Two different places had a bit of a farm system review that they released today. First, Marc Hulet at Fangraphs had a very abbreviated review of the system, with a fantasy baseball slant. It’s not so much a review as it is a bit of a look at a graduate, a riser, a tumbler, a draft pick and a lottery ticket. Hulet talked about Jose Peraza, Tyler Mahle, Eric Jagielo, Nick Senzel and Taylor Trammell in the piece. I’d be lying if I said it’s the best article ever, as it ignores that Jose Peraza could play shortstop, and some of the scouting information on one player in particular doesn’t really match up well with what I’ve had on him for this season, but it’s December 19th and there’s not a ton of baseball to be talked about right now. So go read it.

Tom Nichols, the Dayton Dragons radio and tv broadcaster has up his 2016 Dayton Dragons year in review. He looks back at various things, both on and off the field. My favorite thing from the article comes from the “Craziest Play of the Year” category:

The home game on August 11 will be remembered for one of the craziest double plays ever seen in a professional baseball game, earning ESPN SportsCenter’s Play of the Day. In the top of the fourth inning, South Bend’s P.J. Higgins hit a line drive that struck Dragons pitcher Alex Webb, changed directions and deflected off base umpire Isaias Barba, redirected toward the second base bag, was fielded on the bounce by Dragons shortstop Luis Gonzalez, who stepped on second and threw to first to complete the double play.

Amir Garrett is motivated to break camp with the Reds

Mark Sheldon has an article up on about Amir Garrett. The left hander feels he’s ready for the big leagues:

Garrett believes the half-season at Triple-A was enough preparation.

“I feel like that’s all I needed,” Garrett said. “I don’t feel like I need more than that but it’s up to them what they want to do. I was able to hold my own and compete at a high level there. I’m ready to take the next step.”

From the outside looking in, I’d be downright shocked if Garrett broke camp with the Reds, even if he beats the door down in the spring. The team didn’t call him up last September, despite having already used two option years. They stated it was because of his innings limit, but no one really buys that if they’ve been paying attention. He threw 4.1 more innings in 2016 than he did in 2015, 144.2. He wasn’t called up because they didn’t want to start his service clock, plain and simple. That’s the same reason he, and Jesse Winker, almost without being the only option who also blows away the competition in March, will be starting the year in Triple-A with the Louisville Bats. For the Reds it makes tons of sense. If you keep them down for 10 days, you literally get an entire extra year of service time of that player (much like the Cubs did with Kris Bryant two years ago). It sucks for the player that the system is set up that way, but until that’s changed (and since it wasn’t in the new CBA that just came out, it’s going to be a while), that’s how teams are going to continue to do things.


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  1. Gaffer

    I actually don’t like that comment by Garrett. He was not that great at AAA and he has not been pitching full time for that long. He clearly is a year away, unless he wants to perform similarly to Reed last year. I am sure he gets a call up but actually would not be at all shocked if he keeps his rookie status by the end of the year.

    • Philer Up

      Read what Price says , never mind what Garrett says. What do expect for him to say when there is a position available? He is competitive and the most athletic of the pitchers , which makes a big difference , because most pitcher aren’t athletic. We need the best on the mound every game.

      • Doug Gray

        If a player came out and said “Nah, I don’t think I’m ready” after they have actually had success in the upper minor leagues (I get it if a guy in A-ball says they could use some work), then I think that comment would sit more weird with me than a guy coming out and showing confidence that they believe they are ready. If Amir isn’t going into camp thinking he can come away with the job, he’s doing something wrong. But, just like the rest of the guys, he’s got the confidence that he’s good enough to perform.

        With that said, and as I said in the article, I don’t think he’s got much of a chance to break with the Reds, simply because they will play the service time game. Unless no one else performs in the slightest, and he blows everyone away all spring, I just can’t see them going with him to begin the year. Good for the Reds, but sits weird with me because it’s kind of screwing the players. Still, go out and perform in the spring and show what you’ve got. A spot is going to open up at some point and when it does, you want to have your name on the mind of the manager because of what he saw in March.

      • Gaffer

        It sounded less like confidence and more like AAA was not worth his time, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

    • Philer Up

      Doug you are absolutely right , I don’t think there is a chance of him coming out after spring unless he does something extra ordinary and the Reds have no choice but to bring him up and take a risk looking for a reward. Love the confidence and expecting that confidence from all the pitchers.

  2. MK

    They do not needs a tenth starter for ten days unless the is a weather issue then it could be 15 or more.. So they could leave him down for ten days, let someone else make that tenth day start and bring him in if he has a great spring, missing only one start.

  3. Steve

    Actually would prefer that Garrett, Reed and Stephenson all start in Louisville. Things will shake up in the first few months with injuries, performance issues and possible trades by the deadline. Those 3 along with Davis and Stephens, Travieso or Romano should make up one of the best starting staffs in the IL. Prefer that Stephens takes the 5th starter in Louisville with Travieso, Romano, Mahle, Antone and Mella the starting 5 in Pensacola. Pitching staffs at both Louisville and Pensacola should be at or near the top of their respective leagues.

    • DaveCT

      Thinking you’d have a hard time promoting Stephens to AAA over Romano. As a starter, anyway.

  4. Matthew O'Neal

    According to baseball reference, BobSteve only got himself 36 days worth of service time, so I could easily see the Reds using his command issues from last year as a reason for to be down in the minors for at least 50ish days of the season (his 36 days + 2 weeks). Or, I’m sure that the highway from Louisville to Cincy will get warn out by revolving young pitchers, so we may see him not get his needed number of days to pass the 1 year mark of time anyway!

  5. Arnold Ziffle

    The Reds schedule for April 2017 doesn’t lay out well with off days. They have Opening Day, then an off day and then 12 straight games until April 17th. The Reds could have Garrett a AAA for the first 10-12 games. Then call him up. The Reds have a 10 game home stand that starts on April 13 through April 23. April 13 is the 10th game of the season, so Garrett could be called up after the 14th or later. The Reds have 4 games with the Brewers, 3 with BALT and 3 with CHC. Garrett could pitch the Sunday game (April 16) vs. the Brewers and again 5 games later in this homestand. That way Garrett’s first 2 starts are at home.
    All you would have to decide is which 2 teams you want Garrett to face, the Brewers and Orioles, the Brewers and Cubs, or the Orioles and Cubs. Once that is decided, you can then select the date for the callup that is after game #10.
    I would definitely wait until after game #10 to call up Garrett and Winker. But I would not worry about the Super-2 status later with these 2. Both need to be up much before June 1 or so.

    • Colt Holt

      I would tend to challenge ignoring super 2. The only reason to worry about delaying the call up is if the players help accomplish your current season goals with the big club. Since this club won’t compete, they aren’t necessary to 2017, and should be much more valuable to the future teams with avoiding super 2. Neither has so much experience in the minors that they MUST be up. You also have to think about the rest of the roster.

      If Garrett is down for the first 10 games, who is the fifth starter for game 5 or 6 (with off day)? In this logic, someone takes that start and then goes straight back down. Let someone (Reed, Stephenson, vet MiLB deal) win the spot outright and then plan to bring the rest in at first injury, trade, or release/relegation to pen.