Last night in Pensacola, newcomer to the organization Nick Longhi hit a long home run for the Blue Wahoos. The 3-run show to left-center was all the offense that Pensacola would get, but it was also all that they would need on the night as they held on for a 3-2 win over Chattanooga. The camera was rolling at the time, so here’s the video.

Nick Longhi is out to a nice start with Pensacola. He’s hitting .273/.385/.636 with a double and a home run in his first four games played. He’s also walked as many times as he has struck out, two times each.

Taylor Trammell & Jose Siri remain hot

The Dayton Dragons outfield is helping carry the offense over the last two-and-a-half months. Last night saw Taylor Trammell go 2-4 with a walk and a grand slam. It was his 7th home run of the season. The 19-year-old got out to a slow start in April, but since the calendar flipped to May he’s been one of the best hitters in the entire Midwest League. Over 60 games and 268 plate appearances he’s hitting .300/.371/.502. He’s also stolen 16 bases in that span.

Jose Siri went 1-4 with a walk and a solo home run for Dayton last night. The 21-year-old outfielder also got out to a slow start in April, but like Trammell, has been one of the best hitters in the league since May began. The center fielder is hitting .307/.350/.548 with 13 home runs in the last 58 games played. His solo home run in the 7th inning last night extended his hitting streak to 18 games.

They aren’t the only players swinging hot bats in the organization, though. In Billings, Alejo Lopez is on fire. The 21-year-old infielder is hitting .361/.429/.639 through 17 games. That’s come along with as many walks as strikeouts, seven. Entering the year he had 267 career plate appearances with just one home run to his name. He’s already hit three of them this season.

In Arizona the AZL Reds are riding the hot bat of Reshard Munroe. The 21-year-old outfielder didn’t play much in 2016 in Arizona, racking up just 62 plate appearances. Through 10 games and 40 plate appearances this year he’s already had more hits, as many walks and as many extra-base hits as he had last season. He’s walked more times than he’s struck out, 10-to-6 and he’s hitting a cool .433/.575/.567.


12 Responses

  1. MK

    Seems like Longhi fills the same role as LaValley. One is going to lose some at bats.

    • Doug Gray

      They DH will help out, for sure. But yeah, I’d guess both probably lose 5-7 PA a week.

  2. Steve

    Longhi looks to stay in the middle of the Wahoos lineup the rest of the second half as a 1B/DH/corner OF. As hot as they are, will any of the above mentioned players get promoted in the second half? Hoping that they will because Daytona and Dayton are both struggling offensively and need sparks from some new players. The promotions of Senzel, Long, LaValley and Tromp has really taken the life out of the Tortugas lineup. These high average-high OBP players have been replaced by low average-low OBP players.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think they will see any promotions, no.

      • Steve

        Doug, Friedl was promoted with similar stats as Siri and Trammell, but you don’t think they will be promoted. Both are also ranked higher in your prospects list. I can understand Trammell maybe due to age and lack of experience yet, but why not Siri? They are both trending in the right directions after slow starts in April. Plate discipline? I’d honestly like to see O’Grady put on the DL or released, Piatnik sent down and Reynoso sent to Pensacola. Promote Siri and Trammell and rotate them with Friedl and Sweet in the OF. Medina shares time with Vasquez at 1B and DH. Chavez sent from Pensacola to Dayton. Send down Ovalle and Colleymore and promote Gordon, Lopez and Fairchild.

      • Doug Gray

        Trammell because of his age, for sure. That’s just not the Reds style. With Siri, he’s making strides in his plate discipline. Let that keep happening at a level where it’s easier to do.

        You want to release guys every day, Steve. There are also rules that don’t let you just send anyone to rookie ball.

    • MK

      Dragons struggles are with pitching right now not so much hitting. Like last night they scored 8 but gave up 13. I think their biggest issue at this point is fatigue. For 90% of them this is their first full season league. They are in summer grind mode at this point. I think most of the pitchers are getting a little achey. It is a tough demanding, tiring life. The Dragons got on a bus tonight at 6 for an all night bus ride to Clinton Iowa. The way they spend the evening of one of their few days off.

  3. Brock

    You think Siri or Trammell moving to A+ anytime soon?

    • Doug Gray

      No, I don’t. I think they’ll both be in Dayton all year.

  4. Arnold Ziffle

    Did Addison’s dad bake your lunch pizza today? Great, great place for pizza.
    Double pepperoni is the way I roll at Tuscan.
    Keep your camera rolling on Senzel tonight. Two XBH’s will be coming.

    • Doug Gray

      I usually go with pepperoni and mushroom but decided to roll with some pepperoni and sausage today. I’m not sure that was the best idea or not, but it was tasty.

  5. Arnold Ziffle

    I know you are 800 miles away, but have you had any updates on R. Stephenson and his hand? You said he left his game on Saturday early. Was it blisters?
    With the AAA all-star game tomorrow night, will R. Stephenson pitch the first game back, or do you think they will delay his next start a day or two??