Spring training is barely here and the Cincinnati Reds have already gotten bad news on two pitchers on the 40-man roster. Homer Bailey had to have his elbow scoped to remove bone spurs, setting him back 4-6 weeks at the very least. Today we learned from Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer Zach Buchanan that Nick Travieso is recovering from a shoulder injury.

I didn’t go to medical school, and the odds are, you didn’t either. However, even if you did, this may not be your field of expertise. Here’s what the internet tells me about scapular dyskinesis:

Abnormal movement of the shoulder blade (scapula) is known as scapula dyskinesis. This occurs in a variety of shoulder problems. It is an important sign of an underlying shoulder disorder and a guide to shoulder rehabilitation.

There are apparently three different types of scapular dyskinesis. Here’s what shoulderdoc.com says about them:

Type 1 – Infero-medial scapula border prominence

This becomes more evident in the cocking position of overhead sports.  It is often associated with tightness at the anterior side of the shoulder (in flexibility of the pectoralis major/ minor muscles) and weakness of the lower trapezius and serratus anterior muscles.  Posterior tipping of the scapula is responsible for functional narrowing of the subacromial space during the overhead motion, leading to pain in the abduction/externally rotated position.  This is often noticed in the early stages of shoulder disorders.

Type 2 – Medial border prominence

This pattern is winging of the entire medial border of the scapula at rest.  It becomes more prominent in the cocking position and after repetitive elevation of the upper extremity.  It is caused by fatigue of the scapula stabilising muscles (trapezius and rhomboids).

Type 3 – supero-medial border prominence

This type of dyskinesis is displayed as a prominence of the superior medial border of the scapula and often associated with impingement and rotator cuff injury.

There’s still a lot here that honestly goes over my head as a non-doctor. Here’s something that Zach Buchanan also tweeted out earlier:

How far behind everyone else that puts him, I’m not entirely sure. We will probably find out more information as spring training moves forward.

In the facebook chat session with Zach Buchanan and C. Trent Rosecrans I asked about it and they expanded on it a little bit. Both noted that Nick Travieso says it’s behind him at this point and the rehab work went well. That he feels better and stronger at this point. Hopefully this was just a small hiccup. We’ve seen shoulder issues that popped up in the past for guys where rehab worked just fine (Travis Wood and Homer Bailey both jump out as guys where shoulder rehab worked great for them). At the same time, we’ve seen other examples where rehab didn’t quite go as well. Time will tell, but at least from what we are hearing now, this seems to be a minor issue along the road.

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26 Responses

  1. Steve

    Thanks for the news Doug. If Travieso isn’t able to start the season healthy, looks like Bonilla, the recent acquisition can fill in as a starter or Astin, a swing pitcher to complete the starting rotation in Louisville. Hope the rehab continues to go well and that we see a healthy Travieso sometime early in the new season.

  2. Steve

    Doug, as ST is set to begin, are you surprised that 3 players that were once pretty high prospects with the Reds, are not signed with any ballclub? I’m talking about Lutz, YRod and Duran. Also, whatever happened to Ryan Wright? Please reply with any info on these players and anyone else that is in some unusual circumstances at the moment. Thanks

    • Doug Gray

      Wright retired, I believe.

      I’m more surprised that Rodriguez isn’t signed than anyone else. Lutz is in his late 20’s at this point (28), so it’s not completely unsurprising that he’s still out there. He did hit quite well in the Australian League during the offseason – but he was significantly older than most players.

      • Steve

        Thanks Doug. Thought Wright was still moving up in the organization. I guess the Reds have no interest in signing YRod back on a minor league contract.
        I think there will be some tough decisions on the starting 5 in Daytona and Dayton. Who do you see coming out the winners? Of course, assuming everyone is healthy. I’m thinking Crawford, Lopez, Strahan, Armstrong and Bautista at Daytona and Santillan, Kahaloa, Orewiler, Moss and Wotell at Dayton. Will Strahan and Armstrong be ready to go at the start of 2017? Thanks

      • The Duke

        Dayton: Tony Santillan, Scott Moss, Ian Kahaloa, Ty Boyles, Andrew Jordan

        Daytona: Vlad Gutierrez, Tanner Rainey, Tejay Anyone, Seth Varner, Jose Lopez

        Pensacola: Tyler Mahle, Luis Castillo, Nick Travieso (Ismael Guillon if Nick isn’t ready to start the season), Keury Mella, Wendolyn Bautista

        Louisville: Amir Garrett, Sal Romano, Rookie Davis, Jackson Stephens, Lisalverto Bonilla

        Cincinnati: Anthony Desclafani, Brandon Finnegan, Scott Feldman, Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed

      • MK

        Boyles has been in Dayton for parts of two seasons already and Varner has already been in Pensacola.

      • The Duke

        Boyles had a 4.81 ERA last year with a 1.48 WHIP. He’s only 21 as well. Sal Romano was in Dayton for two full years and 269 IP, Boyles has 137.1 IP in Dayton. I think he ends up back there.

        Varner is a soft tossing lefty who relies on control and deception. He’s 25 years old, and is most likely org filler. I could see him in AA if the need arises and they don’t want to rush a younger more promising arm, but I think he fills out the rotation in Daytona and eats some innings.

      • The Duke

        And Varner hasn’t pitched in Pensacola. He has 4 IP in Louisville (with a 24.75 ERA and a 5.00 WHIP), but he has never pitched in Pensacola.

      • Norwood Nate

        Duke, flip Bautista and Antone and I think it’s about right. Antone was among the leaders in innings pitched and did well in Daytona last season. Bautista didn’t pitch a full year.

        I also believe Rainey’s move to the bullpen was a permanent move, so I’d guess either Boyles, Orewiler, or another returnee from injury (Strahan, Crawford) takes the other spot.

      • Steve

        My prediction for Daytona was on the assumption that both Strahan and Armstrong would be ready for the start of the season. At the end of last season, Rainey, Boyles and Constante all starters previously, were moved to the bullpen. Not sure if the moves were permanent, but was just assuming they were. I think Gutierrez will impress in camp and take a spot in Pensacola with Mahle, Mella, Castillo and Antone. Varner swing pitcher in Pensacola. I have Garrett, Davis, Romano, Stephens and Travieso(if he is not on the DL)Bonilla if he is, in Louisville. Great competition for the starting spots.

    • IndyRedsFan

      I wonder if YRod just decided to retire….or perhaps just take a year off. That would explain the surprise of the Reds removing him from the 40 man, and the fact that no one else has signed him to a minor league deal.

  3. Simon Cowell

    How do injuries calculate into your rankings? Do you consider them or ignore them alltogether?
    I’m guessing Travs stock dropped somewhat though on this.

    • Doug Gray

      Real injuries cause a drop. This hasn’t, yet. We will have to see how it plays out some.

  4. Hunt4redsoct

    Do you think that too many bridges have been burnt to bring back Matt Latos on a minor-league deal. He’s only 29 and while he’s been bad lately if they could figure him out he’d be a good flip at the deadline

    • DHud

      If I were the Reds I wouldn’t even answer a call from his agent

    • The Duke

      It’s time to start giving the young guys a shot. Feldman was the signing for veteran depth.

      • Reaganspad

        I agree, but you have my interest as to what the long answer would be

    • Doug Gray

      Mat Latos and Matt Eisner have the same chance of being employed by the Cincinnati Reds before Spring Training is over. It’s not a zero percent chance, but it’s about as close to it can be to zero.

  5. Krozley

    Reds claim Nefi Ogando off waivers from the Pirates. Not sure he’s better than who we currently have on the 40 man.

  6. RFM

    Obvious question that doesn’t seem to have been asked… was a shoulder injury nagging Travieso in 2016, or is this just something new to the offseason?

    Your review of Travieso’s 2016 season said his velocity was down, and talks about a series of minor injuries, but doesn’t really clarify what those were.

    I understand that you’re not a doctor, but I’m very curious how this all fits together.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t believe the shoulder was bothering him in 2016. He said he noticed it when he started throwing again in January.

  7. Michael B. Green

    Is Travieso a candidate for the 60-day DL? Seems like that allows CIN to add someone to their 40MR and ease Travieso back into the mix.

    • Bill

      Doubtful … first, as Doug states above, he’s behind in his throwing, but not injured at this point. So its a little early to believe that he won’t be ready to pitch when the minor league seasons start. Second, if he goes on the 60-day DL he will begin to accrue ML service time when the season starts.

    • Doug Gray

      I guess technically they could, but they won’t because it’ll cost them $200,000 in big league salary. That roster spot isn’t worth that amount of money for two months.