In 2016 Jimmy Herget established himself as one of, if not the top relief prospect in the organization after dominating for Daytona. The Reds sent him out to Pensacola to begin the 2017 season and he picked up where he left off the season before. Over his first five appearances he allowed just two baserunners and struck out 13 of the 19 batters he faced in 6.0 shutout innings. Each outing had multiple strikeouts. Herget continued his shutout appearance streak into the third week of the season against Jacksonville with back-to-back shutout innings with a strikeout each. He ran into some struggles in the final week of April, though, allowing four runs in 5.0 innings. The right hander made 11 appearances with a 2.77 ERA in 13.0 innings with five walks and 23 strikeouts for the Blue Wahoos during the month.

After pitching on the final day of April, Jimmy Herget didn’t appear in a game until May 6th. He threw a perfect inning against Chattanooga with two strikeouts. He didn’t pitch again for five more days, throwing another 2.0 shutout innings. The first half of the month saw him make just three appearances. The second half of May saw more frequent action. Herget pitched in six games in the final two weeks of the month and allowed just one run in 7.1 innings. For May he posted a 0.79 ERA in 11.1 innings with four walks and 15 strikeouts.

June began well enough for Jimmy Herget with three straight shutout outings. It was his 4th outing of the month that put a real damper on things. On June 10th he allowed four earned runs while recording just one out. That would be his last appearance for Pensacola. Herget was promoted to Triple-A, but went nine days between appearances. The first outing with Louisville was good for 2.0 perfect frames and four strikeouts. The final four games of the month saw the righty throw 3.2 shutout innings with a walk and three strikeouts. That final game with Pensacola ballooned his ERA for the month to 4.38 on the month in 12.1 innings with four walks and 16 strikeouts.

Jimmy Herget continued the strong finish of June into the first three weeks of July. He only made five appearances, going 10 days between outings on July 6th and the 16th. In the final week of the month he would hit a bump in the road, allowing runs in two of the four games. On the 27th he allowed three runs in 0.1 innings, which was the big blow to his ERA during the month. Herget saw his strikeouts disappear during the month with just five in 11.0 innings to go with a 3.27 ERA.

The final full month of the season got out to a strong start for Jimmy Herget. His first four outings he tossed a shutout inning in each appearance. Over the next week things didn’t go as well for the former South Florida pitcher, though. He allowed five runs in three appearances. His outing on the 19th was the last time he gave up a run on the season. Herget closed out the year with six consecutive shutout appearances that spanned 7.0 innings. Over the final five weeks he posted a 3.14 ERA in 14.1 innings with 13 strikeouts and five walks.

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Jimmy Herget Scouting Report

Fastball | Most nights Jimmy Herget is throwing 91-94 MPH from a low 3/4 arm angle, almost sidearmed. Every so often he brings in the fastball in the 96 or 97 MPH range. The pitch shows good movement on the horizontal plane.

Slider | Herget’s slider works in the low 80’s. It’s an above-average offering that has more of a sweeping movement to it than a hard, downward break.

Jimmy Herget has dominated his way through the minor leagues, but he had some setbacks of sorts when he reached Triple-A. His strikeout rate dropped significantly at the level and he showed big splits, too. Against right handers in 20.2 innings he had a 0.87 ERA for the Bats. But against lefties his ERA was 6.94 in 11.2 innings. Small sample size issues are rampant there, but he did allow three home runs and had just eight strikeouts in that span.

He will generally throw strikes and his slider can be a put away pitch, particularly against right handers. There are some questions, though, about how effective he can be against lefties. His high fly ball rate could also be a little bit of a concern in a ballpark like Great American where fly balls tend to find the seats. His profile is that of a 7th inning reliever. Craftiness could allow his stuff to play up a little bit – he’ll change his timing to the plate, pause in the middle of his wind up, and alter his arm angle a little bit at times to mess with the hitter.


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  1. HavaKlu

    I’m really surprised that Herget has yet to have an arm injury. His motion puts a lot of stress on both the elbow and shoulder.

  2. Wes

    With the evolution of the importance of mid/late relief ima bit dumbfounded in why we don’t see more pitchers gravitate toward relief pitching even if they gotta pull a Chapman and say they want to be in relief. Garrett imo should have been on this track and maybe he wouldn’t be dealing with a lingering injury that may cripple his career. He was old coming in and if he came up as a closer vs starter he seems to profile better imo.

    I just don’t get the death bed conversion of your 26 and you didn’t make it as a starter so let’s try something else a la minor and Hunter. I also think there’s a learning curve to pitching in pen. You get room for error starting. How many times has cuato gave up 3 in the first and then gonon to pitch 6 more innings? In relief you gotta be spot on everytime.

    Anyway, herget is 24 and hope he gets a chance in spring training earn a spot in pen. Even if it’s as a righty specialist. Reds need all the help they can get !

  3. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hey doug this is a little off subject, but how much room do the reds have on the 40 man for the rule 5 draft and do you expect them to add a couple? There’s a lot of good talent available.

    • terry m


      Where are you seeing lists of names that may be available ?? I have looked around and can’t find information yet. I know BA will have a list and write ups but not yet..

      Thanks if u can help…

    • Piggly Wiggly

      You have to think that Nick Burdi and Kohl Stewart will be popular on Rule V draft day.
      Some of those other names are very intriguing for the Reds. Two that are more of 2B, than anything else, just what Cincinnati doesn’t need, are interesting.
      *The Braves Travis Demeritte (age 23) has some great power, good BB%, but a killer huge K%.
      *The Cubs Chesny Young (25) has no power, but speed, defense, and high contact rates.
      *The Mariners OF Ian Miller (25) could be a good pickup to backup CF. He seems ML ready and another with no power. But speed, defense and good OBP skills as his calling card might see him get selected. He definitely could be hidden on the Reds 25 man roster.
      A couple of ML ready pitchers that are a bit older might be of interest to the Reds too.
      *The TB Rays RHP Burch Smith (27) is a starter that could be used as a bullpen piece for 1 year. He has a sinker, and misses a lot of bats. He was injured early in 2014, had TJ surgery and missed all of the 2015 and 2016 seasons. He pitched fairly well in 2017. Low mileage arm.
      The Padres RHP Adam Cimber (27) is a reliever. He has been very consistent in the minors with low BB/9, low HR/9, low ERA, and a very good GB rate.
      Either of these two pitchers could be on the Reds 25 man roster all year.

  4. The Duke

    He won’t start the year on the Reds not being on the 40 man, but I expect we’ll see him in Cincy by June once the 60 day DL’s start piling up.

  5. Wes

    Be hard to think Shohei won’t be a ranger. They got most money and least amount of taxes, good weather, and a wellrun organization. I’m sure they are selling all that hard

    • Colorado Red

      But he seems to want to be on the left coast.
      I am still thinking the Mariners.

    • Kap

      Just ready for him to sign and Stanton to get traded so the rest of the market opens up. Getting a little tired of it honestly

      • wes

        Amazing the lack of depth at writers at!

        I don’t think Stanton is getting traded anytime soon. Doesn’t seem like he wants to play in StL or SF and I don’t think Miami is impressed with either offer anyway.

        Winter meetings are coming : ) And action is coming with it!

  6. Krozley

    Some interesting minor league signings by the Reds per BaseballAmerica. Jared Mitchell was once a top CF prospect, but had a good year last season in the independent league. Probably just filler but maybe a late bloomer at age 29. Lefty reliever Kevin Canelon had a good season in high-A last year and could be a swingman at AA. Reds seem to be reloading LH relievers via minor league free agency. I also noticed Robert Stock signed with the Padres.

  7. MK

    With the number of old timers they bring around for Spring Training it would be nice to see Wayne Granger come in to work with Herget. He developed a nice sinker with a similar arm slot to see if they could improve Herget’s groundball rate.

    • Piggly Wiggly

      That is a good thought. They also could sign free agent reliever and Cincinnati native Joe Smith for the bullpen and mentor for Herget. Smith has been around the MLB block a time or two.

  8. madoffjc

    Doug, do you think he makes the bullpen out of spring training? I’m all for giving Weiss Herget a shot to make the bullpen out of spring training. Cheaper, they have a reason to prove themselves at this level and younger than some of the bullpen guys out there on the market.