.

      • MK

        Only real difference in their hitting stats at Clemson is Okey has much more power. For their careers there was .006 difference in batting average. I also had a discussion with Garrett’s family who told me the defensive coaching instruction at Clemson was not great. I do not know if that is different elsewhere among NCAA teams. So again starting at Billings is most likely the best course for him.

    • DaveCT

      Someone also pointed out the benefit of having a guy who can handle big time stuff and velocity. Okey, with Santillian, Kahaloa, and this year’s draftees headed to Billings. Doesn’t hurt. No knock on Turnbull but he may not be ready for it yet. Okey will likely blow by all of the backstops until he runs into Hudson. Nice pick.

      • The Duke

        Turnbull caught Santillan and Kahaloa last year in the AZL

  5. Logan Boyle

    Not really draft related, but I would guess that the White Sox interest in Jay Bruce went from moderate to red hot with the Austin Jackson injury. Not sure I see a match in their farm, but it’s possible.

    At the very least, a market for Bruce appears to be shaping up, with the Rangers, Giants, White Sox, Indians, and Royals all needing OF help.

    • JB

      Hopefully he can bring back a left handed right field slugger because that’s what the Reds need in 2018. Kind of ironic.

    • The Duke

      The White Sox aren’t a great match unless they want to give up Carson Fulmer (who is struggling with control so far this year).

  6. Mike

    Call for support . Guys Doug does a great job , alotta hard work for not alotta pay. I just sent him a respectable donation, lets chip in in a little if we can maybe take a little stress off the big guy