The Cincinnati Reds have reportedly agreed to allow Tim Adleman to sign with the Samsung Lions in the Korean Baseball Organization. The right hander led the Reds in innings pitched during 2017 and was on the 40-man roster until the signing was made official. The roster now sits at 39.

It’s a nice payday for Tim Adleman, who will reportedly get a $100,000 signing bonus and earn just over $1M in salary during the 2018 season. Had he played a full season in the Major Leagues in 2018 he would have made just over half of that base salary – earning the league minimum.

The Reds signed Tim Adleman in 2014 out of an independent league as essentially minor league depth. He spent most of his time that season in the bullpen for Pensacola, posting a 2.85 ERA in 79.0 innings. The next year he moved into the rotation for the Blue Wahoos and posted a 2.64 ERA in 150.0 innings. He was a bit older than most guys in Double-A, but he showed enough stuff that the organization saw that perhaps he could help out the big league team. In 2016 he would get his chance to do just that.

With the injuries piling up, and success in Triple-A, the Reds called Tim Adleman up to the Major Leagues. He made 13 starts with Cincinnati and posted a 4.00 ERA. In 2017 he saw more action with the Reds, making 20 starts and another 10 relief appearances. His ERA jumped up to 5.52 as he tossed a team best 122.1 innings.

Does this open up a spot for the Rule 5 draft?

The Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster now has an open spot. That could mean the organization looks at filling things out in the Rule 5 draft. In two weeks at the end of the winter meetings the teams will all gather to participate in the Rule 5 draft and look to add talent to the organization. There are some interesting names out there. Expect the Reds to pour through them all, looking for someone who could possibly provide options at shortstop, center field or on the mound. Starting next week we will begin looking at some of the options the Reds could take.


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  1. CP

    Well good for Adleman! To think just a few years ago he was bagging groceries to make ends meet, and now he will be getting a million dollar pay day this next year.

    I know he wasn’t the best for the Reds, but he served a purpose while the rebuild was happening. I wish him all the best in Korea.

    • RedsinWashSt

      Am I the only one who would be worried about spending a year in S. Korea. With the North Korea problem I wouldn’t want to be in South Korea next year. If the US goes after Little Kim (rocket man) like some think, missiles may start flying to the south.

      • Simon Cowell

        I perform services in south east Asia. I can assure you that South Korea is one of the safest countries in Asia. They firmly believe that the U.S. Will protect them from any hostility from the North.

      • Shamrock

        Ehh, if someone promised me a million dollars just to fly over and play a game for a year…….I’d take the chance

  2. The Duke

    Wow, I’m a bit surprised. I thought he would have been a good option to use next season as a long man out of the bullpen. Maybe he asked and the Reds thought his options going into next year weren’t as good as that and he just wants to play. I wish him well.

      • Shamrock

        Big difference being that Max actually knows how to hit a baseball and would be a potential + bench bat.
        Additionally, he has some history of injuries and could therefore probably be stashed on the DL for a good portion of the ’18 campaign. (similar to Burdi)
        I mean, i wish there was a top SS prospect available in this year’s Rule 5, but there just isn’t……yet there is a catcher who has drawn comps to a young Craig Biggio……guys with Pentecost’s ceiling don’t grow on trees.

    • The Duke

      I like the idea of Nick Burdi. We can stash him while he rehabs from TJS, then use him as a middle reliever while he gets healthy after the max length rehab assignment, and once he reaches enough days send him down to AAA if he needs more seasoning. Getting a potential closer in the rule 5 would be a nice get. The only concern is if he lasts until the 5th pick. This is a pretty good Rule 5 year imo, there will be some good options even at the 5th pick.

      • Doug Gray

        Yeah, I would not be opposed to grabbing Burdi at all. Not sure he will be there or not, but if he is, I’d really consider taking him.

      • MK

        I would be in the Burdi zone as well. I think they have allocated a lot of resources to catching already.

    • Colorado Red

      He may not be there at 5.
      He is one of the top rule 5 prospects.
      Plus the Reds have the guy from last year.

      • The Duke

        Stuart Turner can be sent to AAA now. You are only required to keep a rule 5 pick on the active roster for the full season of the year they are picked. The only caveat is if they spend over half the season on the DL, then it can be extended into the next year by a certain amount that I can’t remember. Turner has options left and I expect he starts the year in Louisville as the every day catcher until Mesoraco inevitably gets hurt.

      • Colorado Red

        Agree with you Duke.
        If available, I would rather have Nick Burdi, as you said above.

    • Krozley

      Pentecost has had multiple shoulder surgeries and was shut down this year near the end of the Arizona Fall League due to shoulder pain. That is why the Blue Jays didn’t protect him. His days as a catcher could be over. No thanks.

  3. Piggly Wiggly

    Great move for ASdelman and the Reds. That 40-man spot is quite valuable right now.
    A Rule V pick possibly? Maybe.
    But, I think a free agent signing may also be on the horizon. I keep hearing and thinking the Reds are interested in free agent RH pitcher Miles Mikolas. He can be a starter, long reliever, or back end of the bullpen piece. A 2 year / $9M deal with bonuses for games started, like Feldman had, can get it done. It won’t break the Reds fragile piggy bank.

    • The Duke

      Long man maybe, but unless we’re hit with massive injuries yet again, I’d rather we role with the starters we have:

      Homer Bailey
      Anthony Desclafani
      Brandon Finnegan
      Luis Castillo
      Robert Stephenson
      Sal Romano
      Tyler Mahle
      Amir Garrett
      Cody Reed
      Jackson Stephens

      If we’re going to add a starter, we need to be adding talent, a mid rotation starter or better.

      • Doug Gray

        I wouldn’t even bother with a mid-rotation guy. If you aren’t getting a 1 or 2, I’ll rolling with what we’ve got.

      • Piggly Wiggly

        He misses bats, doesn’t walk very many, has a good groundball rate, and he doesn’t give up a lot of HR’s.
        Yeah, the Reds don’t need to roll with someone like that. Especially at GABP.
        Go with the perennial high BB rates / high HR rates of Garrett, Reed, and Stephenson, et al. This only guarantees another 90 loss season. I am tired of 90 loss seasons.
        The stagnant status quo.

      • Doug Gray

        Wait – who misses bats? You aren’t talking about Adleman, are you?

        If the Reds have their way their rotation is going to be Castillo, Bailey, DeSclafani, Finnegan and one of the other young guys.

        Whether that’s Romano, Stephenson, Mahle, Garrett or maybe Reed.

        Stephenson got clobbered in a few outings in the first half when he went 5+ days without being used. It really skewed his overall stat line. He still walks too many guys, but your high HR rate thing may be a bit of a stretch. In the second half of the season he threw 60.0 innings and allowed 5 home runs.

        Garrett was dealing with the hip issue far longer than he initially led on. That probably had at least something to do with how his season turned out.

        Tyler Mahle – we’ll see. But he’s never had a home run issue in the minors.

      • The Duke

        Lets not fall in love with the stats a guy put up in Japan in his prime years. While close last year, he never had more K’s than IP in Japan. Maybe he improved in that time, it’s worth a look, but to think he’s automatically going to be a difference making starter? I’d be trusting my scouts on that one.

        Maybe we should sign Chris Marrero and Wily Mo Pena to solidify the middle of our order while we’re at it. They were 7th and 13th in OPS in Nippon last season after all.

      • wes

        depends what mid rotation guy. I think Jake Odorizzi is an upgrade and would be a good target if he was open to signing an extension. He was Tampa’s 3/4 guy but put up good numbers when healthy. Also wouldn’t be pitching in AL East anymore which should help his ERA a ton.

    • HavaKlu

      Why on earth would you give a 2 year $9M deal to a guy who has not missed many bats and has such limited ML experience.?

      • Piggly Wiggly

        Not talking about Adelman, DG, talking about Mikolas.
        Go to Baseball Reference, here:
        Look under Standard Pitching and click on Minors and that will also bring up his 3 years in Japan.
        2017 = 14-8, 2.25 ERA, 188.0 IP, 162 H, 10 HR, 23 BB, 187 K. That is a 0.984 WHIP, 7.8 H/9, 0.5 HR/9, 1.1 BB/9, 9.0 K/9.
        What Reds younger pitcher that is ML ready has anything close to resembling this, besides Castillo and Mahle? N-O-B-O-D-Y.
        Mikolas is only 28 and will be 29 next season. He isn’t on the + side of 30.
        Yeah, maybe you are right, nothing to see here, move on. Nothing to get excited about. We don’t want such a pitcher to pollute the stagnant waters of the Cincinnati pitching corps.

      • Doug Gray


        As far as Mikolas – the numbers in Japan are great, but without a scouting report, I don’t think we should be trying to compare what he could do to what others could.

      • Arnold Ziffle

        Mikolas would be a nice one to take a serious look at. Looking at his Japan stats, he looks like a positive for GABP.
        I read somewhere last month his stuff in Japan was good, very good command, fastball in the 92-94 range, has a sinker, has a starters repertoire and had improved considerably on one of his off-speed pitches, maybe his slider. Something changed for him over his 3 years in Japan.
        It could end up being a big steal from Asia similar to Milwaukee’s signing last year of Eric Thames.
        I like the risk, and love the possible reward it could pay.

  4. HavaKlu

    I see Kevin Shackelford getting a good shot at being a middle or long reliever.

  5. Brad

    I think D-Backs bought low on Brad Boxberger. Hope it works out. Would have liked to see Reds make the move. Two years of Arbitration for a Low-A, 22 year old SP, not in BA Top 10, somewhere 15-18 in system by other rankings.

    • Doug Gray

      I basically said the same thing on twitter. I’d have loved to see the Reds make that kind of move.

    • Kap

      Tampa got fleeced. I know Boxberger was injured this post season but still. Thought he would have been a lot more expensive in terms of prospects than that

    • Patrick

      Boxberger is really is a guy I thought was a great target for the Reds to get. I mentioned getting quite a few times. I did not think he would be dealt for so little.

      Hand and Streckenrider are still two targets to help the pen

  6. Shamrock

    Let’s compare this year’s Rule 5 to the Ohio Lottery:

    Looks like a bunch of $1 and $2 scratch-offs. Perhaps even a couple of $5 ones.

    Kohl Stewart = $10 ticket
    Nick Burdi = $20 ticket

    Max Pentecost = the only Powerball ticket out of the whole lot of ’em

    Who’d like to see the Reds place a very small gamble on the highest potential payout?

    • Colorado Red

      Depends on who is available at 5.
      (not sure what the 1 – 4 40 man looks like it)
      I expect Nick Burdi or Max Pentacost will be gone.
      But if a SS is there, may be worth the pick.

      • The Duke

        I won’t be surprised if Pentacost doesn’t even get picked. He wasn’t a great defensive catcher before the shoulder injuries. He’d be a 1B/DH pinch hitter than can’t start or likely hit all that well at the major league level in 2017. It’d be tough to carry that all year. At least Stuart Turner filled some solid defensive innings for us at catcher when Mesoraco was hurt.

  7. Krozley

    I think before Spring Training, the Reds will add to the big league roster someone who can play shortstop and at least one relief pitcher. Whether one of those come from the Rule 5 draft remains to be seen. Barring a trade, that would mean someone else currently on the 40 man could be dropped, probably Shackelford or Crockett.

    The President of the Daytona Tortugas, Ryan Keur, was named minor league executive of the year by BaseballAmerica. That’s nice.

  8. Shamrock

    Mez = last year of a bad contract (possible retirement?)
    Barnhart = serviceable guy (top 25 MLB catcher?)
    Turner = career backup
    TySteve= hopefully a bona-fide stud….but also could bust
    Okey = bust
    Clementine = $1 scratch off

    I would feel a little more comfortable if we had at least 2 potential MLB starters out of our minor league catching corps.

    Pentecost would be #2
    Actually kinda curious….out of Max/Tyler who has the highest upside at this point….

    And Duke, I beg to differ…….Stu Turner and Max Pentecost were both Johnny Bench Award winners (best college catcher of the year when they were drafted).

    • The Duke

      Max Pentecost has caught 30 regular season milb games since being drafted in 2014. He missed all of 2015 because of shoulder surgery, DH’d all of 2016 because of the shoulder, and caught 20 games in 2017 while still in A ball.

      He caught back to back games once in the AFL at the end of October, and then 5 days later they shut him down from throwing for the rest of the AFL.

      He’d be a pure stash and sit as a 25 year old who hasn’t played above A ball yet, maybe getting a few pinch hit opportunities. I don’t think he gets picked at all.

      • Shamrock

        You’re right
        While the combo of talent and athleticism is there (think Jason Kendall), he’s constantly battled the injury bug ever since Day 1 and there’s a huge chance that he will remain “snake bit” and thus never put it all together. (that’s the reason why the Blue Jays left him unprotected).

        However, if he can beat the injury bug, puts it all together, and actually “Max’s out his Pentecost Potential”….then we’re looking at having an elite Top 10 Starting Catcher for about 5-6 years (2020-2025).

        These other guys (Burdi, Stewart, et al) probably max out as serviceable middle relief.
        While a guy like Charcer Burks maxes out as a reliable 5th outfielder/pinch hitter.

        Thus, Max the catcher has the the highest possible upside out there, and as such, is the one I would like to see us take a flier on.

      • Doug Gray

        Uh, Nick Burdi has thrown 103 MPH in the past. He’s got more than “servicable middle reliever” max out possibility. And for me, I’ll take a guy recovering from Tommy John over a guy at any position with multiple shoulder injuries. Sure, there’s some upside with Pentecost. But his floor is that he’s a servicable first baseman in Triple-A, too. Burdi, for example, has the upside of an elite closer. His floor, of course, is never recovered from Tommy John surgery and topped out in Double-A.

    • Madtree Galaxy High

      Shamrock, your name may be lucky, but I asked my ouija board about Pentecost. It said to be aware as his name is far too similar to a pentagram which we all know means he’s Satan. We’ve seen witchcraft before on this team (look as they perform the perfect pentagram).

      If Pentecost had been the catcher, who knows what devilry we would’ve seen!

      • Colorado Red

        Pentecost is the day the holy spirit came upon the believers.
        That being said, this site is about BASEBALL.

    • Colorado Red

      Barnart GOLD GLOVE Catcher.
      A bit above average offensively.
      Top 15 catcher easy.

      • Greenfield Red

        I completely agree about Barnhart. In the upper half of all major league catchers. If he can find another 10 home runs a year, he’s top 3.

      • Doug Gray

        Given that he can’t hit 10 home runs to begin with, finding another 10 seems like a big stretch.

  9. Hingle

    Doug I hear Ian happ is available. As a gm, I would trade either peralta or Iglesias. What do you think? Hopefully I spelled that right.

    • Doug Gray

      The Cubs would laugh uncontollably at an offer of Peralta. Iglesias though, could be a good start, but I think they’d require more. He’s an every day player with tons of team control left.

  10. Arnold Ziffle

    Not every team in the Rule V draft takes players. The teams ahead of the Reds at 1-4 may, or may not select someone. Once a team passes, they fall out of the draft. I believe there are only 2 rounds. If teams 1-4 pass, the Reds would have the first selection, or possibly a second selection depending on how many pass. I would expect 1 or 2 teams ahead of the Reds to pass.
    Burdi could possibly be there for Cincinnati, if they are interested.

    • The Duke

      Teams at the top of the rule 5 rarely pass. It’s typically bad teams who have room to stash people who many need more time.