The Cincinnati Reds made quite a few roster moves this afternoon in their farm system. Among those moves was placing three minor leaguers on the 60-day disabled list. While I’m unsure about the exact way that the minor league disabled lists work in this aspect, I assume that a player on the 60-day disabled list in the minor leagues is simply used for accounting of a roster spot within the organization much like it is on the 40-man roster at the big league level.

Perhaps the biggest move of the day was seeing the team outright reliever JJ Hoover to Louisville. He was placed on and cleared waivers today. The Reds did not make a move to immediately fill the spot on the 40-man roster.

Today’s transactions also included the transferring of right handed pitchers Nick Howard and Jake Paulson to the 60-day disabled list as well as infielder Jermaine Curtis. John Lamb was also sent to the 7-day disabled list for Louisville with an elbow strain.

Nick Howard has been on the disabled list since late June, last appearing in a game on June 20th for the Daytona Tortugas. The right hander went on the disabled list with inflammation in his pitching shoulder. He had been struggling with his control for the second straight season before hitting the disabled list.

Jake Paulson, also spending his season with the Tortugas, had struggles staying healthy. He made three different trips to the disabled list this season. The big right hander last appeared for Daytona on July 14th when he threw 2.1 innings against St. Lucie. The only time of the three that he was placed on the disabled list that a reasoning was given was on May 1st when he was listed as having shoulder inflammation.

Jermaine Curtis had been having a strong season for the Louisville Bats. The infielder was hitting .291/.404/.435 and was the lone All-Star for the Bats this season. On July 31st he singled in his first trip to the plate but pulled his hamstring as he began to round first base. He limped off of the field on his own, but apparently the injury is bad enough that it would appear he’s done for the season with the 60-day disabled list designation. Curtis was having the best season of his career, setting a career high with nine home runs (previous high was five, which he had done twice) and an OPS of .839, which is the second best he’s ever had (.848 in the Texas League – which is hitter friendly).

The signing of TJ Friedl is now official. It was approved by the commissioners office and as first reported by Baseball America, was for $735,000. That was the most that the team could spend without going over their allowed money spent in 2016 on draft eligible players (even though he went undrafted, signing him counts towards that pool) and retaining their 2017 1st round pick. His bonus is the most ever handed out to a non-drafted American born amateur free agent.

The team also singed two more international free agent. Outfielders Victor Gonzalez and William Nava were both signed to 2017 contracts by the organization.

13 Responses

  1. JBonireland

    JJ Hoover …………interesting, opens up a spot on the 40 man roster. Wonder if there will be a corresponding move adding someone>

  2. Greenfield Red

    As someone else mentioned, there will have to be another 6 to 8 guys that have to be taken off the 40 man roster in order to protect 6 or 8 guys from the Rule 5 draft this winter.

    If you look at the 40 man, it’s not hard to find that many guys who just aren’t part of the future of the Reds… in my opinion.

    • McLean

      Greenfield: I agree. You can drop many off the 40-man in my opinion and cover all the kids that we need. Unfortunately, I was going to suggest we package Hoover, Lamb and a kid from A-ball for Puig. Guess the Dodgers aren’t interested in Hoover…

      • Greenfield Red

        I still have hope for Lamb. I think he will be a nice change of pace from all the power arms, much like Arroyo, once he figures it all out.

  3. McLean

    Doug: Amir is already out of the game at Louisville. Walked four batters. Hit one. And gave up a hit. Three runs in less than an inning pitched. Arm?

    I just counted the 40-man roster. I can find 12 right now that I think the Reds can drop…Should be easy to find space for those needing protected…

    • McLean

      By the way, I suggested trading Hoover last winter…too bad the Reds didn’t…

  4. Brad

    I hope Jermaine Curtis can get healthy and gets a shot at a bench spot with the Reds. He has had a heck of a season.

    • Ukwazoo

      Agree. He earned another shot. Oh well. Maybe next year.

  5. Dale

    I feel for JJ Hoover. I was hoping he would snap back and have a great 2016. Can’t ask for a nicer player.

  6. Steve

    Who did Chad Rogers get traded to? Did we get a player back in return?

    • Doug Gray

      The Braves. No word on what the return was.

      Theory, and it’s just that: JJ Hoover was removed from the 40-man and the Reds claimed someone from the Braves. Rogers was a part of that deal, but it’s technically not official yet.

      Other theory: He was sold to the Braves for a smallish amount of money to help them fill out something at Triple-A.

      • Steve

        Thanks Doug. Took a look at the Gwinnett Braves roster and they list only 11 pitchers, so he might be heading there to fill out their pitching staff.

      • GregD

        Thanks for info on Rogers. I saw Rogers thank the Reds and fans yesterday on twitter. Checked a couple of transaction sites and didn’t see anything. Looking again online today, and the only thing I see is that his profile page has a transaction note for Thursday “RHP Chad Rogers roster status changed by Louisville Bats.” His status is now listed as “traded”.