The 2016 season came to an early end for Miles Gordon with a shoulder injury after just three weeks. In 2017 he returned to Billings and decided to make up for lost time. In the eight games during June he went out and hit .367/.472/.533 with two doubles and a home run. He would also steal three bases and walk six times with just three strikeouts.

July just kept things going for Miles Gordon. In the first week the 19-year-old hit .385 with a triple and two home runs. The second week was more of the same as he hit .368 with three doubles. He also walked five times with just one strikeout during the week. The outfielder would slump in the third week of the month, going just 4-21 (.190). Not to be deterred, Gordon rebounded in the final seven games and hit .375 with two more home runs. For the month he would hit .333/.402/.578 with four home runs, 11 walks and 20 strikeouts.

The first week of August got out to a slow start and that extended into the second week. On the 14th, Miles Gordon put together a huge game. In a 12 inning, 17-14 win, he went 4-7 with a walk, two doubles, a triple, three runs and drove in four. The slump would continue over the next week, though, outside of that one game. Things turned around down the final stretch of the season. In the last 15 games of the year he would hit .333 with four doubles, a triple and two home runs. The strong close put him at .295/.355/.491 in the final 30 games.

The Reds sent Miles Gordon to join the Dayton Dragons in the playoffs to fill in for an injury. He was only there for one game, though and did not play. The Dragons would lose the game and their season would end without Gordon getting an appearance.

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Miles Gordon Spray Chart

Miles Gordon Scouting Report

Hitting | While he’s improved his average every year so far in his career, he mostly shows an average hit tool. He’s a very pull oriented hitter and some scouts do express some concerns with the swing – though I don’t see the issues.

Power | Gordon showed off good pop in Billings, but the league is considered one of the most hitter friendly in baseball, too. There’s a chance for him to hit 10-15 home runs in the future.

Running | He’s got above-average speed.

Arm | He shows an average arm.

Defense | In 2017 Miles Gordon split time in center and in right field. He’s capable of handling both position, though his arm plays better in center than it does in right field.

Miles Gordon had a bit of a breakout season with Billings in 2017. The 19-year-old hit very well, and showed off a well rounded game. As a center fielder, his bat looks like it could play well. While he won’t jump out at you as a center fielder – no one will confuse him with Billy Hamilton, for example, he’s fully capable of playing the position. He’s got solid or better tools across the board and some evaluators I spoke with were quite high on him. A few others were less enthusiastic, but saw things that they did like. He’s still quite young, he’ll be just 20 next season. If he doesn’t fill out and lose the speed to handle center field, there’s a nice profile for a center fielder with Gordon.

10 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      A guy with 5 potential average or better big league tools isn’t a real prospect?

  1. The Duke

    How does one hit a double to the shortstop?

    It’s been interesting to watch Gordon progress in his first few years. He was a toolsy guy in the 2015 draft (only 17 when we drafted him) and he has progressed bit by bit each year. Sounds like he’ll be relegated to the corners a bit in 2018 with both Fairchild and Sugilio likely playing in the same outfield with him in Dayton. Looking forward to seeing him live.

    • Doug Gray

      Blooper. Diving deflection. In this case it was on a pop up. Lost in the lights, perhaps? Maybe one of those “you’ve got it”, “no, you’ve got it” situations.

    • Stock

      Could be a dive that tips off the SS glove and by the time he gets up and tracks it down near the left field line Gordon is standing on 2B

  2. Piggly Wiggly

    Miles Gordon is poised to be a very good CF/OF in the Reds organization. Reds are getting very deep in OF in the minors. That doesn’t bode well for the Reds 3 current OFers.

  3. MK

    His game in Dayton was certainly a wasted plane flight. He got stuck in Chicago and didn’t arrive until the 4th inning.

    • The Duke

      They should have let him pinch hit just for the potential story it could have been.

      “Flight delayed, didn’t arrive until the 4th inning, had just got his uniform on, walked out and smoked a double into right center”