While the Cincinnati Reds have not said anything to me, or anyone else about being contacted by Shohei Ohtani or his representation about a meeting next week, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs are the only two non-west coast teams he is interested in.

Over the weekend Dick Williams was on the main stage for a Q/A and he addressed the situation. He noted how well the regarded him as a player, but also said he’d love for them to pull off a miracle and sign him. That, of course, indicates that even they felt it was a long shot. Throughout the evening various teams have been reported as being told they are out of the running. It started with the Yankees, then the Red Sox, and then a few other teams trickled in.

About an hour after that word started coming out that Shohei Ohtani preferred a small market team. Shortly after that it was stated he preferred the west coast. The Cincinnati Reds, of course, only fill one of those check boxes. But, reports were that there may be a team or two not on the west coast that were still being considered.

Unfortunately for the Reds it seems that they aren’t one of them if Evan Grant is correct. We’ve seen reports that turned out to be incorrect in the past, so there’s always that chance, but there’s no reason to believe it’s incorrect, either. The Reds seem to be saying nothing right now. At this point in time it would seem that all of the teams have likely been informed of their status.


There is still no word from the Cincinnati Reds to any of the beat writers (or myself – I reached out to several people yesterday), but Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Reds aren’t one of the teams who will meet with him.


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  1. Stock

    Small market but the two non-west coast teams are in Chicago and Dallas. Doesn’t strike me as small market at all

  2. Kap

    Ken Rosenthal reported the status of the reds on ohtani is still unknown as well as thr astros

    • Kap

      Now their saying there are 7 finalists and the Reds are not one of them. That was fun while it lasted

  3. Simon Cowell

    Yeah…. I think it is an exercise in futility to chase the guy. Focus our resources on the obtainable not the impractical. We should target the Braves players that forced into free agency due to the Braves being cheaters.

    • Colorado Red

      These items are not mutually exclusive.
      You can use next years $$$ for the Atlanta players.
      I am sure the Reds still have 300K for this year.
      That being said, it may be a pipe dream, but once in a long while they happen

  4. donny

    The only ones that are small market on the west coast are the Padres,Mariners, and possibly the Giants.
    I really think its between the Padres and Giants.
    And if he wants to play for a more of a winning team then it may be the Giants.
    Giants could land both Stanton and Ohtani . Wouldn’t that be something.
    I am still going to go with the Padres as a bit of a underdog and out of the west coast teams they are the only ones i like. So kinda hoping the Padres if the reds can’t get him.

    • jbonireland

      If Ohtani were to go to the Giants and they get Stanton and say have to take on up to 250 mil of his contract over the next nine years, at some point they are really going to hamstring themselves when it comes to salary as Ohtani will get big bucks if he really is the second coming.

      • donny

        NO, the Giants aren’t a small market team, but there smaller than the Dodgers and Angels. And he all ready eliminated the A’s. Ohtani if i am not mistaken doesn’t want to play with a team that already has a Japanese player or if i am not mistaken nor does he want to play for a team that had one. So to me that eliminates Dodgers,Rangers,and Mariners. Despite he saying there in the running.

        To me only the Padres and Giants would make sense and maybe the Angels. If you look at all the reports or statements Ohtani has said about what he wants.

      • Doug Gray

        The rumor was that he didn’t want to be on a team that already had a Japanese star, not necessarily any Japanese player. I don’t recall ever seeing something about wanting to be where there had never been a Japanese star – I think that may have just been some wires getting crossed by someone.

    • wes

      I go back and forth on Stroman. Not sure why Jays would want to unload him for starts? Secondly, in perspective, it makes sense that what it would take to acquire him would be much less than a Chris Archer type but in reality, that’s not how typical baseball trades work. If they sell high on Stroman, then I think the trade package going to jays would be one of an ace value package. However, If you did get him for good value then his size surely comes into the equation. He is a winner though- that’s for sure!

      • Piggly Wiggly

        Perfectly suited for GABP. That is the buying point. GB rate. BB/9. HR/9.
        Archer would cost more in prospects.
        Stroman has 3 years left of team control. Jays have many holes to fill, both corner OF spots, 2B, 3B and 1B after 2018, CF if they move on from Pillar, and more pitching. One player could fill 3-4 holes at once.

  5. wes

    Can anyone out there justify the trade value of Stanton? I get he’s somewhat injury prone and has a long contract but at same time he’s reigning MVP and what he makes is at market value.

    The trade prospects seeing being offered from St Louis and San Fran is a complete joke imo for that caliber of player.

    • redleggingfordayz

      The issue here is, people are still under the mindset that because he is an MVP caliber player that they should receive a large prospect package in return. When in reality, his contract has been estimated to be at or below market value in the future. The Marlins are looking to dump as much of that contract as possible. They, and other front offices realize, that this transaction is coming down to how much of the salary they can take. The prospect return does not matter much to the current ownership group as they just want the future payroll space to redo the organization. This is not a standard case for baseball trades and it should not have the same standard applied to it.

    • Doug Gray

      The prospects being offered aren’t much because in order to get him you have to pay him $200+M.

    • wes

      There’s 40 guys on the books right now that are going to make 20+ next season. Behind Kershaw, Trout, Votto, and Harper– I have Stanton 5th on that list for total value. IMO he’s underpaid. I agree the length of contract is scary, but most are….

  6. MK

    Let me start out by saying I like living in Ohio. Face it, if the money is the same, and I would be three hours closer to home why would I pick Cincinnati over a place like San Diego.

    I do not believe they are showing their hand by leaking names or strategies, but never thought the Reds were in play..

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think the Reds ever thought they were too likely to be in play, either. Whenever Williams was asked about Ohtani, he used words like “longshot”, “miracle”. What I find strange, though, is that they aren’t talking.

      • Hoyce

        With the royals in reportedly “punt mode”
        Would the Reds pursuit of Danny Duffy make sense?
        I hoped he was part of the cueto trade-but didn’t happen
        What would it take u think?
        And as a Reds fan- I kinda hope the cards get Stanton. Chew up that payroll on a RF that is often injured. Good pitching is what scares me

      • Kap

        I have thought that in the past about Duffy, Hoyce. Frontline starter, lefty, good contract, and would cost less in prospects. Plus he has major playoff experience as well.

  7. Billy

    If Ohtani and his team already knew that he was leaning heavily toward the West Coast, why did they have all 30 teams send them a written plan?

    I think it is going to require a creative plan to make use of his skills in a way that he likes. I suspect that the Cubs and Rangers offered some outside the box ideas for how to use him, and he liked them. That’s why he’s keeping them in the mix. Then he can go to the west coast teams – where he really wants to play – and say, “The Cubs would have me do x, y, and z… Would you be willing to use me in that way?” He knows he has the leverage and that virtually everyone will be willing to match.
    Now he gets to be used the way he likes and he gets to play where he wants.

    Four of the remaining teams are NL teams, and I just don’t see him going there. I’ve already said that I believe the Rangers are essentially just leverage for negotiations with the west coast teams. That leaves the Angels and Mariners as the other possibilities. Just guessing, but I’d put odds around 40% to the Mariners, 35% to the Angels, and 25% to someone else.

    • Doug Gray

      Why? I’ll tell you.

      Let’s say you prefer the west coast, but you also prefer to both hit and pitch. What if the teams on the west coast are bringing you this offer: We have a plan to get you 175 innings and 150 at bats. But let’s say Cincinnati, for example, comes to you with a plan to give you 175 innings and 400 at-bats? What if a team has something that you, or your agents, simply never thought of in terms of a reason why a specific city would work for you? You ask because sometimes someone has something you didn’t consider that’s enough to change your mind.

      • Billy

        Yeah, but that’s kind of what I’m saying. I wrote the question as somewhat rhetorical, but it doesn’t seem to read that way in hindsight.

        I think he put the feeler out to see how teams would be willing to use him, took the idea he liked the best, and then went to the teams he’d really consider playing for and said, “Would you consider using me like team X is willing to?”

        For better or worse, I think everyone else was largely just being used to generate ideas.

      • greg

        Plus, it’s just plain fun to be recruited. So even if there were no practical purposes, why not?