Sal Romano, one of the Cincinnati Reds top pitching prospects, went down with a shoulder injury in his last start on April 26th. It was diagnosed as shoulder inflammation and he’s been on the disabled list for the last two weeks. It appears he’s ready to start throwing again, according to his twitter account.

It’s good to see that things appear to be going in the right direction for Romano. He was pitching well for the Bats, and seemed like he was on the verge of coming back and joining the Cincinnati Reds before the shoulder injury.

Sal Romano posted a 1.23 ERA in 22.0 innings for the Bats. He had some struggles in his big league debut as he struggled with his control, walking four batters in 3.0 innings. Control has never been an issue for Romano, so it’s very likely he was pitching through the nerves and adrenaline of his Major League debut.

The Bats rotation has gotten quite a bit stronger over the last few days. Cody Reed was demoted from the Reds bullpen and will join the Louisville rotation on Monday. Amir Garrett, while it’s only expected to be for a short period of time to limit his innings as reported by Zach Buchanan by the Cincinnati Enquirer, will also likely make at least one appearance in the Bats rotation within the next week. For the past few weeks they’ve been getting by with spot-starters and bullpen days mixed around two regular starting pitchers.

9 Responses

  1. The Rage

    He also doesn’t miss bats at a high enough level in AAA. He just wasn’t ready yet.

    • Doug Gray

      The strikeouts are going to be there.

      • HoosierBadger

        Doug is too humble to crow (humility is an underrated virtue in the internet age), but Doug is deserving of praise for his rating of Sal Romano, which was beyond the assessment of most of the pundits. Many said the Romano would eventually be a RP at the MLB level, but it is looking like Romano could be a solid rotation piece. It may be too early to tell for sure, but it appears to me Doug was spot-on.

  2. Champ Summers

    The only thing that seems very likely is that Romano will have some sort of ML career. He seems to be making strides that would exceed some outside expectations but in reality who knows.

    This is one of the guys Doug has loved. Me, not so much but for the love of the organization I hope he’s spot on

  3. MK

    Think I heard on TV that Amir would be taking a regular turn while making one-inning starts at Louisville.

  4. The Duke

    Good to see everything is going well. I don’t know how long Arroyo’s arm is going to hold up and the Reds and Bats need all the arms they can get after all the yo-yo assignments over the first month. I think we’ll see Sal in Cincinnati again sooner rather than later.

    • HavaKlu

      When Garrett comes back Romano could be with him and it would be time to send Davis back.

  5. Steve

    Great news for Sal! With all the injuries to our pitchers throughout the organization, we should be thankful for whoever scouted guys we picked up this offseason in Wochiechowski and Ross in particular, but also Wooten and McGuire(starters) and Tapia, Broussard and Stock. They have filled in important roles and may possibly stick with the organization beyond 2017.

  6. CP

    Recently saw that Finny has begun throwing as well. Getting these guys healthy could go a long way to stabilizing the rotation and continuing to figure out what the rotation of the future will be!