The Minnesota Twins have apparently asked the Cincinnati Reds if Raisel Iglesias is available in trade, according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network/Fox Sports.

The right handed pitcher for the Reds is coming off of his best season in the Major Leagues. In 2017 he posted a 2.49 ERA in 76.0 innings. He allowed just five home runs, walked 27 batters and struck out 92. He also picked up 28 saves for Cincinnati.

Raisel Iglesias, however, was the only sure thing in the Reds bullpen for a large part of the year. He’s under team control for the next three seasons, too. There’s no rush, or real need for the organization to move him in a trade unless they can get back exactly what they want. Iglesias can still fill a big time need for the team over the next three seasons.

With that all said, what is it that the Reds need? While the majority of people will say the team needs starting pitching, I don’t think that’s what they will be targeting. Unless the team knows something that the rest of us don’t, they have options for the rotation for 2018. If everyone is healthy, they’re going to be sending someone back to Triple-A to begin the year who performed well for a decent period of time in 2017’s rotation. What the team does need is a shortstop. Or a center fielder. They could use several relievers.

Raisel Iglesias is one of the best relievers alive. He’s got a very team friendly contract and three years left on it. His value should be sky high. If you are going to ask for a prospect, it needs to be an absolutely elite level, top 25 caliber guy, and other parts. If you’re going to acquire ready, big league talent, it needs to be young and productive talent.

Do the Twins have what the Reds needs are? They aren’t trading Byron Buxton. At shortstop they do have a 23-year-old Jorge Polanco, who had a solid year at the plate in 2017 and in half of a season in 2016 a slightly above-average one. Would they be willing to move him in a package for Iglesias? Maybe. The Twins have Nick Gordon, a just turned 22-year-old top prospect who spent all year in Double-A as an option at shortstop. Maybe they would be willing to part with Gordon in the deal as an alternative. In either case, the shortstop du-jour isn’t enough to carry the deal on it’s own.

An interesting option to consider would be 24-year-old center fielder Zack Granite. He saw limited action with the Twins in 2017, hitting .237/.321/.290 in 107 plate appearances with more walks, 12, than strikeouts, 9. In Triple-A Rochester he hit .338/.392/.475 with 24 walks and 34 strikeouts in 71 games. He isn’t nearly enough to carry the deal, but could be a good target as an add-in for such a deal.

In the end, I would be very surprised if the Reds wound up trading Raisel Iglesias in the next year. But if a team is willing to overpay, it is a move that the Reds should be willing to make. I’m just not sure that the Twins are the team that is in the right situation to overpay in the areas in which the Reds need someone to overpay.


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  1. Shamrock

    Mr. Castellini, the Bengals are God awful again and this town desperately needs a winner. Please don’t throw away one of the best closers in the world for a couple of maybes…

  2. Paul Nyhart

    He’s injury prone, could get two top positional prospects to fill the Reds most desperate needs, and the Reds have an influx of arms that will most likely need to move to the bullpen to get reps, conceivably taking his place. Do what you have to do, Dick.

  3. Paul Nyhart

    Also, would the Twins consider moving Lewis in a deal like this ? He’d be eligible now that the WS is over, correct? That would change things…

  4. MikeD

    Iglesias may be the piece the Reds can use to get Shohei Otani. Have the Twins bid on him and then the Reds trade Iglesias for Otani and a AA prospect. It would certainly be creative. If the Reds were going to be contenders in 018, I would keep Iglesias, but their not, so stockpile more talent.

    • Doug Gray

      If the Twins could get Ohtani, they wouldn’t trade him for Nick Senzel and Raisel Iglesias and Hunter Greene.

  5. Kap

    Nick gordan, kohl stewart, amd brent rooker and you got yourself a deal

  6. Greenfield Red

    I don’t really understand why Minnesota would want to make a trade for Iggy. They appear to be in little better position to win in the next three years than the Reds.

  7. Jasonp

    I think we should either try and sign Iglesias to a new contract, adding an extra 2-3 more years of control, or trade him off for players that will help us 2+ years from now. If we don’t sign him soon I don’t think he is going to be here when we are competing for a playoff spot. Maybe only his last year here if we don’t sign him before his contract is up.

    The Twins would not be a bad team to trade with. They have some nice players to add to a trade for Iglesias.

  8. MK

    Trevor Hildenberger, Rich Bordi and Nick Gordon but I do not believe the Reds official feel the need for a shortstop is as great as experts outside organization do.

    • Doug Gray

      Well they better start feeling it because right now they’ve got one guy in full season ball that’s even a back up MLB shortstop right now for the next several years.

  9. Stock

    Nick Gordon, Stephen Gonsalves, Fernando Romero and Wander Javier for Iglesias, Jimmy Herget, Gavin LaValley, Zack Weiss and Nick Longhi.

    The first 3 Twins will have to be added to the Reds 40 man roster and therefore most if not all the players listed other than Iglesias would be unprotected anyway. Adding Herget and Weiss appeals to the Twins because they may feel now is the time. This two may get us Wander Javier who has an extremely high ceiling. Gordon, Gonsalves and Romero may all be ahead of Winker in our system rankings. Gordon and Gonsalves would be for sure.

  10. Bill

    Nick Gordon, Tyler Jay, Nick Burdi, and Brent Rooker. Jay and Burdi are high-risk, but would be fantastic in the pen if they bounce back from their injuries. Rooker is a nice LH bench piece that could spell Hamilton. Gordon is the obvious centerpiece.

    • Bill

      I would prefer Granite not Rooker. All things considered, another team may be willing to top the Twins.

  11. Bill

    Doug, per, Iglesias is not eligible for FA until 2022, so he has 4 years left of team control vs. 3.

    • Colorado Red

      Yes, but he does have 3 years left on his contract.
      In addition to that, he will have 1 additional year of arbitration.
      4 years of team control, and 3 years on his contract.

      • Bill

        Bottom line is that paragraph 3 has a factual error with regards to team control. Paragraph 5, while correct, is misleading.

  12. Wes

    If Buxton is off table then Reds shouldn’t be interested. They don’t need 3 for 1 they need to trade 3 for 1. Reds also don’t need to give up only reliable bullpen option starting pitchers in mid 20s like Gonsalves or middle infielders like Gordon.

    Billy ilglasis and Stepehenson for Buxton.
    Ilglasis Stephenson Duvall and a prospect for berrios

    Hard to think trading ilglasis doesn’t set back rebuild. Need to be worth it. Go big or go home

    • Billy

      I agree with this line of thinking. Not that I think we could pry Buxton from the Twins, but I think turning some of the depth into more consolidated talent is a smart move at this stage. 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 trades where the Reds receive an elite prospect or a good, young, controllable major leaguer back are the kinds of move they should be looking to make.

  13. Champ

    The Twins have a dumb farm system. I would cancel all 4 of my season tickets if they make a trade with these idiots.

    • Doug Gray

      They don’t have to only get pieces from the farm system. And the Twins have a few good parts in their system….. you aren’t getting Lewis, but the others? Could.

  14. Wes

    If twins need bullpen help peralta for wander javier and maybe enlow makes sense on both sides.

    • Doug Gray

      They don’t want middle relief. They want back of the bullpen help.

      • Wes

        The 2016 deadline saw a couple closers go for termendous value. And u can argue ilglasis has more value than Chapman due to contract and way more than anyone brewers traded. Just don’t see how u get max value if you don’t get Buxton. Do you?

        And the way the World Series went- every team should be in the market for ilglasis.

      • MK

        If Iglesias is traded doesn’t Peralta go to back of bullpen, at least eighth inning if not closer.

    • Alex

      Agree with wes. Chapman got the Yankees torres. Iggy is on that level to demand a top prospect and the twins don’t have the guys.

      • Doug Gray

        Yes they do. Royce Lewis. Problem is, they won’t be trading him.

  15. Jim Delaney

    If you look at the AL, the Twins look like a strong contender to compete for wildcard with Red Sox, Yankees next season.. the AL has a top 5 that includes the Twins with other teams trying to catch them.
    The Reds are a team that you have no idea where they are at and an ownership group that seems split on the direction of the franchise. If Reds make Ilglesias available many teams would have interest and the Reds should wait to see how the Wade Davis and Greg Holland market play out. If the Cubs and Rockies don’t secure a closer.they both could be interested in Ilglesias… the Cubs have young major league ready talent to move and Rockies have plenty of prospects and/or young talent that would be intriguing to acquire…
    If the Dodgers lose Morrow, they might also habe strong interest in Ilglesias… they have young major league talent and prospects they might we willing to move…

  16. The Duke

    In talks with the Nats at the 2017 trade deadline, they supposedly insisted on Robles plus a couple other pieces, hence why the talks never went far (and surprise surprise the Nats choked out of the playoffs yet again, wasting their Harper years). With 4 years of team control, the Reds asking price is sky high. I doubt they make a trade without getting Royce Lewis back in return.

    Royce Lewis
    Alex Kiriloff
    Blayne Enlow

    That’s a lot of guys who haven’t played full season ball yet, but that is 3 first round talent level picks (with Lewis being the latest #1 overall) and I want the Reds to swing for the fences for once rather than “close to majors” guys.

    • Jonathan Linn

      I would agree with you. Cash in for the big pay day for once. I’m sure one of our other SP’s could fill in for Ilglasis.

    • Wes

      That’s market value imo. I’d do that if I’m both sides. One thing I like about Lewis post draft is that he has potential to stick at short still.

      Also, if reds do that they may be signaling they don’t think this coming version of team is ready to compete at a high level. Hence the rebuild continues. I’m sure many fans will be very upset if that’s the case but I’m all for that if management believes it. I’d rather wait another 2 seasons and have a chance to compete for a World Series then spend a couple seasons competing for wc.

      • The Duke

        It weakens the team right now, but strengthens the team post 2020. By 2021, you’d have a lineup of:

        Taylor Trammell, CF
        Royce Lewis, SS
        Joey Votto, 1B
        Nick Senzel, 2B
        Jesse Winker, LF
        Eugenio Suarez, 3B
        Alex Kiriloff, RF
        Tucker Barnhart, C

        Castillo and Stephenson would be in their primes, Hunter Greene would be just arriving. The potential there is huge.

      • wes

        Looks better than what reds can put on field today…can they bite the bullet and spend another 2 seasons rebuilding? Let Cards and Cubs get a little older while building deep organizational strength???

        If they wait, most important part is that you now are not looking to deal Trammel/Mahle while open up a different group of candidates to trade. You will see a flux of guys move to pen and if that’s Garrett, Finnegan, and Reed- gives you next wave of potential back end lefty studs.

      • Doug Gray

        The longer you wait, the worse Joey Votto gets. That’s never a good plan to let the best player you may have ever had keep getting worse before you try to compete.

      • The Duke

        If you think the Reds have enough up and coming arms to have a viable bullpen even without Iglesias, then it’s a marginal trade off.

      • Wes

        If they aren’t trading Buxton or Lewis then they aren’t in trade market for elite closer. So if they sign Holland or wade to 50 mil plus And forfeit a pick. who says they don’t pick at top of 2019 draft and they loose that pick anyway? Save the money.

        I can easily justify trading either player if I’m twins. You can hide Billy’s bat in AL easier than NL so if u bring him back for Buxton who hit 253 w 150 Ks then it’s not to big of a drop off.

        With Lewis- yeah they took him first but possibly more for signability. He was 3/4 on a lot of lists. If this is your window to win then trading him doesn’t hinder that at all. So if you trade Lewis for a closer and then sign a different free agent other than closer- your team is better than last year. It’s what cubs do and they won 1.

      • Doug Gray

        You can’t justify trading Buxton at this point. He’s a borderline all-star right now and he hasn’t scratched the surface offensively.

        With Lewis – you can justify it. But not for a relief pitcher.

        And the Twins aren’t the Cubs. They can’t just buy what they need. They’ve got to have a long term outlook that’s very different from that of the Cubs.

      • Wes

        Yankees have their future ss for a closer….

        Buxton has never put a full season together. He’s all hype to this point. If this is your ur window you can trade him and/or Lewis.

        How many players in the history of mlb would you take 7 years of playing time over a World Series championship? You trade your assets when time is right and time has arrived for twins

      • Doug Gray

        Byron Buxton isn’t all hype. Buxton, thanks to the best defense and baserunning in baseball, was worth 3.5 WAR (FG) or 5.1 WAR (BRef) this year. That’s a borderline All-Star (usually 4-4.5 WAR is an All-Star caliber player). He’s a building block, not a trade asset.

      • Wes

        In 2012 i read a dozen mock drafts that all had Buxton going 1 to Houston right up to draft day and it was a bit of a shocker when they took Correa over him. Would they have won it if Buxton was pick?

        Buxton career 237, 295, 406
        Correa 288,366, 498 and is younger.

        Buxton may be an all star soon and stay that way for a while but as of now he’s no where near the player expected when drafted

      • Doug Gray

        Buxton hasn’t been as good as expected, yet, and no, I doubt the Astros win in 2017 if they took Buxton instead of Correa, but that doesn’t change anything that I’ve said: He’s a borderline All-Star caliber player right now who hasn’t even scratched the surface. They aren’t trading him, nor should they even consider it unless it’s for someone like Carlos Correa.

    • HavaKlu

      I really think your valuing Iglesias way to high. Don’t think the Twins would even trade Lewis straight up for Iglesias, let alone including Kirilloff and Enlow.

      • Craig

        I think he is valuing Iglesias exactly how the Reds should value him: bring back an elite return, or keep him. I would classify Duke’s proposal as an “elite return,” even though I prefer pieces that focus on making the Reds competitive by 2019.

  17. Cguy

    Interesting topic, but I still believe the Nationals to be the best trading partner with the Reds for Iglesias. Robles, Kieboom, & 1 of their catchers (Read, Severino) would be a great return & targets positions the Reds need improvement in.Cguy

  18. Shamrock

    How about we package Rasiel/Homer/Mesoraco for a few prospects to a large market team?
    It’d be a sweet savings of $62,000,000 (including Homer’s $5M 2020 buyout)

    We could then spend that $62M to buy us between 4-6 quality free agents (who are still actually performing well) this winter…….

    • Doug Gray

      That sounds like a terrible idea.

      And no team would give you anything in return. Nor would they take on the full contract, so you’d have to also PAY them money to take that deal.

      • Shamrock

        The way I see it:
        6 proven mlb players in their prime making $10M a year > a prime Ig and two guys who’ve already flamed out > two or three guys who may never even sniff The Bigs

  19. MichaelA

    If I am the Reds, I am looking to see if this can be spun into a three team deal. The Reds have glaring needs in CF and SS. What would the Reds need to add to the deal to address these needs? What would it take to make this a three team deal to acquire Yelich? Or a high level SS? It’s my opinion that the Reds should be looking to acquire MLB talent over prospects at this point. The nucleus that the Reds have is getting close but they need more impact bats to compete. This is “assuming” health in the rotation and a pitching prospect or 2 starts to turn the corner.

  20. Arnold Ziffle

    The Reds would have to ask for Royce Lewis in any such scenario. Lewis, RHP Fernando Romero and OF LaMonte Wade would be a very good haul for Iglesias. Even though I am hesitant on trading Iglesias and think the Reds should keep him, if they can get an overpay, go for it. I just don’t see the Twins over paying. Keep the sights set on Lewis in any talks, or pass.

  21. Jonathan Linn

    What did the Braves get for Shleby Miller? I would think that would be a good baseline for the Reds…

  22. Clammy

    What would it take to pry Ian Happ from the Cubs? He was playing multiple positions for them, including CF. If they don’t resign Davis, they’ll need a closer.

  23. Norwood Nate

    Any deal with the Twins absolutely must start with Lewis or Buxton. Anything less is a waste of the Reds time, IMO. I’m not at all interested in Gordon as the reports seem to indicate he won’t stick at SS. We don’t need any more 2B prospects, and should try to sell some of the 2B guys we have. They got a couple interesting secondary pieces but only the previously mentioned Lewis or Buxton as headliners would get me interested.

  24. DanD

    I see the Giants are interested in Jackie Bradley, should the Reds also be interested and what would it take to get him?

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds should be interested in almost every starting center fielder in Major League Baseball.

  25. donny

    To me its got to start with Lewis or a trade won’t happen. To me Gordon and Gonsalves are vastly over rated. Gordon still is a top 100 guy but to me he would be around the middle around 50-55. Gonsalves has no business even being in the top 100. I really don’t think the reds would want Gordon. I am not sure he’s much of a upgrade over Peraza . With Gordon a bit more power, Peraza more speed.

    I feel that it will take LEWIS, and 2 of these 6 guys.
    Fernando Romero, Alex Kirilloff, Tyler Jay, Brusdar Graterol, Blayne Enlow, Brent Rooker.

    • donny

      I guess it could happen with 4 of those guys i mentioned of the six. If the reds don’t get a better deal with a higher top prospect guy.

    • donny

      I don’t think the Twins will trade Lewis this early or for a relief pitcher. I think there willing to trade Gordon and Gonsalves and that’s why the made the phone call.

  26. KyWilson

    Look at what the Yankees got for Chapman and Miller. Those are starting points for the Reds. They would have to include Lewis+ another elite prospect+a high risk high reward pitcher like Burdi or the Reds should hang up immediately

      • The Duke

        Exactly. If a team isn’t willing to overpay for Iglesias, then we’ll just have to have one of the best relief pitchers in the game. Oh, darn.

  27. William

    I watched the Twins AA team everyday this year, and in my opinion, Nick Gordon will not be sticking at short stop. His arm is graded as a 55 on and that is a generous grade. If there was ever a ball hit to his arm-side that required him going in the 5-6 hole, he just didn’t have the arm strength to make plays even close. I ultimately believe he moves over to 2B and Jermaine Palacios takes over at SS.

    From the AA team, I would look to target Fernando Romero first and foremost, he was 97-100 with decent offspeed stuff. He may end up in the bullpen at some point, but he could be absolutely dominant there.
    The next player I would target is Lamonte Wade, he had a better eye at the plate than any player I saw this year and I saw Senzel for 5 games. He doesn’t have a great arm either, but he has good reactions in the outfield and good power to the pull side. However, the Reds have several options with similar ceilings to Wade, so he may not be a target.
    Aside from that, Stephen Gonsalves is solid, but I don’t see the Twins giving him up. Felix Jorge has a solid 4 pitch mix with an above average changeup, Zack Littell and Kohl Stewart could be interesting players as well.

    The players I would like to see them acquire are Romero, Brusdar Graterol (BIG upside), and one of Wander Javier, Zack Granite or Palacios.

  28. Mango

    No thanks. Could I interest you in a Michael Lorenzen instead? Perhaps for Mitch Garver.

  29. daTrojan

    Ok, I get the risk vs reward thing,but Iglasias is the best player on the team not named Joey Votto.
    i’m taking the low road here but i start trade talks with the mets, they need a corner outfielder and a second baseman and dont want to spend a ton we have a glut of both, Gsellman could be had here

    • Doug Gray

      I’d have a very hard time making the argument that Iglesias is anywhere near as valuable as Suarez is.

      • daTrojan

        point taken, Im just a pitching guy and when theres a lead in the 9th inning i love that security that 90% of the time the game is in the bag

      • Doug Gray

        Almost any decent reliever can close out games at a high rate.

      • The Duke

        Francisco Cordero was as effective for the Reds as Aroldis Chapman was as a closer.

  30. Chris

    Votto might be best reds ever had? Better then 4256?? Joke. Bad deal to lock him in so long, has hurt club and never will win unless trade.

    • Shamrock

      I wouldn’t mind unloading Votto/Bailey/Mesoraco for a bag of donuts just as long as the money is almost immediately recirculated back into the system (free agents, hiring a real manager, international market)

      • Doug Gray

        For that money you might be able to replace Votto’s value on the market. Maybe. He’s severely underpaid for his current production.

    • Doug Gray

      Joey Votto has EASILY been the best HITTER this franchise has ever seen. He doesn’t yet have the longevity of Rose, Bench or Larkin. But for the time he’s been a Red, at the plate, there’s not an argument that anyone has been as good of a hitter. Joey Votto has posted a 158 OPS+, meaning he’s been 58% better than the league average hitter.

      Pete Rose, your example of how my statement is a joke, literally never posted an OPS+ better than 158. He reached 158 one time in his entire career. Pete was a very good hitter who was capable of staying healthier than just about anyone ever. He was never as good of a hitter as Joey Votto was.

      Johnny Bench topped a 158 OPS+ once. When he had a 166 mark in 1972.

      Barry Larkin topped out at 155.

      Joe Morgan had three seasons top 158 OPS+ as a Red.

      Frank Robinson had four seasons top a 158 OPS+ as a Red. His 150 OPS+ as a Red ranks second to Votto in organizational history.

  31. Steve

    Iglesias to Houston for tucker plus or nats for Robles plus.

    Suarez and Hamilton to yanks for gleybar Torres.

    Duvall to someone for an ok controllable reliever.

    1. Winker LF
    2. Gennett 2b
    3. Votto 1B
    4. Senzel 3B
    5. Schebler RF
    6. Robles CF
    7. Torres SS
    8. Barnhart

    Use this year to let our three mega prospects figure it out in the bigs and to sort out all the young rotation pieces. Failed starters go to bullpen. In 2019 you spend big either trade or free agency on SP or RP. 2020 world series