The Dominican Winter League held their annual player draft last night and the Cincinnati Reds had eight players selected.

Players selected rarely play in the same year in which they were drafted, though it does happen at times. Essentially though, the draft is for future services for the winter league team as the player gets closer to the big leagues and is ready to step into that level of play.

There were 149 players in total that were draft eligible this year for the six teams in the league to choose from. To be eligible for the draft a player must be Dominican and having reached full season minor league baseball for the first time.

The Cincinnati Reds had their first player taken in the 9th round and their final player selected in the 22nd round. Here’s the full list of players taken from the Reds organization, who selected them and what round that they were taken in.

Team Round Player Pos
Tigres del Licey 9 Sandy Lugo P
Escogido 11 Ariel Hernández P
Gigantes del Cibao 15 Jesús Reyes P
Escogido 15 José López P
Aguilas Cibaenas 18 Jacob Constante P
Gigantes del Cibao 20 Wendolyn Bautista P
Estrellas Orientales 20 Manuel Aybar P
Aguilas Cibaenas 22 Juan Martínez P

One thing that really stands out on the list is that all eight players are pitchers, and mostly they are relievers. Aguilas Cibaenas, Escogido and Gigantes del Cibao all took two Reds pitchers each, while it was just one play each for Estrellas Orientales and Tigres del Licey. Toros del Este lost out and didn’t select any of the Cincinnati Reds players.

Here are the stats from 2016 for each of the players:

Player Level IP ERA BB K
Sandy Lugo A 55.0 2.45 13 77
Ariel Hernandez A/A+ 62.0 2.18 39 74
Jesus Reyes A 93.2 2.40 37 68
Jose Lopez A/A+ 148.0 4.07 42 147
Jacob Constante A 108.0 4.50 51 68
Wendolyn Bautista A/A+ 79.0 2.51 24 44
Manuel Aybar A 58.0 4.19 43 75
Juan Martinez A/A+ 63.1 3.27 24 46


5 Responses

  1. Kell

    The one thing that stands out to me about this and the talk of where different position players and pitchers stack up is that it shows the Reds have a lot of depth at a lot of places.Strong up the middle 5-6 2B,3-4 SS,3-4 Cs,and at least 3-4 CFs if not more who could play there.Throw in big improvements at 3rd and hopefully more added at the corner OF spots, along with Winker and Aquino. SPs at most levels and interesting bullpen guys that doesn’t include SPs that get kicked back to the pen. Should allow for solid staff and good bench for min. dollars. They just need a couple of these guys to be the flash at the very top. Maybe i am forgetting but since maybe the mid 80s Denver team led by Larkin,E.Davis and Kal Daniels have the Reds had so much depth? Whether intended or not team could do worse than try a bunch and figure at least one at each position will make it.

  2. MK

    I know Lopez has some Dominican Heritage but pretty sure he was born in New Jersey. Must have dual citizenship.

    • Doug Gray

      Let’s leave politics aside, MK.

      But yeah, I think he may have dual citizenship. He was born here but spent, I think, the first 9 years of his life in the DR before coming back.

  3. Gaffer

    Reds placed Reed on DL after being brought back up and Never Pitching!

    • Norwood Nate

      I get why it’s nice for Reed, he gets MLB pay and perks, hang around the big leaguers and coaches, etc. What I don’t get is how it benefits the Red when it burns service time unnecessarily.

      Not a big deal, just don’t understand it.