The Cincinnati Reds have selected right handed pitcher Hunter Greene with the #2 overall pick in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft. The righty is just 17-years-old and out of Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

Hunter Greene Scouting Report

Fastball | While he’s topped out as high as 102 MPH, he generally sits between 93-97 MPH with the pitch. It features some armside action, especially at the 93-95 MPH range.

Curveball | This pitch has been a bit controversial recently. Jim Callis of had this in a recent article about Hunter Greene:

Some scouts rate his curveball as well below average and think he’ll have to scrap it in favor of a slider, while others grade both offerings as fringy, but with the potential to become plus.

If you’ve watched plenty of video on Hunter Greene, you can see where both sides are coming from. If nothing else, right now, his curveball is very inconsistent. Depending on when you see him, you could come away with very different opinions on his breaking ball.

To add to it, Christopher Crawford says that he believes that Hunter Greene has a potential plus breaking ball. So, we’ll have to see how it develops moving forward. There are a lot of varying opinions here.

Change Up | The pitch doesn’t get used as often as the other two pitches, but it shows promise. It’s got nice armside run and some sink to it.

Now, where Hunter Greene stands out aside from the pure grades of his pitches, is that he’s an incredible athlete. He’s a guy who would be a mid-1st round pick as a shortstop if he weren’t so projectable as a pitcher. The Cincinnati Reds absolutely love athletic pitchers and Hunter Greene is at the top of that list. Another area where Greene shines is his composure and his maturity which stands out in a big way for a 17-year-old.

Baseball America’s JJ Cooper had an interesting thing to say about Hunter Greene on Twitter just now.

Just a reminder that as the Baseball America rankings currently sit, Nick Senzel is the #6 prospect in all of baseball. He’s suggesting Hunter Greene is a better prospect than that.

To expand, JJ Cooper added this tweet a few minutes later (after I told him he was crazy for his tweet, but that I also liked crazy at times):

The number of course, is the upside/role of the player. A 60 grade player is a guy who’s an All-Star. The risk is the description, and for Senzel, it’s just medium. With a 70/Extreme is suggesting a perennial All-Star player, but the risk assessment is of course extreme. That’s not surprising given that we’re talking about a 17-year-old pitcher. But, it puts into perspective just how high the true upside is for Hunter Greene.

Reuters Jeff Wallner had this from Dick Williams just now.

The slot value of the #2 overall pick in the draft is $7,193,200. The highest bonus ever paid out in the draft since Major League Baseball put in the slotting/pool restrictions came into play went to Kris Bryant in 2013 when he signed for $6,708,400. I’d be shocked if Greene got that much, but I’m still expecting him to get between $6.2-6.5M. The signing deadline is July 15th.

Initial thoughts on Hunter Greene

While Hunter Green was not the top guy on my draft board, I’ve said many times that I’d be perfectly fine if he were the selection. Chris Buckley and his scouts have a track record that I believe stacks up with anyone in the game. They’ve earned my trust, and should have yours (and if they don’t, you need to go look at how they compare to other teams and it’ll change your mind with a quickness).

Hunter Greene represents about as much upside as you can have on the mound. He’s got elite velocity. He’s incredibly athletic. There are some who believe he’s got a potentially plus breaking ball to work with. He’s shown a change up. The off the field makeup is absolutely off the charts by every report you’ll ever find. He’s also one of the youngest players in the entire draft, and that is actually quite important to remember as well. There’s not much to dislike with this pick. He’ll likely take longer to reach the big leagues than some of the college players, but aside from that aspect, there’s no real reason to think this wasn’t an outstanding pick by the organization.

The Reds on Hunter Greene

Chris Buckley had this to say about Hunter Greene:

Hunter is an extremely athletic and very talented high school prospect who has been on the scene for many years. He is a 2-way prospect who has shown an advanced feel for pitching, significant raw power with the bat and very good fielding ability.”

General Manager Dick Williams had this to day:

We do not see prospects like this very often,” said Dick Williams, President of Baseball Operations, General Manager. “The physical talent is special, but he also exhibits great intangibles. We enjoyed getting to know Hunter and his family during this process. His parents should be very proud of the job they have done. We are excited for the opportunity to bring him into our organization.

More from Dick Williams, for those who were wondering about Hunter Greene playing shortstop.

One more from Dick Williams, this time from John Fay

This is where things get interesting and I think that I actually like this plan quite a bit. In the minor leagues pitchers don’t hit until they reach Double-A. And even then, they only hit in games when two NL teams are facing off, otherwise the designated hitter is used. With Hunter Greene being a quality hitter, one who would have been a 1st rounder, getting creative and allowing him to hit could be rather beneficial in the long run, assuming they stick with that plan. It’s very tough to pick up hitting again after years of not facing top level pitching, and while it does happen every so often, most of the time it simply doesn’t. But if you can do something like let Hunter Greene start every 5 days in the minor leagues but also DH 3-4 times a week, too, and also try to develop his bat, it could provide lots of value on top of what he can bring on the mound. The top hitting pitchers in baseball are bringing 1.0-1.5 additional WAR per season with the bat.

At the same time, this could simply be one of those things like we’ve seen with a few players around baseball in the past, where the team let’s them do a little bit of both things that first year. Then, the following year they tell the player what they will do moving forward. I guess time will tell.

For information on all of the other Cincinnati Reds 2017 Major League Baseball Draft Picks, click here.

100 Responses

  1. Kris

    I couldn’t possibly be more excited about Greene being the pick

  2. MichaelD

    I was holding my breath. I was so fearful they would go McKay! Great pick and will be fun to follow!

  3. RDriesenUD

    A+ player, A+ kid, A+ pick. He probably isn’t our top prospect now, but if you rank just on potential, he is. For me, I rank based on potential and current production, with more weight on potential. With that said, I would still have Senzel as our number one prospect. He’s just performing too well to go with his high potential.

  4. Tim

    Hopefully they don’t rush him and force him into the bullpen because he throws hard.

  5. ColbyM

    LOVE the pick and Cooper said that he has 70 potential. Only question is how much is he gonna sign for and also when do we find out what he signed for?

  6. kevin z

    once lewis went 1st was scared McKay the pick.. love took chance for the Ace well done reds

  7. Keith

    I’m excited about this pick — for the talent, for the potential, and for the character. While there is a lot of development for him in terms of secondary pitches, I’d rather them aim high with the potential for a Kershaw-level player. I think the reward justifies the risk, especially given the other players available at the time.

  8. simon cowell

    It will be interesting to see how much the top 5 players wind up signing for. I wonder just how much of the Twins choice was based on monetary, home town hero, or just poor scouting. Of course I also believe that Wright’s stock plummeted due to his last game performance. In the end that one game will cost him millions.

    Hunter Greene is a good choice but it is one of those high risk/ high yield investments. I would add that doing a high risk choice makes a lot of sense to the Reds whose 2016 draft was simply outstanding.

    • ColbyM

      Sound like Mckay will sign for more than Kris Bryant did who signed for 6.7 million according to Jim Callis

      • simon cowell

        the money always seems a bit crazy to me but hey McKay will probably be the first one playing in the major leagues so maybe he is worth it? Also the Padres GM seems to be an earth shaker and wants to make an impact so in that sense they did the right thing. Speaking of right…. er make that Wright his stock is falling let’s see where he finally lands after that disastrous final game of the season for him.

      • simon cowell

        my bad McKay went to the notoriously cheap Rays…. interesting choice for that team. I would have thought that they would have gone a cheaper route.

  9. Troy McKevitt

    I love the pick. Can’t teach 102. Seems like the makeup is there to develop. Hope we get to see him soon in Arizona.

  10. Jim t

    Great talent! Reds got a high talent athlete. I love this pick.

  11. donny

    Bad pick by the Diamondbacks, they already have a franchise first baseman. They should have went with J.B. Bukauskas or Alex Faedo. you could help them in 2019. Pavin Smith only profiles as a first baseman or DH. Reminds me of the mistake the Reds made when they drafted Alonso.

    • simon cowell

      I’m glad Beck is going to the AL. He is going to destroy pitching.

    • donny

      Preferably J.B. Bukauskas because he throws a slider. Curvball isn’t as effective in the dry heat in Arizona.

    • RFM

      I don’t think choosing the best player available is a mistake.

      Goldschmidt is only under contract through 2019, could easily be traded.

  12. kevin z

    seeing a college player at 32 with reds taking Greene at 2..
    mayb college pitcher since took hs arm at 2

    • RFM

      High school outfielder, high school arm, college pitcher, college bat… I think it largely comes down to who’s still there. Best available player. ~20 picks to go to clarify their options.

  13. DanD

    Doug what is the high for the most comments? Have a feeling the high is going to be broken with this post.

    Really excited with the pick. I now know how fans of Seattle had with Jr and the fans felt in Washington with Harper. Barring injury Greene is going to be the face of baseball like Trout and Harper are now.

    If down the road Greene would have to switch positions and play SS could he be up there with the likes of Correa and Lindor?

    • Doug Gray

      There have been more than a few posts over 125….. so we will see.

      It’s a bit much to suggest that Hunter Greene is going to be the face of baseball. I’m a big fan and think there’s a chance he can be a star, but there’s a long way from where he’s at now and being the best player alive.

      And if he has to switch to shortstop, another team is going to reap those benefits, not the Reds. They will use him as a pitcher for the foreseeable future.

    • donny

      Anything we can do to appreciate Doug and his hard work and effort that he puts in to give us the best info, and articles to read, I ‘m in. Remember Doug will always be the closest, us reds fans can get to, on info, and talking to scouts on a daily bases. Kuddos to Doug.

  14. donny

    Another bad pick by the Brewers, they need to draft pitching. Alex Faedo would have been the best choice, but maybe the brewers aren’t confident in developing pitchers.

    • RFM

      Their choice of best available player. All options had their flaws, including Faedo and Bukaukis.

    • donny

      I say college pitcher because they don’t have to worry so much about development. There further advanced.

  15. I-71_Exile

    Very, very happy—so glad they passed on McKay. Now if only Jo Adell would slide to 32.

    Go Reds!

  16. Norwood Nate

    Woo-hoo!!!! Awesome pick. Way to go Reds! Welcome to the organization Mr. Greene!

  17. Seadog

    Do they see him as a pitcher? Do they see him as a position player?

    I assume they drafted him to pitch….Bad move. The kid is not a pitcher…He is a “thrower”. He will never be a pitcher at the major league level. He will get knocked hard at the lower levels. He has never thrown 102 MPH. Neither will he. That is just stupid information. Even if he sits—94-96. He is not a pitcher. He does not understand how to be a pitcher. It will take years 4-5 before he even sniffs the big leagues. Just a horrible pick…

    • rhayex

      You’ve been saying this crap for the longest time, and if you’re gonna keep saying it, citations are going to be needed. Where did you hear that he’s never hit 102? Multiple scouts have said he has, and I believe them more than you.

      Even if it takes 4-5 years for him to hit the majors, he will be TWENTY-TWO then. 22. This post is just full of misinformation and inaccuracies.

      • Doug Gray

        I agree…. where are you getting it from that he hasn’t been at 102? The Twins had the trackman system running on Friday at their home park where he worked out. He hit 101 in that session.

        And 4-5 years is generally how long it takes for high schoolers to get there. It’s not about how long it takes to get there, it’s about how good you are when you do get there. Joey Votto was drafted in 2002. He wasn’t in the big leagues until September of 2007 and a full-time starter until late April of 2008.

      • Seadog

        Show me the video where he ever hit 101 MPH. Come on Doug. That would be insane. There is no video. That would be Chapman kind of stuff…It is all hear-say. I have seen him pitch when he was 16. He hits 92-94. But, he is not a pitcher. He may hit 94+ now. The kid is not a pitcher. He wants to play the field. He wants to hit. The Reds will do there best to make him a pitcher. He is not….

        I love this kid. He is tremendous athlete. He is not a pitcher. He is 18 years old. He is a “thrower”. He pitched very little this spring to save his arm. Which is a good thing. He is an athlete…period. He has never played against kids as good as him…Never. Never. If you think so…show me the video. He made his name against very less comp. He made his name off of “stats” that are just not true.

        I love this kid. I love him as an athlete. The Red’s will do there best to make him a pitcher..Not his best spot…

        Don’t believe me…just watch this spot..;_ylt=A0LEV1F9ND9ZPj0ArVRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0NzBpZW00BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVUkyQzNfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw–?p=Hunter+green+pitching&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t#id=1&vid=34e2ca4dacced7073a7755e750c518e7&action=view

      • donny

        Seadog, first off there is no video , these are high school kids. This info is coming from professional scouts not fans, but i will say this, the competition in California is a lot different than say Kentucky. Way more talented players who can play and practice all year round.

        How do you know he never hit 102, where you getting your info ? The info that is put out there are by professional scouts. He’s not a pitcher or understands how to be a pitcher ? Again where are you getting your info ? Also it will always take 4-5 years for a high school pitcher or hitter to get to the bigs. So i fail to see your argument.

      • Doug Gray

        What purpose would it serve scouts to lie about his velocity? And how did scouts from different teams all not see the same thing, but have the same story?

        And why would the Twins spread information that their Trackman got him at 101 MPH, then not draft him?

        Your skepticism about his velocity just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t track.

      • Seadog


        The level of play is not that different between the mid-west/California. If anything the midwest may be better. Come watch these kids.–Come watch. I have watched Benentendi/Matt Kirk/Ian Happ. You probably have not. The twins did not draft him (Greene)…Why? There is probably a reason. And yes..there is video of these kids at this age. To show what they can do….

      • Seadog


        Are you really that shallow to think the “Twins” might not lie about his velosity? Really think about it. They wanted people to think that. Smoke-screen.

        You are an awesome guy. You understand the facts as you are given. But, there are times the facts may not agree with what you believe.

        The Reds did an awesome job in the last draft with Senzel. I mean awesome. He will be an everyday player in this league. Greene. Not so much… He is an athlete that they have no spot for. Neither do they understand how to handle him. He will take his $$ and run. He will never see the big-leagues. Just a bad pick

      • greg

        Smoke screen? Take a deep breath and think about that for a second Seadog… why on earth would the team with the first pick need to send out smoke screens? If anything, they’d want to send out false information to *downplay* his abilities in order to inhibit other teams’ negotiations with him. Your assertions make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • simon cowell

      wow. YOu should do a bit more research before posting. Nearly every scout report had this guy as the #1 pick. You have insider information or you have a chip on your shoulder because he dominated you in little league?

      • donny

        Seadog, there is a big difference between the west coast and south when it come to talent to the mid west or the north east. I don’t watch all the kids play, i don’t have the now how to get there or the means. I am just a fan, but i listen to professional scouts. I think the twins didn’t draft him because the twins drafted what the organization is comfortable with when it comes to comfortabilities in the organization when it comes to development. Plus money could come into issue as to why the didn’t draft him, like the phillies did last year.

    • Jim H

      Someone with vastly more experienced said he saw Doc Gooden when looking at Hunter Greene. Feel great about the pick.

    • SizzlinSenzel

      Seadog, you sir are as ignorant as they say he is not a pitcher but a “thrower”. Throwers don’t have the incredible mechanics and effortless delivery that Greene possesses. This kid has worked nearly his entire life with an outstanding, multi-faceted collection of coaches and trainers.

      See you in a few years retracting your incredibly baseless arguments when he is shredding through the minor leagues or, most likely, we wont be hearing from you at all..

  18. Hod Eller

    High risk but at #2 you have to roll the dice sometimes. Sounds like an exceptional talent.

  19. Kap

    Not my top pick but it was my second. Will be nice to see him near the top of our prospect rankings and to have another blue chipper

    • Wes

      Not a bad pick up by dodgers though. They seem to draft well

  20. donny

    Landis Simms , way to represent Indiana man. The young boy who anounced the Yankees first pick.

  21. KyWilson1

    Can’t argue the pick, tons of talent with a chance in the field if the mound doesn’t work out. Excited for 32-38.

  22. MK

    Just concerned that a human arm is just not built to throw 102 especially at this young age.

  23. DaveCT

    Gotta love the Yanks taking Clarke Schmidt, rated #32 by BA and 49 by, as it pushes another higher rated (or even simply healthier) player down to the 32nd pick.

  24. Wes

    Shot out to the rage. He called Lewis like 3 weeks ago as top talent n draft

    • Doug Gray

      There’s a difference between going #1 and being the top talent. The Twins wanted McKay, but he wanted too much money so they moved on.


        Do you think they will regret that choice? How much did McKay want?

      • Doug Gray

        Sounds like McKay is asking for the largest bonus in the history of the draft since it moved to the pool allotment system (which would be just over $6.7M).

      • Seadog

        Really…LOL you are going by stuff you hear. McKay would have gone #1 all day long if asked….

      • Kindell

        I am not sure why others in this thread comment on this like it’s not what happened, considering how many were reporting it, but this also came straight from McKay in an interview too. He literally said that they contacted him about being the number one pick but they felt they could get a better offer.

  25. Herzog

    What do you see his future tool ratings to be? I’m assuming at least a 70 FB, but what about everything else?

    • Greenfield Red

      He’s shown as a 70 fastball with 55 control and 60 overall.

  26. cinvenfan

    Great job by the Reds. Keep it up and hire the best people to develop these kids, especially the arms.

  27. MichaelD

    Seadog, is your goal to sound like you are smarter than everyone? The Reds made a great pick and you act as if you have information that no one else has. Not sure why you hang out here, when you obviously only listen to yourself.

  28. donny

    OK, i am looking good so far, staying humble. lol, he,he boom, i am pumped.

  29. kevin z

    wow shocked me reds love downs didn’t think do hs back to back

  30. Norwood Nate

    A SS at 32. Interesting. Does he project to stay there? I’m not familiar with Jeter Downs.

    • rhayex

      Watching Fangraphs live chat/video, they don’t think he will. Was described as a twitchy hitter (which is a good thing), but his arm and athleticism will likely make him slide over to 2nd.

      • RDriesenUD

        Love the pick. He “looks” like a 2B to me. I love how we have been getting athletes and high quality kids recently. You win with that.

      • donny

        Middle infielders with good defense and upside and some power is a plus.

    • kevin z

      whether moves from ss or not he a hitter that simple…
      no higher worth if a ss but can find a spot for a plus hitter anytime if turns into one

    • Norwood Nate

      From what I’ve read now, seems like another good pick. I like it.

  31. donny

    OH, i was wrong on this one, money might be issue hear, after the the reds first 2 selections.

    • donny

      Usually when money could be thin, you go college player, and ones demands of sign ability is lower. After this pick of Stuart Fairchild, i still think the reds will make another splash with high schooler player with in there top ten picks.

  32. MikeinSoCal

    So we are banking on the potential, I get that. Greene could be the next Dwight Gooden, lefty version. But he is a thrower, albeit a very hard thrower. I liked Wright even though he bombed in his last game. He has all the pitches, nice beefy legs to alleviate the arm strain, pitched against good competition, and is a pitcher, verses a thrower at this stage. But Greene will do just fine. Just take it nice and easy with that arm.

  33. WillieG

    Great pick with Fairchild. Right handed Brett Gardner type, but more pop.

  34. Steven

    Speaking of McKay and being a two way player, since he was drafted by an AL team, would you say that increases his odds of playing both ways? I would think it would increase it some since he would not be in the field, and I know someone (you?) alluded to playing the field will take pitches out of his arm for every throw he makes.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know. It will be interesting to see how the Rays handle it. They picked him as a first baseman…. so, who knows?

      • Steven

        I saw that too. I would assume play him at first the rest of the year and decide after.

  35. The Duke

    I like that we’re taking the chance at getting that true ace. The athleticism, the easy throwing motion, the raw arm speed, and the clean mechanics make it a risk worth taking. Instant #2 prospect in our system imo. I think they start him off in Billings. I’m a little surprised they are letting him play SS still as well, but we should get an idea pretty quick if that gets squashed or not. Sending him to Billings would also let him face more advanced pitching, including a lot of the college pitchers from this draft. Even when he goes to pitching full time in the minors (and I do think it is when, not if) it may not be the worst idea in the world to let him DH occasionally to try to keep the bat fresh. Keep the light tower power a little tuned in so that when he bats as a pitcher, he could potentially be a hitting pitcher like MadBum.

    • Kindell

      I agree about letting him play SS, but I believe I read on Twitter that they said they would allow him to just DH until he is ready to pitch. No playing in the field though.

      • The Duke

        That’s good. No need to put extra throws on a 17 year old arm if we are having him pitch.

  36. Trey

    What do we think Greene signs for? It seems like we are going to see a lot more players at the top getting close to slot value due to the rule changes. I wonder if this prevented another top 20 HS from dropping to us.

    By the way, I started supporing Doug on Patreon last night and I think a lot more of should for $4/month.

    • The Duke

      The BA guys seem to think that McKay will get the largest bonus in the draft at around $6.8 million, so if we can get Greene with any slot savings, i’ll be thrilled.