Hunter Greene, the #2 overall pick in the 2017 Major League Baseball draft by the Cincinnati Reds is expected to be in Cincinnati to take a physical over the next few days. This was first reported by Cincinnati Enquirer Reds beat writer Zach Buchanan.

All along it seemed that Hunter Greene was waiting for the other top guys in the draft to sign with the idea being that he could then get the highest signing bonus in the class. The final shoe dropped when Brendan McKay signed earlier this week with Tampa Bay. The Louisville 1B/LHP got $7,005,000 from the Rays, setting a new record for the highest bonus since Major League Baseball went to the “pool format” with restrictions on how much teams are allowed to spend.

The slot value for the #2 overall pick is $7,193,200 and I’d expect that Hunter Greene gets something very close to that number. I would be surprised if he got more than that number, though.

It would seem incredibly unlikely that Hunter Greene would be coming in for a physical if they weren’t in agreement on a deal (assuming he passes, of course). If the Reds give Greene the full amount, it will push them into the penalty for their draft. Of course, they could get back on the right side by saving a little bit of money if they sign 7th round pick out of Florida Mark Kolozsvary. The slot value of his pick is $218,800.

The team is currently $28,900 over their allowed spending based on the players that they have signed. If a team goes over their “pool amount” by 0-5%, they have to pay Major League Baseball a 75% tax on their overage. No team has ever gone beyond the 5% limit, which would require a team to give up the following years 1st round pick. That won’t happen here, nor would I expect it to ever happen. The signing deadline if July 7th at 5pm ET for non-college seniors.

6 Responses

  1. MK

    Even if he signs Monday I would think it would be late July before he plays as he has been off from play since early on in May and has not pitched competitively since early April.

  2. Chris

    Is this routine?? Or is this going down the brady Aiken path??

    • The Duke

      It’s only the Brady Aiken path of something comes up in his physical and then he doesn’t sign. The Astros messed up with their pool by not getting Aiken done first, but time has justified their stepping back from Aiken. Almost immediately had Tommy John after that and he’s struggled to be the same pitcher he was before the injury.

      Sounds like we have a deal, just have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s