The biggest news of the day is that Billy Hamilton has been activated from the disabled list. Hamilton is coming back from a broken thumb and hasn’t played in two weeks. I’m not a doctor and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn lately, either, but two weeks doesn’t seem like enough time to come back from a broken thumb and swing a bat. If that is the case, then perhaps this is going to be a situation where Hamilton can wear a brace and still run the bases as a pinch runner, but isn’t quite ready to hit. If that is the case, then this isn’t going to come into play as far as taking away playing time from the current outfield rotation. It seems that it’s been Scott Schebler in center with Adam Duvall and Jesse Winker on the corners and Phillip Ervin on the bench.

Speaking of that, whatever happened to playing Phillip Ervin? When Billy Hamilton went on the disabled list Bryan Price said that it would lead to opportunities to get a look at Ervin in center field. The first two games after Hamilton went on the disabled list, Ervin did indeed start in center. The following day he started in left field. That was September 9th. It was the last time he got a start. September 14th was the last time he even saw any action in a game.

After picking up infielder DJ Peterson on waivers over the weekend from the Chicago White Sox, the Reds slipped him through waivers and outright him to Triple-A Louisville. It was a smart move by the Reds to pick up what is essentially a free player from another organization. Adding talent is always a good thing, even if it seems it will be tough to find a place for Peterson to play as a corner infielder at the big league level.

Yesterday Baseball America released the International League Top 20 Prospects list. In the chat there was a question asked that addressed the Reds prospects.

Frank (The quad): The Louisville Bats had their share of former top prospects throughout the year, but missed out on the list. Were any of them in consideration for the last few spots?

Carlos Collazo: Tyler Mahle was a guy who had a chance after posting a 2.73 ERA over 59.1 innings with the Bats this season. Sounds like he’s got a few things to work out in his delivery, but we’ve heard that stuff has been improving, particularly his changeup.

As was established yesterday, Robert Stephenson wasn’t eligible for the list, but everyone else of note that was on the Louisville Bats team this season was.

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  1. The Duke

    Seems like Ervin somehow got in Price’s doghouse for some reason. Only possible explanation for benching a CF with an OBP over .360 and an OPS over .850.

    • Gaffer

      Price just loves young guys to sit on the bench, always has, always will.

      • eddie pagett

        Duvall is worn out from not enough days off.Price does not use the bench players
        ,this is not the big red machine,give guys days off to get some rest.

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      You’re reaching just a bit. Price is just a terrible manager.

  2. Pat

    This is a bit mystifying…if I’m rebuilding I try now to look at lineups for 18 and 19. They’ve seen Schebler…good power but low average…not elite speed for CF. So I’d like to see Duvall LF, Winker RF and Ervin CF. For that matter Votto 1B, Gennett 2B, Suarez SS, Senzel 3B, Barnhart C next year. Bench has Hamilton if not traded – great pinch runner, Peraza playing multiple positions (assuming Cozart doesn’t return)….and the rest a toss up. We’re seeing them tryout the pitching line-up. A rebuild is never easy but September is free time and maybe the Reds are behind the curve (much like the recent articles on them missing on pitching metrics). I think the lineup there can really hit (already 5th/6th in NL this year). Right now it all seems kinda random (except giving the pitchers a look). Likely why none of us are managing either – HA!

    • Doug Gray

      I’d rather play Schebler and Winker than Winker and Duvall. But, how is there not enough time, in September of 2017 for the Cincinnati Reds, to play all of them? You are literally playing to try and get to 74 wins right now. So freaking what? Get information on the players by playing them.

      • RedsinWashSt

        Because Duvall is run down, he needs a rest now and then. Schebler had an injury and missed some playing time. Both are struggling right now. I don’t understand why Price runs Duvall out everyday. I read yesterday on another site that Duvall has diabetes. He ran out gas last year in the 2nd half.

      • KDavis

        I agree Doug. Winker and Ervin should have been playing almost everyday. In regards to Hamilton, he was a topic of discussion on last nights radio broadcast. Seemed to indicate he is not yet ready to hit yet, so probably just as a pinch runner. Also they put to rest the rumor that Desclafani would attempt to pitch this year. The Reds sent him to Arizona, and assigned his locker in Cincinnati to somebody else.

      • Doug Gray

        Wes, I prefer Schebler over Duvall because he’s better.

        Schebler played injured in July and it CRATERED his production. Since he returned to the Major Leagues in August of 2016, outside of an injured July, he’s significantly outhit Adam Duvall. Like, it’s not even close.

      • Hingle McCringleberry

        Well said doug. Hey the marlins are about to release trader jack. What do you think?

    • MK

      Is it like a back-up QB that comes in and outplays the starter creating a quarterback controversy. Maybe they do not want him to outshine Billy creating a controversy they do not want to have.

      • Wes

        If Ervin surpasses Billy I think that fantastic. His ceiling seems kinda like Carlos Gomez type w decent steals, power, decent on baese w not best average. Think he’d have to be close to that to overcome and only way to find out is by playing him

      • Hingle McCringleberry

        Just think about that though. Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Then came 6th round pick Tom Brady. Nobody thought he could get it that fast. Just sayin.

    • Norwood Nate

      This was going to be my answer. That’s exactly what’s going on.

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      Congrats to Dusty! Playoffs for 2 straight years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. another bob in nc

    IMO, PB doesn’t have the credibility to make the PE/CF decision without GM input. IMO, the question is why doesn’t DW want PE to play more often?

  4. KyWilson

    1st off, the Reds should be playing for the best draft position, not a few extra wins. The outfield should have Winker and Ervin in it every day until the end of the season. Duvall and Scheblar should be platoon partners next year, with Winker playing every day, and Ervin being given a real shot at starting CF over Hamilton.

    • Greenfield Red

      I agree with most of this. Duvall struggles against RHP. Schebler struggles against lefties. Let them platoon in RF. They will both get plenty of ABs next year when you consider pinch hit opportunities. Same with Ervin and Hamilton in CF. See if one can separate himself. Winker in LF batting 2nd.

      Try to resign Cozart for a 3/21. If not, let him go.

      Against lefties: Cozart, Winker, Votto, Suarez, Gennett, Duvall, Barnhart, Ervin.

      Against righies: Cozart, Winker, Votto, Suarez, Schebler, Gennett, Barnhart, Hamilton.

      bench of the 2 platoon guys, Peraza, Mesoraco or Turner.

      If Cozart doesn’t come back, Peraza at SS until Senzel is ready. Then shift Suarez to short.

      • Colorado Marc

        I do not think Cozart sings for that.
        I am thinking he will be 3/37.5 more or less.

      • Clammy

        Schebler hits .270 vs. LH. His slugging % is almost identical. Every time I watch the Reds, Jeff Brantley always comments how well he does vs LHP.

      • Hingle McCringleberry

        Look at all of your top teams. You know what they have in common? A strong bench. Look back at you’re previous world series champions. You know what they had in common? A strong bench.

        Besides pitching, This teams greatest short coming is a bench. You don’t need two guys on the bench. You need 4 or 5 guys on the bench and an experienced manager to rotate them evenly. The other weakness this team has always had is the other bench with that being The bullpen. They have to go spend money to fix it. Minimum 3 lefty pitchers. 11 or 12 man staff. You need some crafty veterans.

      • Doug Gray

        To be a good team you need to be strong just about everywhere. You need a quality starting 8, you need starting pitching, you need a good bullpen, you need a good bench.

    • Gaffer

      John Smiley not on the list? That was a huge signing at the time. I know it’s ridiculous but Eric Milton sort of was a big free agent.

      • Greenfield Red

        The list cut off after the top 15 in each year. Surprising that JS was not considered top 15 in his year.

  5. Seat101

    Has anyone thought that perhaps the manager is trying to field a team that can beat other teams that are trying for a playoff spot?

    Me neither

  6. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Farmer Bob just needs to own up and replace Franfurter Williams before it’s too late. If it is Price’s idea not to play guys like Ervin the front office is condoning it. We need to go outside of the organization for the GM and I’m not talking about former Cardinals.

    Of course there were very questionable decisions made by Jocko but he’s not put us in the worst position for a rebuild either. Just need not to settle.

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      Farmer bob is paying more attention to the lettuce. Besides, the team will always be led by an old stingy owner with zero baseball knowledge. Your next owner will be Jeff Wyler. Trust me. Another old stingy owner.

      We that young determined billionaire owner here.

  7. MikeD

    Offering Cozart 3/21 is an insult and a joke. I would offer 3/36, maybe 3/40, without giving any trade clause. I think they could get market value for Cozart with that kind of contract down the road.

    Wes, your dislike for Schebler never lets up. Though not many (if anyone) agrees with you, it just gets a bit much after a while. Schebler is a very good all round baseball player and he certainly gets on base more than Duvall. I like them both, but Duvall can be very frustrating.

    Last night the all time major league record for home runs was broken and there’s still a lot of games to be played. This makes me wonder, who is real, and who has benefited by the results of the ball? I have no doubt that Winker will have some power, but in a year when balls are flying over the fence in record number, I can’t get too excited about certain guys that are out performing the back of their baseball card. I also can’t say I am enjoying a game of homerun derby.

    • Greenfield Red

      I agree that Cozart can get more than 3/21 someplace else. I think that’s a good offer for the Reds, and if he wants to be here above all else, he’ll take it. If he value’s the money more than staying, he’ll take that.

      I do think the big numbers thrown around will be more difficult for him to get than most think here. Why is it the Reds tried to trade him for over a year and had no takers?

      I do think for 3/21 he should ask for, and receive, full no trade.

  8. HavaKlu

    I’m not so sure that Ervin is any better than Schebler in CF. It’s interesting to note that at Louisvlle, Ervin played 56 games in LF and 40 in CF. Darnell Sweeney played CF more than Ervin.

  9. allthehype2001

    Reds have a 40 man crunch coming in early December. I don’t think Ervin will keep his ticket on the 40 man.

    • Colorado Marc

      That may be the reason they do not want to play him.
      He will be a rule 5 pickup (I think), so they want him to pass through the process.

  10. Cguy

    I just don’t get the lack of appreciation for Adam Duvall. There’s been a huge hole out there in left field for many years- even when the Reds were good. Now that we have a guy that can hit 30 HR with 100 RBI & play good to great LF defensively, everybody can’t wait to platoon or dump the guy. No doubt he’s been in a slump the 2nd half of this year. But still, he has 2 more runs + RBI since the ASB than Votto (Duvall 65, Votto 63). He’s 3rd in the ML in sacrifice flies.Last night he was hitless, but had 2 BB, a run, & a RBI (SF). Adam was never a clean-up hitter, but the best the Reds had to offer hitting behind Votto (since they let BP go). He’s inexpensive, plays hard, & has been coachable. I see no one who can take left field from him, at least anytime soon.

    • Jasonp

      232 at bats in the second half. .203 average. You can’t stay a starter if you do that. I thought he was proving he was better then he was last year but the stats are just about the same as they were last year.

    • Arnold Ziffle

      Duvall does 2/3 of his production in the first half of the season and 1/3 in the second half. Two seasons in a row starts a trend. A trend the Reds need to nip in the bud, either by playing Duvall a little less, or trading him.
      I like Duvall a lot, but he and Hamilton both should be shopped this winter. Not given away, but if a good deal can be found for one or both, it should be consummated.

  11. Clammy

    I like Duvall but the discussion seems to be who sits or is traded to make room for Winker. Schebler and Duvall have similar offensive profiles but Schebler is younger, with less service time (cheaper for longer) and he can play CF on occasion. Winker will get 400 + AB’s next year for the Reds in one of the OF corner positions.

  12. Pat

    Doug: A good point was made on hard decisions as to what the 40 man roster looks like – and who doesn’t make it. Bet it would have some lively discussion – especially amongst pitchers. Jeepers – I’m a Rookie Davis fan since my kids went to school with him, but he looked like he was throwing BP tonight. The homers were hit hard – quoting another Davis, “Crash” Davis…”Anything that gets out here that fast oughta have a stewardess on it.” Keep up the great articles and debate!

  13. MikeinSoCal

    Let me pile on. I like Duvall and Schebler also. Duvall puts up good numbers, homers and RBIS, but it does seem that he wears down a bit. He needs to be rested, duh, hello Bryan Price. I like Schebler and the best part is he will continue to get better. He hits lefties well, to boot. His defense is ok and improving. I wouldn’t bash Duvall or Schebler, just give Duvall some rest from time to time. I don’t know what it is with Price. Cozart had a great year, nothing else to prove, are we waiting till he blows out his leg again. Ervin hasn’t played and Vincej hasn’t played. We don’t know what they can do. How can we justify keeping Vincej when we haven’t seen what he can do in the bigs.

    • Arnold Ziffle

      He is making himself into having the inside lane for a bullpen job next year. He could be a good long reliever or a good 7th-8th inning type.
      It also might be good to have him in the rotation mix too. I’d like to see him get 1 or 2 starts in these last 11 games than I would like to see Stephens or Davis again.

  14. Simon Cowell

    I want Ervin to play as well but let’s be realistic about things Duvall has what 31 homers and Schebler 26? They have earned the right to pad their stats in the final weeks of the season. The Reds need to find out if Schebler can play center on a daily basis.
    Winkler also is showing what he’s got looking more and more like the more Schebler plays CenterField without looking like a fool the more likely Billy will be heading out of town as part of a massive trade package in the off season.

  15. Andy B

    He’s basically being used as much as Kivlehan. So there’s that.

    The more Schebler plays center, the more it seems like Price is considering him there for at least a good chunk of 2018. He shouldn’t. The Reds have 3 serviceable or better corner outfielders (which is great!) and 2 center fielders with deficiencies and questions. The answer for 2018 (or ever) isn’t to put a corner outfielder in center especially with a young pitching staff needing good defense behind it.

    This is one of the most irritating moves by Price.

    • Doug Gray

      Maybe I’m reading your response wrong, but if I’m not, I don’t know that the Reds have any corner outfielders better than Schebler.