The Cincinnati Reds claimed left handed pitcher Kyle Crockett on November 27th off of waivers from the Cleveland Indians. On Friday the team non-tendered him, making him a free agent. The question is, why claim him only to non-tender him a few days later? The best reason that I can think of is that it does give you a short term negotiating period with the player for a minor league contract for the 2018 season.

Now, you can question whether that exclusive negotiating window was worth the price of the waiver claim. It costs a team $20,000 to claim a player on waivers. If the player does re-sign with you, then it was probably worth it. However, if the player moves into free agency and doesn’t re-sign, that money goes to waste and probably could have been better utilized.

Takeaways from Redsfest

The biggest take away from Redsfest this weekend is that I am out of shape. My calves are not thrilled today about all of the walking (27,000 steps and almost no sitting down during either day). Enough about me, though. From the Cincinnati Reds perspective, there were a couple of things that stood out to me.

Listening to the players give their interviews on the Reds on Radio stage, over and over, they all seemed to think that the team can do something in 2018 if they can remain healthy by having the best diet and supplements as Kratom, you can find more about Kratom in this site. I don’t think they are wrong in that thinking, either; however, I think it would be a good idea if they would know How to increase testosterone with exercise as well. The big question, and rightfully so, is whether they can be healthy.

The pitching that they are counting on in the rotation has real concerns with injury at this point. It’s possible that they can put it behind them, or that young guys can step in for them if they can’t. But, that’s what leaves the team with such a large set of error bars when projecting them for next season. If they are healthy, I don’t think anyone would be shocked if the team went out and won 86 games and competed for a wild card spot. But, if they aren’t healthy, winning 73 games also seems reasonable.

Counting on Jose Peraza

Not that you would expect to see Bryan Price or Dick Williams publicly toss a player under the bus, but both of them spoke well about Jose Peraza and what they believe he is capable of. They noted his struggles in 2017, particularly in the 1st half, but both mentioned in different interviews on the Reds on Radio stage and the main stage his second half improvements at the plate. Peraza upped his plate discipline and walk rate significantly in the second half, but still didn’t show much power to speak of. Both also spoke well of Peraza’s defense at shortstop. I still believe they need to go out and acquire a backup shortstop for 2018 as insurance of some kind in case he repeats 2017, but it’s good to hear that the team is showing some confidence in him.

I tweeted this out during the event, but for those who may have missed it, Dick Williams was asked about Shohei Ohtani and the Reds pursuit of him. Outside of talking about how good of a player he is, he spoke of their pitch. Ohtani’s agency requested information from teams on a few fronts, but one was why would the organization be a good fit. The Reds front office, some players and others worked together to try and put together a message as to why Cincinnati and the Reds would be a good fit. He didn’t get specific about what exactly they stated, but it was good to see that they brought in player ideas as well. Williams also noted that they hope that they can pull of a miracle and bring him in.

The legend of Hunter Greene

Hunter Greene is already a superstar. Every year at Redsfest the Major Leaguers tend to be mobbed when they walk from appearance to appearance. Everyone there recognizes them. The Minor League guys, however, aren’t as recognizable. They are wearing the alternate gray jerseys, and while they generally do stand out physically, they aren’t the “household faces” that fans recognize. That wasn’t the case for Hunter Greene. I saw him make several appearances away from the autograph/photo lines and in terms of fan attraction, it was like most of the Major League guys. It was something to see.



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  1. Piggy Wiggly

    I didn’t get the maneuvering the Reds did with Crocket. It made no sense with the Reds need for LH relievers. If that 40 man spot is needed, why make the waiver claim. It isn’t about the Rule V draft. A bit peculiar, the Reds may have a more established non-tender in mind.

      • Arnold Ziffle

        That is a Roman numeral for five. That is the way it has always been written. Taken from MLB.
        I’ve seen you mistakenly correct others on this.

      • IndyRedsFan


        You are the one that is incorrect here. If you read the MLB Rules, you will see it listed as Rule 5. not Rule V. (I realize that V is the roman numeral for 5, but the rules use standard numbers.)

        Lot of people mistakenly use Rule V, but that doesn’t make it right.

        The June amateur draft is the Rule 4 draft. (not the IV draft)

    • Colorado Red

      Wonder why they did not just DFA him?
      If I was him, I would see who else is interested.

    • RFM

      By resigning Kyle Crockett to a minor league deal we can see what they wanted. The nontender and sign result is basically the same as the common claim and DFA move.

      Crockett knew from the waiver claim that the organization placed value on him, and the Reds have a pretty open bullpen situation, especially for a lefty. Who knows if they’d have been able to sign him if approaching him as one of 29 random teams pursuing an Indians free agent?

  2. Kap

    As for a backup shortstop idea, Ryan Goins from the blue jays is now a free agent. At the very least, he can be a defensive replacement who is versatile enough to play elsewhere.

  3. Hingle McCringleberry

    Like I keep saying, this front office has issues.

    • Hal

      14 teams are out, didn’t see Reds mentioned in that category. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

  4. Nate Adams

    Hunter Greene was awesome with the kids on Saturday! He read a story and then stuck around for about half an hour signing autographs and taking pictures. The smile he carried was awesome (I can imagine that is slightly annoying after a little while). I am excited to see him play in Dayton this year!

  5. Jasonp

    Just thought I would mention it here. There was a Red’s event recently where there was some kind of food involved and Barry Larkin and Eric Davis where there to talk.

    A friend of my Dad’s went to it and told him, from the answers to some of the questions to Larkin and Davis, it sounded to him like Larkin is to be the manager next year. They didn’t do it this year because they wanted what they thought would be a winning team before he takes over.

    I wasn’t there so I don’t know what words were used but that was the impression my Dad’s friend had.