The Cincinnati Reds have finalized their Arizona Fall League participants by adding their final player, Wendoly Bautista. The organizational had eight spots to fill, but when the rosters were initially released, the Reds had only six spots filled. The team would add Brantley Bell a few weeks later to make it seven. Here’s the full list of the eight players that the Reds will be sending to participate in the Arizona Fall League in 2018:

  • RHP Wendolyn Bautista
  • LHP Joel Bender
  • LHP Brennan Bernardino
  • RHP Jake Ehret
  • C Chad Tromp
  • 2B Brantley Bell
  • 3B Taylor Sparks
  • SS Blake Trahan

For Wendolyn Bautista it will extend his 2017. He spent a large majority of his season with the Daytona Tortugas. The righty made 19 starts in the Florida State League where he had a 4.49 ERA in 108.1 innings. He made four appearances in Louisville throughout the year, too. With the Tortugas he had 33 walks and 68 strikeouts in his 108.1 innings pitched.

Top 50 High School Players for the 2018 Draft

Yesterday Baseball America released their Top 50 college players eligible for the 2018 Major League Baseball draft. On Friday morning they released the Top 50 high school players eligible for the draft.

At the top of the list is Ethan Hankins, a 6′ 6″ and 215 lb right handed pitcher. As a junior he was already throwing a mid-90’s fastball while flashing a strong breaking ball. He’s followed on the list by shortstop Brice Turang. The left handed hitter can stick at shortstop and has an impressive plate approach and hit tool.

The state of Ohio has two players in the Top 50. Austin Becker out of Big Walnut in Sunburry and Nick Northcut out of Mason High School here in the Cincinnati area. Go give the list a read.

7 Responses

  1. Billy

    Doug (or anyone), in a typical year, how many high school vs. college players are drafted in the first round?

  2. DaveCT

    Sure seems like this AFL group is aimed at separating prospective depth for the ML club from organizational filler.

  3. MK

    10 pitchers in bullpen and Lorenzen has to pitch every day and he has been absolutely lousy lately. When he came in I told my wife at least Amir can’t get the loss when Lorenzen gives up a home run. Almost like the fix is

    • DaveCT

      There are only so many chances Price can throw out there for Lorenzen to finish on a good note (the theme of the week). Let him finish on a bad note then go home and get his head together.

  4. sandheel

    Are there stats available on “blown Holds” as there are on “blown Saves?”

    It seems like Lorenzen has a bunch of them.

    • Billy

      I’m not sure if there’s a stat for that, but fangraphs tracks “meltdowns” – a stat that looks at how the probability of a win changes from the time a pitcher enters the game until he leaves (excluding when the team is at bat). By that measure, Lorenzen has the 6th most meltdowns this season (15).