The injuries just keep on coming for the Cincinnati Reds. This one actually happened a while ago, but Nick Travieso recently underwent shoulder surgery a few weeks ago, first reported by Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

According to the article, Nick Travieso had a labral repair and shoulder scope. He’s expected to miss nine months while recovering. That would put a return on target for some time in March or April of 2018. He last pitched in 2016 for the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos on September 5th.

The Reds have had Nick Travieso on the 60-day disabled list since the start of the season. He’ll now remain there until the end of the season when the disabled list no longer exists and teams only have 40 actual spots on the 40-man roster instead of 40, plus how many players they have on the 60-day disabled list.

Montrell Marshall has a big night for Billings

Montrell Marshall went 4-5 last night for Billings with a double and a home run. The first baseman now has two doubles, a triple and two home runs in just eight games played this season with the Mustangs. He spent all season with Billings in 2016, playing in 59 games he had just one home run, though he did hit 14 doubles.

There’s plenty of power potential for Montrell Marshall. He’s 6′ 5″ and 215 lbs. and puts on a show in batting practice. That power hasn’t translated in his two minor league seasons, though. He slugged just .321 last season and just .214 the season before. His home run total for his career has doubled since the season began. At just 21-years-old he’s still at an age where we could expect a real breakout.

Alejo Lopez had a nice night at the plate, too. He went 3-4 with a double and a home run in the same game. Like Marshall, he also spent the entire 2016 season in Billings. Lopez, a switch hitter, only had six doubles, a triple and a home run in 57 games played. In just five games this season he now has two doubles and a home run. He’s also walked more often than he’s struck out as a Mustang over the last two seasons, with 23 walks and just 21 strikeouts.

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31 Responses

  1. Kap

    Might as well take him off the 40 man roster and give his spot to someone else for protection from the rule 5 draft. No one will pick him

  2. The Duke

    He’ll be 24 next year and coming off shoulder surgery. There is a chance that this is it for Travieso. I agree, no reason to keep him on the 40 man with the crunch that we have coming. IF someone else happens to claim him, I’d wish him the best of luck.

  3. Matthew O'Neal

    We’re going on a year since Moscot had his TJ surgery. Is he going to pitch any this year? Or will they just let him take the whole season off for rehab?

    • Doug Gray

      I haven’t talked with him since spring training. I’ll try to remember to reach out and see. While 1 year is often the time that we wait, but that’s not always the number for everyone.

  4. jim

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Hunter Greene.
    We cant develop pitchers. Only one performing to his projection is R. Iglesas and he had to go to the pen. Maybe we should loan Greene to the Cardinals and get him back when he is MLB ready. We can take on of their hitters and get them ready.

    • Jonathan

      What about Leake, Cueto, Baily??

      I think your giving up on these young guys a bit too fast. Not everyone is going to light the league on fire in their early 20’s…

      Which system would you say produces more SP’s? Follow up – is that because of scouting, the SP’s themselves, or the teams staff?

      • Patrick

        Leake was ready when drafted hard to credit development team there.

        Off the top of my head
        Rays have been real good at these. Price, Shields, Moore, Archer, Odorizzi, Cobb, Smyly just to name some that I can remember
        Also A’s, Dodgers have been good traditionally.
        Mets have been able to develop but not keep guys healthy.

    • Guy Evans

      One thing I’ve been really curious about lately – How much does Great American Factor into our players development?

      Looking at how many home runs the pitchers give up, that’s got to be a huge hit to pitcher’s confidence. Likewise, the large amount of home runs our hitters get has to be a big boost to their confidence.

      I looked at the 3 prospect rankings on Baseball Reference (Baseball America, and Baseball Prospectus). Only once since 2012 has any of those 3 rankings had more hitters than pitchers for the Reds (baseball prospectus 2014). So for the past few years, Reds pitching prospects have generally been thought of higher than hitters, yet our pitching prospects have been relatively under performing while our hitting prospects have been over performing.

      • RickDinSTL

        I think it’s fair to ask what the Reds are and are not doing with regards to pitching development. Whatever they are doing is not producing positive results at the major league level. Thus, it’s fair to conclude it’s not working. There needs to be some accountability within the organization because, as a fan, it’s insulting.

  5. MK

    Got to wonder again about the medical team. The injury first came to light in February. Finally surgery the option in June? Since they shut him down initially in February it is hard to imagine it got worse since.

    • greg

      Hardly surprising really. Shoulder surgery shouldn’t be the first option if there’s even a chance rehab will help. Maybe it didn’t get worse, but just never got better.

      • Doug Gray

        And, we need to also understand that perhaps this is an injury that came up, or worsened while trying to rehab.

  6. Arnold Ziffle

    A repair of the labrum is always a time consuming recovery. They have to immobilize the shoulder and arm for several weeks post-surgery. Very miserable time for the player.
    Another first round pitcher bites the dust after Stephenson and Howard. Maybe Hunter Greene should stay at SS for his own health.

      • Arnold Ziffle

        Not to injury, no.
        But where were you on 05/29/2017? Memorial Day weekend, you may have been on the lake on your yacht and missed it.
        Dateline Toronto: Stephenson 2.0 IP, 16 TBF, 10 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 2 HR, 1 BB, and 0 K. The US Geological Society even registered the impact of the thud.
        His career trajectory certainly has lost altitude, if it hasn’t bitten the dust. Trade value has fallen from a top-30 or 40 MLB prospect to near no trade value at all. Nada. Zip. What is next for Stephenson? Losing his 40-man roster spot? That may come this off-season if they can’t deal him. Who would take him in a trade? Stuck with him until the Rule V draft. Maybe there is a sucker out there that takes a flier on him.
        I’ve been saying for a year and a half to trade him before he hit the wall and loses most if not all of his trade value. But I got mocked. I could foresee this decline, but many thought Stephenson was still A-OK. Potential outweighed performance they said.
        I’ve been mostly correct on Hunter Greene all along, too.
        I could see that coming down the pike. Just call me NostraArnold. Even better than Miss Cleo. (wink-sarcasm)

      • Doug Gray

        I haven’t been on a boat of any kind since I was about 9-years-old, but I can promise you that he hasn’t bit the dust. If you put Robert Stephenson out there in the Rule 5 draft he’d go #1. No question at all.

      • Jonathan

        I think someone is overreacting just a bit :)

        is Lucas Giolito a done? I bet the Orioles are glad they didn’t give up on Dylan Bundy…

  7. KyWilson1

    He was a major over draft at the time, and while it hurts to have a 1st rounder that probably won’t pan out, you cant bat .1000. This pick and the Howard pick are 2 of the worst decisions this scouting department has made. Hopefully he comes back healthy and can have a career for himself in some fashion.

    • Doug Gray

      I generally hate the “overdraft” stuff. It’s not like he was ranked 312 and they took him in the 1st round. He was a back-end rated 1st rounder that went mid-1st.

      • KyWilson1

        I’m of the belief you don’t overreach in the first round. He was rated in the 30-40 range on most draft boards, so he would’ve been a good pick between 25-30 or early the 1st comp. round. But at 14, with those rankings, it was an overdraft/reach. Like I said, they can’t hit on every pick, and their track record in has been incredible recently.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m of the belief that simply because Baseball America ranked a player in spot 25 doesn’t mean if you draft them at 12 that it’s a reach. It just means that there were different opinions.

      • KyWilson1

        It was a pretty universal opinion on his ranking, not just a BA ranking. BA had him lower than MLBpipeline. His talent didn’t match the slot at the time, which is fine if its close, but this was a reach in my opinion. It was a reach then, and has proven to be one now.

      • Doug Gray

        The point is, the ranking wasn’t based off of the only opinion. A ranking is probably based off of the opinion of 10 people. And among those 10 people you’re probably going to have a range of 40 spots, even when dealing with guys in the Top 100. Take Jordon Adell this year for example. BA/MLB had him as a Top 10 guy. ESPN had him 50 something. Some scout somewhere probably had him #2 in the country. Another scout might have had him 75th. Just because a player is ranked 25th by whatever service doesn’t mean that everyone thinks that. It’s an average-ish sort of thumb in the air kind of thing.

        In MLB in particular, with no ability to trade, you take your guy. You can’t trade down to get them five spots later.

  8. Cguy

    Doug, how do you rate Garrett’s performance last night for the Bats? Do you think he’ll return to the Reds rotation to start the 2nd half of the seson?

  9. Jake

    Kind of amusing, so many people who haven’t spent a day in medical or athletic training school trying to criticize the team medical staff. Maybe they do have something to do with it, but I don’t see any actual evidence. Correlation is not causation. There’s such a bad thing as just bad luck.

  10. Patrick

    The development side for the Reds has really liked to take relievers and turn them into starters These guys have basically have had injuries.
    Cingrani, Finnegan, Lorenzen, Iglesias

  11. Kindell

    Injuries to pitchers is a problem across baseball. We also can’t just choose a handful of players and say “The Reds can’t develop pitching”.

    I think there is plenty of obvious examples like Bailey, Cueto, Leake, and T. Wood that became solid pitchers.

    There is also examples of young guys who have got a lot better, but it’s too early to say that they are a bust. There are endless examples of very talented pitchers just not putting it together until several years into their careers.

    Amir Garrett was a guy who had verry little expeirence, but he shown he is capable of getting Big League Hitters out. I also think Sal Romano has come a long way and still has a chance to be a great pitcher.

    There is a lot of things we can criticize this team about, I just don’t think the Draft and developing players is completely fair. I think this team has come a long way in these areas.

  12. Tom

    Who knows what the actual numbers are, but it would be interesting to see if there is another team with as many arm injuries as the Reds organization has.

    • Colt Holt

      Are you familiar with a team in new york…the metropolitans or something like that? How about the Indians? They have even had an injury to the unbreakable Trevor bauer!

  13. donny

    I will way in on the Reds not being able to develop pitchers.
    I personal think the Reds do a good job developing pitchers. Developing there talent and building up there arm strength .

    However , ‘and it might not be the reds responsibility’, but i feel the big issue is that they seem to be lacking maturity. I truly believe its a maturity issue. I have been thinking about this for a good 2 years now. These kids need to understand that they have pitched just as well in the minors as pitchers who now are in the Hall of fame.

    Now i am no physiologist, so i wouldn’t know or understand how one matures as a professional baseball player, But these are just my thoughts.

    I think confidence is one thing for sure.
    This might sound stupid, but i think nice guys could be a issue as well. Mama boys , type personality’s. These type of young men, tend to mature as men at a slower rate.
    I know that, the game is a sport, but i think going about it to just relax and have fun is or could be the wrong approach. As i have seen some pitchers say i just went out there and had fun. I know when ever i play a sport or game or what ever it may be. Just having fun, didn’t make me better.

    I remember when we first got DeSclafani and how focuses he was. He pitched like 2-3 straight shut outs or something real good i can’t remember. Then i read a article on the Reds web site how the players told him to relax and have fun because he seemed so serious. Then promptly he goes out there and starts giving up 4-5 runs a game.

    I just think that Physiology, and maturity is the issue here.

    It does seem like it takes the reds players longer to mature as a professional. Seeing it more so with the pitchers than the position players.

  14. Kyblu50

    Again What happened to when they would let the minor league pitchers share each game half and half and let a relief pitcher close it out. They worked on their pitches and no stress on the arms.