The Cincinnati Reds have optioned left handed pitcher Cody Reed to Louisville. The top prospect has had big time struggles transitioning to the Major League level. After last night his ERA in the big leagues stands at 7.36 through 10 starts and 47.2 innings pitched.

He’s been absolutely killed by the home run as he’s allowed 12 of them on the season. He’s got the highest home run per fly ball rate in the Major Leagues, at 28%. His batting average on balls in play has also been very high, sitting at .362 on the season, which ranks 12th highest in baseball (of 303 players with at least 40 innings).

As long as the Reds bring Cody Reed back to the Major Leagues within 19 days then they won’t burn an option by sending him down, which would leave them with three usable option years moving forward. That amount of time should get Reed three or four starts with the Bats before the team would need to call him back up.

Command within the strikezone is going to be key for Reed. He’s missed in the strikezone often in his time in the big leagues, particularly up in the zone with his fastball. Throwing more strikes in general could also be an emphasis as his walk rate was a bit high in his time with the Reds.

The team will replace Reed on the roster, at least for the time being, with outfielder Kyle Waldrop. The Reds called him up in the middle of July, after hitting .356/.408/.533 in the first two weeks for Louisville. He then got four at-bats in two weeks with the Reds, before going back to Triple-A. Since his return he’s struggled, hitting .191/.219/.235 with the Bats in 18 games.

Who steps in to fill the rotation spot for Reed the next time it opens up is unknown. Alfredo Simon is on the same schedule and has been rehabbing with the Bats, but isn’t stretched out at this point. Tim Adleman has pitched well in Louisville of late, allowing just two runs in his last four starts combined. Robert Stephenson has also pitched better of late, walking just four batters in his last three starts (though he did walk six in the start prior to that). The team would have to alter the usage between starts for each of those guys to have them step in though. Daniel Wright followed Alfredo Simon in the game for Louisville yesterday, so he may be another option to step in for the short-term. Perhaps they just let Keyvius Sampson step into the spot for the short-term.


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  1. TOPS

    Probably a good move. However, I also like the idea of him learning in the big leagues in a lost season. Mixed feelings about it.

  2. Daytonian

    It had to be done.

    OK. Don’t burn an option year. Be careful. But when he comes back, put him in the pen. The starter experiment or trial for this year is over.

    Lamb, Stephenson, Sampson. Choose one.

    • Michael Smith

      When did he become a starter experiment? Wasn’t he drafted by KC as a starter?

      • Daytonian

        As newbie in the major leagues who arrives with a major-league arsenal and inadequate control…. I’d call it a very unsuccessful experiment. I’m a big Cody Reed fan. But this was not his time.

    • Hoosierbadger

      That’s crazy to relegate him to the bullpen based on a rough start in MLB. Reed will get his confidence back in AAA and return to the rotation for the Reds. I think this was a good move.

    • Fish

      That is ridiculous. He has to build up innings because his future (hopefully) is as a starter.

  3. Hoyce

    What happens if reed gets hurt in the next 19 days? And they can’t recall him. That option is obviously burned??

    • Gaffer

      What is the concern with options. If he needs to be optioned 3 years, then he probably stinks.

      • Gaffer

        If we do not recal him this year, and wait until June next year we get 1 year longer until FA!

      • Doug Gray

        Some guys bloom late. I’d rather have the options than not. I do understand your point though.

  4. Norwood Nate

    I’m glad they did this. I still think it’s a couple of starts too late, but it’s better now than after getting knocked around a few more times. I think Sampson should just go ahead and take the start. It would finally allow the Reds to have a full bench.

    • Hoosierbadger

      Good points, Nate. I hope it is Sampson, and not Simon, taking the spot in the rotation.

    • Alex Reds

      They couldn’t put him down much earlier (maybe 4 days without the risk of wasting an option

  5. MK

    A September 1 expanded roster call-up is no big deal and falls with-in the 19 days, even if you call him up and send him home. He obviously was not ready and destroying his confidence by continuing not in his best interest.. A trip to AFL might be more beneficial.

  6. Charlie

    Sampson stepped up and pitched well last night, and while I’m not a big believer in his viability as a major leaguer long term, throw him a bone and give him a couple of tries. He really can’t pitch much worse than Reed did. Sampson, Adleman and Simon have to all be considerations for September since several guys are supposedly approaching their limit on innings.

  7. Clammy

    Hoping for Sampson as well. The only reason to use Simon is hope for three good outings and see if anyone bite on a trade. At this point that seems unlikely.

  8. B-town Fan

    Doug, Price mentioned yesterday and on other occasions that Reed needs to get back to pitching on a downward plain. Is there something in his mechanics from AAA and spring training, to now, that is different that would cause this.

    • Doug Gray

      No. It’s hard to throw on a downward plane at a low 3/4 arm angle, which is where Reed has always been.

      • Jer-B

        Watching him pitch a couple times in Louisville, his fast seemed a little too straight, didn’t seem to have much movement or run at all. Not sure if that’s the problem, but it was definitely noticeable to me.

      • Doug Gray

        I think a part of that is due to the arm angle in which he throws. Low 3/4, which means the ball is running across the plate as it, so it’s going to make it tougher to pick up on the horizontal plane movement if it is there. We can look at the Trackman data and see that there is some movement. It’s not great, but it’s certainly not straight, either.

        His biggest issue has simply been his inability to locate. When he’s been in the zone, mostly it’s been up and with the fastball. Can’t do that.

  9. Philer Up

    When you’re a lefty you need movement on your balls and if not such is the case with Reed. He will figure it out.