It’s been a few days since the last one of these articles came out. Today I wanted to look at whether or not the team should take a look at adding Brandon Dixon to the 40-man roster and calling him up to Cincinnati in September.

The month of April was a struggle for Brandon Dixon. With the Louisville Bats he hit just .185/.229/.338 in 18 games played. It wasn’t the way he would have liked to start out the season.

Everything changed in the month of May and ever since, Brandon Dixon has performed significantly better at the plate. In the 395 plate appearances since the calendar flipped over from April, Dixon has hit .272/.337/.465. That’s come along with 15 steals, 23 doubles, three triples and 13 home runs.

On the flip side, Brandon Dixon has continued to strike out at a high rate. He had 100 strikeouts in that span to go along with 31 walks. That’s a strikeout rate of 25.3%, a rate you would like to see a little bit lower. His walk rate of 7.8% is solid, especially if he can carry that forward to the Major Leagues.

Offensively, Brandon Dixon has some interesting skills. There’s legit pop in his bat. While no one will confuse him with Billy Hamilton, he’s an above-average runner who can use his speed. The strikeouts could be a concern, but if he’s going to be used more as a utility player than as a starter, it mitigates some of the issues as long as the rate doesn’t get worse in a lesser used role.

Defensively, Dixon doesn’t stand out anywhere on the field, but he’s capable of handling multiple positions in both the infield and the outfield. On the dirt he’s capable of playing first, second and third base – especially as a guy not being counted on there every day. In the outfield he’s played left, right and center over the last two years. With Louisville he’s seen limited time in the outfield, though – playing just 10 games out there.

Currently the 40-man roster is full. Brandon Dixon isn’t on it and to make room for him the team would need make room for him. Whether that’s designating someone for assignment, releasing someone (unlikely) or placing someone on the 40-man roster onto the 60-day disabled list – they’d have to make some sort of move to clear a spot. Perhaps he could fill the role that the team envisioned Arismendy Alcantara would, but ultimately didn’t. 2017 would seem like a great opportunity to get a look at whether or not he could rather than waiting until 2018 when there could be more on the line and less time to experiment and give opportunities.


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  1. Jim t

    Doug really don’t think he is worth the spot on the 40 at this time. Defensively he has 24 errors and a high K rate. He does have some pop but even with his versatility i can’t see him as part of the plan going forward at this time.

      • greg

        That’s “Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino” to you and me.

  2. Michael B. Green

    Dixon could take a marginal pitcher’s spot on the 40MR for a September call-up but otherwise, barring a last minute trade, the only spot he could likely take is that of Patrick Kivlehan.

    • MK

      A marginal utility man for a marginal pitcher? With the number of marginal pitchers that get picked up weekly compared to the number of marginal utility men, the pitcher might have more value.

  3. Norwood Nate

    I agree with that comments above. Maybe in a different year he’d get a shot. There’s just too many better options that have to be added this year. Long, Blandino, LaValley, Goeddel, and Vincej are all guys I’d add before I considered Dixon. And I don’t think there’s room for all of them.

    • RedsinWashSt

      Agree, he would not be a good defensive replacement and strikes out too much for pinchhitting. Maybe next year.

    • Bill

      I agree and I would add Sweeney to Nate’s list a position players ahead of Dixon as being worthy of being added to the 40-man this off season.

      At 3B he’s an emergency option at best sporting a paltry .905 fielding percentage this year that is actually an improvement over his career number. Also, he can’t play SS so I don’t think it’s realistic to expect him to carve out role similar to Alcantara.

      He would most likely be looking to take Kivlehan’s spot on the roster in 2018 and their numbers look very similar AAA on both offense and defense. Although Kivlehan is a replacement level player, he has showed the ability to contribute with the reduced playing time that comes with bench play. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Reds DFA Kivlehan after the season and attempt to resign him on a minor league contract with a ST invite. I just can’t see more than one of this type of player being on the 40-man roster this winter.

  4. Sandheel

    I hope we can up-grade from Kivlehan, but Dixon is not the answer.

      • eddie pagett


  5. Greenfield Red

    It looks like St. Louis is trying to trade Mike Leake to Seattle. Interesting if so.

  6. Tampa Red

    Brandon Dixon is going to make someone a fine utility player, I just doubt it’s going to be the Reds. That’s a shame. After years of watching guys like Tyler Holt and Paul Janish and Kris Negron and Skip Schumacher, etc I was looking forward to a guy coming off the Reds bench that had some thump in his bat.