To make room for Bronson Arroyo on the Cincinnati Reds 25-man roster the team has optioned right hander Barrett Astin to Triple-A Louisville. Astin only appeared in one game, but he got the job done. He worked around an inherited jam to get out of the inning unscathed.

The move of Astin to the minors was a bit of a surprise. The Reds had said that the plan was to have Cody Reed start soon. They have also said that it’s not going to come next week as they had originally planned. After walking four batters in 2.0 innings the other day in his 2017 debut, and not needing him to start, I would have figured he’d be heading back to Louisville. Instead, it’s Astin that makes that move where I’d expect him to join the bullpen.

Tyler Goeddel was claimed off of waivers earlier this week. The Reds then put him on waivers themselves, and he cleared them. He’s been outrighted to Louisville. Smooth move by the organization to pick up Goeddel. Adding him to the system and being able to keep him for essentially nothing was very smart. That should leave him with two options remaining moving forward. With Astin and Arroyo swapping spots, but Goeddel being added, someone would need to be removed from the Bats roster to stay at 25 players. That move has not been announced yet.

Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer has reported that Nick Travieso has begun his throwing rehab in Arizona.

Nick Travieso has been dealing with some shoulder issues since the offseason when he began his throwing program and had to shut things down. It was originally thought he would just be a few weeks behind the other pitchers. The team moved him to the 60-day disabled list to start the season. Some of that was related to needing to create a 40-man spot, but Travieso has turned out to be a bit more than 2-3 weeks behind the other pitchers, too.


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  1. Hunt4redsoct

    Arroyo, nice story, but time to retire. Rather see Stephenson or Reed. Service time is running, they should be pitching.

  2. Jim Delaney

    Watching Arroyo throw batting practice to the Cards makes no sense to me. The Reds organization cries poor and states they can’t keep legit major leaguers but then they spend money on a marginal pitcher in FELDMAN and bring back Arroyo who should have retired in 2015. Seen enough of his 84 mile an hour heater….

  3. Steve

    How long will the Arroyo experiment last? Until Mes is ready? Or Disco or Bailey? C’mon Stephenson, gotta show you deserve to get some starts

    • Champ Summers

      walking the first two guys you face is not a great start.

      • Steve

        But, got out of the inning without giving up a run after second and third, no out.

      • Doug Gray

        To be fair – ball four on Molina was actually strike three according to Gameday…. but, you know, umpires aren’t perfect, so it turned an out into a non-out.

  4. Steve

    Hope Astin gets a chance to start over Adleman. Can always revert to being a reliever later if the Reds need him.

    • Doug Gray

      Astin prefers to relieve. The long term plan is for him to relieve. At this point it just makes more sense to let him try and thrive in that role.

      • KyWilson1

        I see absolutely no benefit of having Stephenson and Reed in the bullpen if you aren’t going to use them regularly.

      • Doug Gray

        That’s a good point. Stephenson had thrown 1 inning between March 26th (last spring appearance was the 25th) and today. It came in Louisville on March 31st. That’s a really long time of essentially no real work. Got to do better than 5 walks (the intentional one…. that’s not on him), and the umpire did him absolutely no favors at all, but yeah, he was still all over the place. The fastball was high and armside almost every time.

      • Steve

        Well, if he prefers to relieve then I guess that rules being a starter out.

      • Wes

        Let’s just see how it plays out. I’m excited to see that the reds actually have a plan. They obviously don’t care about service time and want to bring em along slowly for whatever reason but Atleast they are trying something new. I’m like it!

  5. Steve

    Watching Stephenson live and he misses consistently to the same area, inside-high to righties, outside-high to lefties with his fastball. I noticed that his right foot is more towards the third base side of the mound. Right foot placement more towards the first base side of the mound might get him more pitches in the strikezone, especially with the fastball. Another outing with inconsistency of control.

  6. MK

    It might be time to use the proverbial two by four between the eyes on Robert Stephenson. The Rangers got through to Edinson Volquez by sending him back to A-ball. Maybe it is time to send Robert back to Daytona and see what happens. Do not have much to lose at this point.

    • Doug Gray

      How’s that going to help him repeat his mechanics?

      • The Rage

        Besides, his mechanics were fine. A different ump, he may be still in the game.

      • Doug Gray

        Mechanics weren’t exactly fine. Release point wasn’t exactly consistent. I do agree though, the ump did ZERO favors at all.

      • MK

        Might be the motivation that makes him put the work in necessary to accomplish it.

        Seems nothing else is getting it done.

      • Doug Gray

        Pitching one inning in two weeks probably didn’t help much, either.

    • The Rage

      Be careful about Stephenson(and Reed for that matter). Both had not pitched for awhile and looked rusty. Neither have much bullpen experience which leads toward tightness.

  7. Steve

    Gutierrez not doing so well so far. 3 hits and a BB in first 5 batters. Down 2-0.

  8. cinvenfan

    I completely agree on the umpire today. It’s a trend when playing the Cards. They call it “framing”, I call it BS.

    It’s a shame that RS cannot command his fastball. Today he was consistently 95-96 and has a nasty breaking pitch. But I still put him in before Bronson. If you are going to lose the game at least give the youngsters the nod. Arroyo didn’t eat the innings he was supposed to anyway.

  9. MK

    Sent a note to Bats to ask about lack of milb-tv and said they would have no home games until second homestand.

  10. Hingle mccrinleberry

    Another poor office decision by the reds. Arroyo shouldn’t even be on this team because he didn’t earn it. Reds gave a big ole middle finger to Sal Romano. Who actually earned it. This stupid idea of needed veteran is stupid. We’ve seen this before.

  11. Arnold Ziffle

    I’ve been saying for over a year now to trade Robert Stephenson before his trade value plummets. That sound we heard coming out of STL on Saturday was his stock hitting rock bottom in a crash. KaBOOOOM!!!
    I hate to tell you I told you so. But…..I told you so.
    I wonder if the Twins would take him for C Stuart Turner??

    • Doug Gray

      And I’ve been telling you for a long time that deciding the fate is sealed on guys that are 24 is insane. Much less when they’ve pitched one game as a 24-year-old.

      Was it a good game? No. But man, you’re getting so far ahead of yourself that it’s not funny.