Last night in the Pensacola Blue Wahoos extra-innings loss, catcher Chad Tromp was hit in the head by a pitch. He went down and stayed down for about two minutes as the trainer and manager came out to attend to him. Tromp would eventually get up on his own and walk off the field, although slowly, all on his own. After the game manager Pat Kelly noted that Tromp had passed all of the concussion tests, but would probably get the next few days off.

Jose Siri just keeps on hitting for the Dayton Dragons. Last night in a rain-shortened game the center fielder went 1-3. That extended his hitting streak to 19 games, one game short of tying the Dragons record. Over that stretch he’s hit .341/.367/.671 with four doubles and eight home runs. It’s just a continuation of what he’s been doing since the start of May. In the 59 games since April ended, Siri has hit .307/.349/.545.

Taylor Trammell has been just as hot, if not more over his last 14 games played with Dayton. He’s hit .415/.458/.566 in that span. Like Siri, he had a slow start in April, but has turned everything around since then. In 61 games since May began he’s hit .305/.374/.513 with 16 steals, 13 doubles, nine triples and six home runs.

Jeter Downs quick start

When the Cincinnati Reds drafted Jeter Downs with their competitive balance pick in the 2017 draft the word from nearly everywhere was just how advanced his bat was for a high school player. The early returns from Billings certainly seem to suggest that everyone knew what they were saying. In 10 games played the 18-year-old shortstop has hit .333/.488/.545 for the Mustangs with more walks, nine, than strikeouts, six.

He’s only had one game in which he hasn’t recorded a hit so far, going 0-4 with a walk on July 10th. In his 10 games he’s only failed to reach base via a walk in four games, which is rather wild when you actually think about it.

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox made a doozy of a trade earlier today. Jose Quintana, who has been a good #2 caliber starting pitcher over the last four years, but is having a down year a little bit this season, is heading to the Chicago Cubs. In return, the Cubs are sending the White Sox top prospects Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease, as well as Matt Rose and Bryant Flete. It’s rather interesting from both sides. The Cubs get an innings eater with an incredibly team friendly contract with Quintana, but they gave up arguably the best hitting prospect in the entire minor leagues with Eloy Jimenez and another Top 100 prospect in Dylan Cease. The White Sox are trading the now for the Future and now have one of if not the best farm system in all of baseball with tons of top end talent that peppers the Baseball America Top 100 list.

That was a hefty price to pay, but Quintana, much like the Reds Raisel Iglesias has several years of control remaining and at very team friendly prices. While I don’t expect the Reds to trade Iglesais, teams are certainly going to be calling and this deal likely just raised the asking price a tad. If a team gets desperate, maybe the organization can find the right deal that is simply too good to pass up.

Travel day notes

I am leaving Pensacola after the game tonight using a Bus hire in Sydney for the first part of the trip and for the rest I will be driving until I get a few hours in before stopping at a hotel. Then on Friday I will be making the rest of the drive home to Cincinnati. I’m not entirely sure how active I will be during this span. I’ll still get up the Game Review for the morning on Friday, but I’m not sure that I will be doing anything beyond that until I get back home at some point on Friday evening.

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24 Responses

  1. Kap

    Hefty price indeed. Makes me curious if the reds pull a deal for an established productive starter in the offseason. Just a shade under an ace. Like Marcus Stroman or Jacob DeGrom.

  2. Todd

    Eloy Jiminez = Victor Robles. Similar prospect rankings with high end projection. Could a Raisel + Cozart package net a Robles + Choose one (Soto/Stevenson/Fedde/Marmolejos) return? This is good news for the local team as the Nationals would seemingly need to make a move to keep pace with Cubs and Dodgers (who have enough young talent for acquisitions).

    • dbfromnva

      The Nationals are not going to trade for Cosart. They have the division under control and Turner will be back for the playoffs. They need to fix the bullpen and if you want to add a second player to get more return it would have to be a second quality bullpen guy.

      • Marc

        That being said,
        Drew Storen is available from the Reds.
        A package of Iggy and Drew for Robles, Soto and 2 other lower level prospect might be interesting.
        However, no need to trade one of the best relievers when we are 1 or 2 years from contending.

    • MuddyCleats

      My thoughts exactly. Nats need BP/CL type arm bad. Not sure Reds could get the haul for him they would like or if NATS have the Ammo?

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        The Nats definitely have the ammo in Robles, but the question is are the Nats willing. Robles and Soto would be quite a haul.

  3. dbfromnva

    The Nationals are not going to trade for Cosart. They have the division under control and Turner will be back for the playoffs. They need to fix the bullpen and if you want to add a second player to get more return it would have to be a second quality bullpen guy.

    • MuddyCleats

      Even so? I think they’d like the insurance w/ Cozy. But again, do they have the prospects – would the use them?

      • dbfromnva

        They have a 10 game lead in the division and if the Reds just wanted to give them Cosart they would take him but they are not going to give up anything good for him. Also, as someone who lives in the D.C. area I can tell you they have NO interest in getting Storen back.

      • Bill

        The Nats have Stephen Drew and Wilmer Difo to cover while Turner is out. With Turner coming back towards the end of August or early September, I don’t see them as a good fit for trading Cozart. I think Arizona may be a good match for Cozart.

        The Nats need bullpen help to make a run in the playoffs. If they want a closer, Iglesias would be a huge upgrade for them, but the price will be very high. Thus far, the Nats have rebuffed offers for Robles. Looking at their farm system, the quality is in the lower minors. Without Robles in the equation, I don’t see the Nats as a match. The Nats have a really solid team except for their bullpen; it will be interesting to see if they will part with their most prized prospect in an effort to try to bring a championship home this year.

  4. sandheel

    Doug, you go above and beyond in supplying us with news; much of which we would have difficulty finding elsewhere.

    Drive carefully; be safe!!!

  5. terry m

    Iggy has put on some weight this year. Any chance he can go back to a starter next year if he adds weight and muscle. I know he wants to relieve but he would look nice in a rotation. Your thoughts.

    • Doug Gray

      I think the Reds don’t believe his shoulder can handle the starting workload. So, no.

    • Marc

      With how good he is at closing, WHY?
      It is so hard to find one.

      • Jasonp

        The why is because if he stays a reliever for the rest of his contract he is going to be pitching another 200 innings for us instead of 600.

        I would rather have 600 innings at a 3 ERA then 200 at a 2 ERA. I think he is capable of both of those numbers if he is healthy enough to get them.

      • Marc

        Jason P.
        Look at what happens in the post season if you do not have a shut down closer.
        A start pitches about 1.3 times a week (more or less), the closer maybe 3 time.
        With his history or shoulder issues, I would stick in the pen

      • Doug Gray

        If you can’t start in the postseason it doesn’t matter if you’ve got Rivera out there – there’s nothing to save. Starters are vastly more important than relievers. But, everyone just isn’t built to start.

  6. Hingle McCringleberry

    Doug I’m just blown away about this trade. You look at what the yanks got from Chicago, now what the chisox got, then I start remembering the chapman trade. I’m still pissed about that. Do you think teams just don’t feel we’re smart enough to make a trade that benefits us? Did jocketty and towers do that bad a job to where we’ll never get any top prospects offered to us on the regular? Yes got Castillo but wow.

    • Doug Gray

      Aroldis Chapman was facing possible domestic violence charges, fired off a gun in anger and was facing a suspension. That was not a baseball trade, so looking at it from that point of view is never going to be good. It was a PR move to get away from that entire situation.

      The rest of their trades have generally worked out fairly well, haven’t they? Our corner outfielders are on pace to hit 35 home runs each. Castillo has been incredible since coming over. Suarez is playing well. DeSclafani, pre-injury, was an absolute steal.

  7. rhayex

    Dick Williams is currently having an “Ask me Anything” on reddit, by the way. He’s answering fans questions on r/reds. It’s been really interesting so far.

    • Doug Gray

      Especially the stuff about that Doug Gray character.

  8. MikeinSoCal

    Doug, the Dodgers want a power right handed bat in the OF. They supposedly are willing to part with their #2 prospect, Verdugo. A lefty OF who is more of a line drive, high average hitter. Do you think a Duvall for Verdugo trade, as the main pieces, makes sense? They also want bullpen help, but all contenders probably do.

  9. Jim Delaney

    I think the REDS are now looking at seeing what there young pitching shows the rest of 2017 to determine if they will be able to be contenders in 2018. I think contending in 2018 is definitely a possibility. There are a lot of if’s- Bailey staying healthy and continuing to show his last 2 starts, DeSlafani returning and showing he’s healthy, Castillo, Romano, Stephenson, Mahle, Stephens, Reed, Herget, Hernandez, etc development but they could show the REDS have the pitching depth to be in the division and wild card chase next season.
    I understand listening to offers for every player but to move an Ilglesias I think the REDS would need to get back a player that can help them next season going forward. I would be very interested in hearing if the NATS would be willing to move Turner to solve there closer situation. If Turner is available then I think it would be worth considering moving Ilglesias.
    I don’t think there is anyway the NATS would be interested in a REUNION with STOREN. There was some bad history when he left the NATS and he blew up in 2 post seasons with them. STOREN might be traded but the NATS are NO GO FOR HIM….