Today will see rounds 11-40 of the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft take place. This will be updated with information and picks throughout the day as they happen. A new topic will be opened for every 10 rounds today. If you are looking for information on all of the Reds picks, including those before and after this portion of the draft, you can click here and get all of that.

Cincinnati Reds 11th Round Pick: RHP Jared Solomon

The Cincinnati Reds kick off the final day of the draft by taking college right handed pitcher Jared Solomon from Lackawanna College.

Here’s some video:

Jared Solomon Scouting Report

The right handed pitcher is a sophomore out of Millville, Pennsylvania. He’s listed at 6′ 2″ and 190 lbs. His fastball works in the low 90’s and he can tough 95. His breaking ball flashes average to above-average, but it’s inconsistent.

Here are his college stats:

3.42 55.1 43 34 67 1

Cincinnati Reds 12th Round Pick: RHP Tommy Mace

The Cincinnati Reds take their first high school player of the day with the selection of Tommy Mace out of Sunlake High School in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

Tommy Mace Scouting Report

Listed at 6′ 7″ and 200 lbs, some saw Tommy Mace as high as a late 2nd round pick. The right hander throws 92-94 MPH now and has projection left with his size to pick up even more velocity. His breaking ball is inconsistent, but flashes at least average and while he doesn’t use a change up often, it’s there. This could be a tough sign, but would be an outstanding pick up if they can make it work.

Here are his senior season stats:

1.29 70.2 21 24 92 N/A

Cincinnati Reds 13th Round Pick: RHP Ricky Karcher

The Cincinnati Reds went back to the junior college ranks to select Ricky Karcher out of Walters State Community College in Tennessee.

Ricky Karcher Scouting Report

He originally went to Michigan, but he only pitched 4.2 innings there as a freshman. He transferred to Walters State for his Sophomore season. He started 12 games there and pitched out of the bullpen in three more.

He works in the 91-94 MPH range with his fastball with a potentially good slider and change up. He’s still considered raw on the mound with plenty of work to do, but all of the parts are there for a quality pitching prospect.

Here are his stats from Walters State in 2017:

4.27 59.0 46 34 66 5

Cincinnati Reds 14th Round Pick: OF Brody Wofford

The Cincinnati Reds continue to go hard early on day three with junior college picks, this time selecting outfielder Brody Wofford out of Chipola College.

Here’s some video from May 2015, which is the most recent video I was able to find.

Brody Wofford Scouting Report

The outfielder played as a freshman at LSU but got limited playing time. He hit .242/.254/.306 with 1 walk and 18 strikeouts in 62 at-bats for the Tigers in 2016. He then transferred to Chipola College where he played every day and found far more success, improving his plate discipline in a big way from his time at LSU.

Here are his college stats from 2017:

189 12 2 6 28 41 .328 .412 .508

Cincinnati Reds 15th Round Pick: OF Nate Scantlin

The Cincinnati Reds went back to the high school crop to select Nate Scantlin out of Rose Hills High School.

Nate Scantlin Scouting Report

He’s listed at 6′ 1″ and 180 lbs. He’s been tough to find quick information on. What I can find is that he’s got some speed to work with as an above-average runner. He’s a left handed hitter. ‘He hit .589 with a .653 on-base percentage and 5 home runs as a senior. His coach had this to say about him:

You can’t get the guy out because he doesn’t swing at a bad pitch.

Cincinnati Reds 16th Round Pick: RHP Ryan Nutof

The Cincinnati Reds went to a 4-year college for the first time on day three by selecting right hander Ryan Nutof out of Michigan.

Ryan Nutof Scouting Report

Ryan Nutof split his time between the rotation and bullpen at Michigan. As a freshman he started 14 games with just one relief appearance. In 2016 he made 11 starts and 10 relief appearances and then this season he started 12 games with four relief appearances.

His control improved as a junior, posting what was easily his lowest walk rate of his career. He also posted his highest strikeout rate of his career. Home runs, however, skyrocketed in 2017 as he allowed 11 long balls.

He throws a heavy fastball in the low 90’s and gets up to 95 MPH. He shows fringy secondary offerings with a curveball and slider/cutter, with the latter pitch flashing itself as the better of the two.

Ryan Nutof spoke with the Chicago Tribune a few days ago about hoping to be drafted.

Here are his stats from Michigan:

2015 3.71 80.0 76 2 32 63
2016 3.67 54.0 58 3 26 50
2017 4.52 71.2 77 11 24 71

Cincinnati Reds 17th Round Pick: RHP Junior Harding

The Cincinnati Reds went back to Chipola College to select righty Junior Harding.

Junior Harding Scouting Report

Junior Harding was drafted by the Kansas City Royals previously (20th round, 2015) and is signed on to play at Missouri if he doesn’t sign. He did not play in the 2016 season as he was dealing with ulcerative colitis.

He will throw his fastball in the 88-92 MPH range, though out of the bullpen he’s hit 97. He also shows a curveball that flashes at least average in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.

Here are his college stats with Chipola:

2015 1.90 71.1 55 1 34 80
2016 Did not pitch
2017 4.63 35 26 2 26 44

Cincinnati Reds 18th Round Pick: RHP John Ghyzel

The Cincinnati Reds selected right hander John Ghyzel out of the University of Rochester with their 18th round pick.

John Ghyzel Scouting Report

The right hander is listed at 6′ 5″ and 190 lbs. After struggling with control as a freshman he took big steps forward as a sophomore. He lowered his ERA to 2.97 and cut his walk rate down significantly. As a junior his ERA jumped up some and he didn’t throw nearly as many innings. He also saw his walk rate jump up, but his strikeout rate also jumped up.

Here are his stats from the University of Rochester:

2015 5.45 33.0 38 1 26 26
2016 2.97 60.2 56 1 17 51
2017 4.25 42.1 36 2 29 50

Cincinnati Reds 19th Round Pick: LHP Seth Lonsway

The Cincinnati Reds stuck with the state of Ohio in the 19th round picking lefty Seth Lonsway.

Seth Lonsway Scouting Report

Ranked as the 127th player in the country by Baseball America, Seth Lonsway will be a tough sign at this point in the draft. He’s a 6′ 1″ and 180lb left handed pitcher. He works in the low 90’s with his fastball. He shows an inconsistent curveball, but it’s an above-average offering when it is at it’s best. He also shows a change up every so often and seems to have the potential to be an average pitch in the future.

Cincinnati Reds 20th Round Pick: 3B Blake Wiggins

The Cincinnati Reds wrap up the first 10 rounds of Day 3 with another junior college pick, selecting third baseman Blake Wiggins out of the College of Southern Nevada

Blake Wiggins Scouting Report

Blake Wiggins got three at-bats for Arkansas in 2015 before transferring to Southern Nevada the next season. He was previously drafted by the Phillies (36th round, 2014).

The third baseman put up a nice 2016 season, walking more than he struck out and showing some good pop. The power was still there in 2017, but his plate discipline took a step backwards as hie walk rate was a third of what it had been the previous season. He’s been known to struggle with off-speed offerings according to past reports.

Here are his stats from Southern Nevada:

2016 135 11 1 8 36 35 .311 .456 .585
2017 113 5 1 8 11 33 .274 .357 .549
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22 Responses

  1. Krozley

    I was wondering where some of the 1-10 round below slot money may go. It should go to Mace. That would be a coup I think.

  2. kevin z

    agreed hope get mace signed that one big boy already lol..
    the other one don’t seem to bad for a college arm this late

  3. kevin z

    like how getting the junior college kids now a hitter too brody like went to Chipola College may got something here

  4. icehole3

    would love to see 10 straight pitchers selected

  5. kevin z

    hmm hs hitter doubt can sign him away from college in 15th rd

    • The Duke

      You never know, not everyone dreams of going to college. He has a commitment to a JuCo (Iowa Western CC) so it’s not like Mace who’s fall back option is Florida.

      • kevin z

        true duke I usually think that wasn’t sure with all the early hs pick if could give enough.. who knows like you said though could use money or hate school too lol

  6. Greenfield Red

    Here’s a question: Rather than selecting these kids later to much later than they’re talent dictates and then overpaying to get them to sign, why not simply draft them where they belong and pay the slotted value?

    • Krozley

      If you draft a guy in rounds 1-10 and don’t end up signing him, you lose that money from your pool. After round 10, no penalty. So draft guys you want before round 6 or 7, make sure you can sign them, and use the extra slot money from the 7-10 round “seniors” to get an extra early round talent in the later rounds that may have a question about signability. At least that is how I see it.

      • Greenfield Red

        I was unaware of the loss of money in the first 10 rounds. Now it is clear. Thanks.

      • Colt Holt

        You also only have part of the signing going against the pool. Signed in the 10th round, $1 Million books goes entirely against the pool. In the 11th round, the first $125k is free, only $875k goes against the pool. So, a $20k bonus in the 10th with $1 Million in the 11th is preferable compared to $1 Million in the 10th and $20k in the 11th.

  7. Kindell l

    I really doubt we can take Seth Lonsway away from his Ohio State commitment, but this kid has a chance to be good.

  8. Todd

    I would love to see us sign Seth Lonsway!! Any chance we lure him away fro Ohio State commitment?

    • Kindell

      I live about a half hour from Celina and played in the WBL in school. It seems a lot of the local people here on Twitter are saying he is most likely heading to OSU. Who knows though, I am sure they would like to somehow come away with either him or Mace. That would be a huge boosts to this class if they could add just one of them.

      • Alex Reds

        Kindell, I agree they are likely hoping to sign one of these guys with the extra slot money they might have. They likely doubled down incase they can’t sign one. I would be super excited if somehow they got both Mace and Lonsway!

  9. The Duke

    Really hitting the JuCo’s hard today. 6 of the first 11 day 3 picks all from JuCo.

    • Alex Reds

      Off memory, it’s July 15th as the deadline to sign the players

      • Doug Gray

        July 7th this year. I said the 15th yesterday and found out later that it’s been moved up once again.

  10. camisadelgolf

    Just a heads up. You have Tommy Mace listed as an 11th rounder instead of a 12th rounder. Thank you for the great articles.