Ever since the Cincinnati Reds drafted right handed pitcher Hunter Greene with the #2 overall pick in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft, the question has been when will we get to see him take the mound? After signing on the last day he was eligible to sign, it extended the time between when he last played, early April, and when he began his time in the organization, the second week of July. With that much time off, there was going to be a need to build up to getting back into games for the 17-year-old. After he signed it was also noted that the team was going to not only have him pitch, but let him be a designated hitter at times when he wasn’t pitching. He was also considered to be a mid-1st round draft pick as a shortstop – but everyone just preferred him as a pitcher.

On July 16th Hunter Greene was still “a couple of weeks away, at least” from playing according to Mustangs manager Rey Martinez. Greene has been with the team since then, but hasn’t played yet. And it will probably be another two weeks until he sees the field.

Hunter Greene reportedly told a local radio station that he would begin to DH on August 8th and pitch on August 27th.

Hunter Greene talked with The Big J Show in Billings this morning and shared the dates. But, a source told me that while those two dates may not be completely accurate, that they do follow the timeline that the organization is looking at for Hunter Greene stepping into the batters box and taking the mound.

12 Responses

  1. The Duke

    So basically wouldn’t that be 1 or 2 pitching appearances before Billings is done for the season?

    • Doug Gray

      Possibly, yes. It would depend if they make the playoffs or not.

  2. CP

    Will they move him elsewhere after the billings season to get more innings in, or would that be the end of the year for Greene as well?

    • Doug Gray

      Billings is the team that plays the latest into the year. But, he will go to instructional league and pitch there in October.

  3. Arnold Ziffle

    A very unfortunate timeline. A decent playoff run would help some. But that is very unpredictable for a legit timeline or plan.
    It would be a bold move to have Greene start 2018 at Dayton at 18 years old with very few IP’s at Billings. Otherwise, he would have to sit around AZ in extended spring training for 3 months until late June if he is to start 2018 in Billings. That would be another unfortunate move with Greene.

    • Arnold Ziffle

      Could the Reds have him play in the AFL at the end of the fall? It seems very remote, and a little advanced for Greene. But I don’t know the criteria teams use to select players to play each year in the AFL.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t know if rookie ball guys are eligible for the AFL or not, but no, there’s no way that’s happening. He’ll pitch in instructional league and call it a year.

  4. victor vollhardt

    I would still like to know who his agents are. I don’t believe they(whoever they are) are a factor in this timetable, but it would be still nice to know given how the contract signing played out and to have a idea of what the plans for him are going forward. Agents sometime play a very big role in how clubs handle young players and some agents can be very intrusive.–so much so that it effects how teammates view the player.

  5. Michael B

    Very unfortunate he took so long to sign. As Arnold stated before me, he’s likely not starting in Dayton next year and Billings season doesn’t start until mid-June. Gonna be tough to wait another calendar year to see this kid at full speed. But what can ya do

    • Doug Gray

      Happens all of the time. I don’t think if he signed on draft night his timeline for 2018 would be any different. He’s going to be 18 next year. They are going to take their time with him, either by keeping him back in extended to start the year, or really limiting him in Dayton and skipping him whenever they can.

  6. chris

    signed late , i get it. still not playing, i don’t get it. he had too long of a break, so lets make it even longer. let the kid play already.

    • Doug Gray

      Spring training exists for a reason. He’s essentially going through his now.