The Cincinnati Reds have selected outfielder Stuart Fairchild with their 2nd round pick, #38 overall. The outfielder is 21-years-old out of Wake Forest University.

Stuart Fairchild Scouting Report

The right handed hitter crushed the ball for Wake Forest in 2017, hitting .359/.438/.645 on the season with 18 doubles and 17 home runs to go along with 20 steals.

He’s a potential 5-tool guy, showing average or better tools across the board with above-average to plus speed being the best of the bunch. He should be able to remain in center field in the long run where his range and arm play well.

At the plate there’s some swing-and-miss/plate discipline concerns. Statistically he had 29 walks and 49 strikeouts as a junior, though he was better as a sophomore in this area at 39 walks and 42 strikeouts, which does inspire a bit more confidence from my standpoint. Still, controlling the strikezone was something that scouts noted as a weakness.

As a center fielder the offensive bar is a bit lower and the power could play quite well at the position, especially if the step forward he showed in that area was real.

College Stats

2015 228 14 0 5 41 12 18 40 .349 .429 .497
2016 283 20 3 5 47 14 39 42 .293 .403 .470
2017 289 18 1 17 67 20 29 49 .359 .438 .645

Initial thoughts on Stuart Fairchild

Stuart Fairchild has mid-1st round tools and there’s a lot to like athletically here. He’s listed at 6′ 0″ and 205. He’s a strong guy who can really run and can play in center. The Reds really like this type of player, who can play up the middle and has tools. His plate discipline leaves some concern, as does his struggles hitting with wooden bats in the Cape Cod League in 2016 where he hit .232/.323/.330 with just seven walks and 29 strikeouts in 34 games. With that said, there were different reports coming out that eased up some of those concerns this spring.

As mentioned above, his 39 walks and 42 strikeouts as a sophomore do give me a little more confidence than his 29 and 49 as a junior. It will be an area to keep an eye as he develops over the next year years. The junior season was easily his best, though he hit quite well as a freshman, too.

This was the Reds second pick of the day with a toolsy up the middle player. There’s some risk here, but there’s plenty of reward here, too.

Frankie Piliere seems to like this pick and has some good things to say about Stuart Fairchild.

Here’s a highlight reel catch that was passed along to me just now from the 2016 season.

The Reds on Stuart Fairchild

General Manager Dick Williams on Stuart Fairchild:

An advanced college player who does a tremendous job defensively.

Chris Buckley had this to say about Stuart Fairchild:

A very talented center fielder with a chance to be a 5-tool player. He runs and throws very well. He has power, he hit 17 home runs this past year.

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37 Responses

  1. Brad

    Ace, SS, CF. Great day for Chris Buckley, Dick Williams and their staffs.

  2. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Doug, considering who was left on the board who would you have selected?

    • Doug Gray

      I have no idea to be perfectly honest with you. I got myself vaguely familiar with the guys in this range, but didn’t put in the homework like I did in the top 10.

      With how many guys could realistically go in these two spots in the 30’s, the amount of work I’d have to had put in to be ready to have deep knowledge of them all simply didn’t work out in terms of the time/reward.

  3. kevin z

    not bad of pick at 38 kinda like kendall but picked later

  4. mark

    Doesn’t feel like the comp or round 2 pick are over slot guys. I wonder if that means that Greene is really expensive or if that means that have plans to spend some money later.

  5. Greg

    My guess is that they will focus on pitching rounds 3-10.

  6. Wes

    Safe to say Dick Williams tied his name to this draft. Taking a bit of a risky pick in Greene the “reaching” a bit w next two picks. I like the boldness!

  7. RobL

    Reminds me of the Lamarre pick. Could be great if the power carries forward. For, Lamarre it didn’t. Physically, he looks similar to Senzel. No problem with the pick. As others have mentioned, I don’t think this or the Downs pick will be over slot. So I imagine there will be some high school arms later, that don’t rate really high, that the Reds will pick up and sign for above slot.

    • DanD

      Reminded me of Lamarre pick as well and we know how that turned out. Hopefully what he did in the Cape Cod league is not how he performs as a pro.

      • Doug Gray

        Ryan LaMarre had 5 walks his junior season with 20 strikeouts (161 PA). LaMarre his 17 home runs in his final 2 seasons.

        Fairchild had 39 and 29 walks in his sophomore and junior seasons. He hit 17 home runs in his junior season.

        LaMarre was faster.

        I don’t know…. I’m just not seeing the comparison.

      • DanD

        Ok Doug stats says there is no comparison but a second round outfielder who can’t hit with a wooden bat reminds me of Lamarre. Hopefully I am wrong.

  8. DaveCT

    Actually, Doug, it can be said it was the Reds’ third toolsy, up the middle draftee, given the over-athletic Greene plays as as well. Even better! :)

  9. Brad

    I like:

    HS SS Nick Allen
    Stanford RHSP Tristan Beck
    HS OF Garrett Mitchell
    HS OF Daniel Cabrera
    HS CF Jacob Pearson
    Maryland SS Kevin Smith
    Florida State SS Taylor Walls

    in 3rd Round

  10. rick in boise

    was looking MLB At Bat’s app… “best remaining” for tomorrow… their writeups looked the most intriguing/positive:

    Blayne Enlow hs RHP
    Tanner Burns hs RHP
    Tristan Beck Stanford RHP
    Jacob Heatherly hs LHP
    Dan Tillo jc LHP
    any of these ring a bell?

    • The Duke

      Enlow had first round buzz. I’m guessing he either has a strong college commitment that is scaring teams away or his bonus demands to forgo college were too high for teams to feel comfortable playing him. If they could get him on an overslot deal at 77, that’d be a nice pick. I doubt it happens though.

  11. kevin z

    hoping tomm for..
    Kyle Jacobsen hs bat
    Luis Gonzalez college bat
    Bryce Montez Deoca Hs pitcher
    Gavin Williams pitcher
    Seth lonsway hs lhp

    • kevin z

      also jc ss Andrew bechtold
      College ss jesse berarchi
      College rhp Lincoln henzman
      college lhp david parkingson

  12. Kyblu50

    We could have had Tristan Lutz at 32 a lot better and younger. I think their second pick was wasted. Just opinion.

    • Greenfield Red

      Are you saying Comp round was wasted or round 2 was wasted?

      From my uneducated view, I would have preferred Lutz to Downs in the the comp round, but it is pretty close. After two high school picks, I think they pretty much had to pick a college player in round 2. I don’t know if there were better picks left at that point, but the kid is not chopped liver. He’ll probably head to Billings and we’ll see what happens.

      Being that I hate all things Yankee, I hope we’re not reminded for the next 20 years who Downs is named after.

      A quick side note… if this boars you, please stop reading: My Aunt was a New York snob and a huge Yankee fan. It was to the point that she thought the rest of baseball existed to serve as whipping boys for the Yankees. She made the point to call me after Jeter got his 3000th hit. My response was, “only 1,256 more until he ties Pete Rose”. My comment was met with silence on the other end of the phone, and I think maybe she realized people out there actually care about other teams.

  13. DaveCT

    Quite a grouping of under-21 players and athletes (AlfRod is older but missed two years and is first year)

    1B Jake Turnbull
    2B Jeter Downs
    3B Jose Garcia
    SS Alfredo Rodriguez
    C Tyler Stephenson
    LF Taylor Trammell
    CF Miles Gordon
    RF Christian Olivo
    OF Zeke (Isaiah) White
    SP Hunter Greene
    SP Tony Santillan
    SP Wennington Romero
    SP Andrew Jorden
    SP Tyler Mondile
    SP Nick Hanson
    SP Ian Kahaloa

    • Greenfield Red

      Add in Victor Ruiz and Miguel Hernandez.

  14. The Duke

    I’m ok with Fairchild, basically he’s Jeren Kendall with less speed but also with less K’s. He performed in a very good ACC this year. Billings should have an interesting lineup with Fairchild and Downs, and Greene potentially DH’ing there some as well.

  15. Kindell

    Fairchild looks like a guy who has the makeup to become a legit prospect. Especially if he can combine the better plate discipline from last year with the power numbers this year. Scouts love to study prospects when they are facing off against other elite prospects. Here is a couple examples of how he performed against two pitchers taken in the top 20 of the draft.

    Fairchild vs McKay
    2 for 3 – 1 single 1 Double
    McKay 7 IP 5 H 1 ER 11 K 1 BB

    Fairchild vs Faedo
    2 for 2 – 2 singles
    Faedo – 4 IP 4 H 0 ER 9 K’s 1BB

    That is 4 for 5 against two very good pitchers with Major League stuff. I also included the picther stats, you can see it wasn’t like they were having off nights.

    • The Duke

      The K rate is higher than you’d like to see, but then again, if he had 40 walks and 20 K, then he essentially would have had the year Senzel did last year and is likely a first round pick. If he can keep the strikeout percentage below 25%, then he has a chance to be pretty good. Especially if he can stick in CF. You can never have too many CF options.

  16. mike

    avg. hits 2b’s HR’s rbi’s sb’s slg. obp.
    Fairchild .360 94 19 17 67 21 .636 .439
    Mckay .343 72 13 17 56 2 .657 .464

    Looks like we did pretty well comparatively speaking

    • Doug Gray

      Well, McKay had much, much better K/BB rates. But, McKay’s also a first baseman, and Fairchild can play center. Tough to compare the two, honestly.

  17. Arnold Ziffle

    Don’t like the Jeter Downs pick at #32 when Brent Rooker was still on the board.
    Don’t like the Fairchild pick at #38 while Drew Waters was still on the board.
    The Reds have swung and miss on these two picks. In the grand scheme of things, not good picks.
    The Reds have a chance to redeem themselves with the second overall pick on Day 2, the #77 pick. Their 4th round pick comes in at #107.
    At #77 the Reds can snag another good starting pitcher. RHP’s Tanner Burns, 6’00 and 205 (Auburn Commit), and Alex Scherff, 6’4″ ad 205 (AZ State commit) would be steals at #77. RHP Blayne Enlow 6’4″ and 180 (LSU commit) is there also but concerns about diminished velocity, down from 92-93 to 88-89, are present.
    On the LH side there is Jacob Heatherly 6’3″ and 210 (Alabama commit), Jake Eder 6’4″ and 210 (Vandy commit) and Daniel Tillo 6’5″ and 220 who played baseball and basketball at UK, but transferred to Iowa Western CC for baseball. In the mold of an Amir Garrett.
    Any of these would be great at #77.
    At #107 (4th round) look for OF Mason House a LH bat from Whitehouse, TX, 6’3″ and 195. Sounds like being similar to Jay Bruce.

    • Doug Gray

      Swung and missed? Based on what? The rankings of non-scouts at some publication?

      • Arnold Ziffle

        Based on who was still on the board at those picks.
        Would you have made those 2 selections if you were the Reds scouting director or GM with who was still on the board?? Hard to believe you would have.
        I would have rather had the SEC hitter of the year at #32 OF Brent Rooker. Not a high school SS after just signing a 19 year old SS for $10M. The SEC hitter of the year has some credibility with all those highly regarded pitchers in the SEC. But the Reds took a SS that could be a munchin on the Wizard of Oz.

  18. Kyblu50

    Nice to see where Tristan Lutz will be and Jeter Downs in 5 years.

  19. Kyblu50

    I would to see where Tristan Lutz will be compared to Jeter Downs in 5 years.

  20. The Duke

    Listened to the BA day 1 draft recap podcast and Hudson Belinsky seems to think it’s no doubt that Fairchild sticks in CF and will hit for power. Called him a high floor average regular with a chance for more. Sounds pretty good to me.

    • kevin z

      yea heard the same thing, along with having a good approach
      even though he SO higher than like.
      also heard if didn’t SO as much this year would have been mid to late 1st rd pick..
      thinking wont struggle as much as Sparks has