Jose Siri got out to a slow start in the Dominican Winter League in 2017. Early on he was used mostly as a pinch runner, but when he would get playing time beyond that it was inconsistent. In November that changed as he began to get starts and more consistent at-bats. At the end of the month he got a week off to travel to Cincinnati so he could participate at Redsfest.

He returned to the lineup for the Gigantes del Cibao on the 5th and he’s gone on a tear, picking up right where he left off. Jose Siri had gone 2-4 in all three games since heading back home to the Dominican Republic. The outfielder is now hitting .333/.365/.550 through 23 games and 60-at bats. He does have just two walks in that span, and it comes with 18 strikeouts. That’s a ratio that will need to improve, but the hits are coming right now in bunches. And he’s also stolen 10 bases in 11 opportunities.

Reds ask Kevin Canelon to work on his slider

The Cincinnati Reds signed left handed pitcher Kevin Canelon this past week to a minor league contract. As noted in the write up, he’s had reverse splits in his career. That usually happens due to a lackluster breaking ball. The Reds have reportedly asked Canelon to work on his slider this winter according to a local reporter in Venezuela. With even a slightly improved breaking ball he could turn into a real interesting pick up for the organization.

Brennan Bernardino is now pitching in Mexico

It’s been a long year for left handed pitcher Brennan Bernardino. His year began in March with spring training and he pitched all season long in Double-A Pensacola, throwing 40.1 innings over 38 games. After the season he got about a month off before heading to Arizona where he pitched for Scottsdale in the Arizona Fall League. Bernardino allowed just one earned run in 10.0 innings there over six appearances. Last week he joined Hermosillo in the Mexican Winter League and has now made three appearances.

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    • Doug Gray

      There were probably 5-7 games there in which he didn’t get a plate appearance and was only used as a pinch runner.

    • Stock

      Additionally there is a mentality issue here. He wasn’t getting any starts. Old saying of you can’t walk off the island kicks in and he gets ultra aggressive as a means to gain playing time. When he makes contact he is hitting it hard (.391 ISO since he started playing regularly and a .833 BABIP). He is also striking out a lot (9 K in 23 AB).

  1. Jami Sanderson

    Doug, I have to applaud Brennan Bernardino. As A Blue Wahoos fan, he was a joy to see pitch. But even better, he is a young man with a whole lot of character. I work for an ad agency and our crew went out to film a short video for our client, Covenant Care which is a Hospice service in Pensacola. They hold a camp for children who have lost a loved one and held it at Blue Wahoos Stadium. Brennan spoke with the kids, as he lost a brother and knows how it feels. Our crew said there was not a dry eye in the house when he spoke…and he gave the children his cell phone number and told them to call him. What a great guy. Here’s the video, Brennan’s part is at 2:20.

    This reminds us all that though we love baseball, it’s people who are really important in our lives.

    • MK

      Brennan is a great kid. He was voted the Dragons Fan Friendly Player of the Year, by the Booster Club when he was here. I will share your video on the Booster Facebook page.

  2. victor vollhardt

    To: Jamie Sanderson—Thanks for posting—In this day and age stats (spin rate etc) are deemed so important—it is nice to hear of a player who has overcome personal problems and kept his head down and keeps moving forward. Yes, he has talent ,but it seems he has been “forged” by life–in my book he has a better chance to be a “winner”. More of those on your team and great things happen.

    • MK

      Really makes sense for him. Big money market, but not the big fishin town either. LAX is probably easiest transportation port to use to get home

    • Wes

      That’s great for baseball! They got a pretty bad mlb team and minor league system. Also makes Maitan potential trade piece more likely

  3. Shawn

    Looks like Stanton to Yankees. I wonder if they would be willing to trade Clint Frazier, Gleiber Torez, and Justus Sheffield for Iglesias and Suerez?

    • MK

      will that be the tallest combo of corner outfielders on one team ever?

      • Doug Gray

        It has to be, right? There haven’t been that many position players that tall to begin with.

      • Wes

        I read an article a couple years ago on how a lot of teams have had a Stanton/judge in their system at one time or another and all of them got hurt and never made it to all star status until the Big Hurt did. And he was tallest until Stanton- which is why the article said he was a poor investment. Now judge is taller.

        It’s surely a gamble but yanks got money to burn so….

    • Wes

      Just hope they didn’t clean marlins like they cleaned reds and Chapman

      • Doug Gray

        The Marlins won’t be getting much back because the Yankees are taking on $265M in that contract. And Starlin Castro, who is reportedly already being shopped by the Marlins.

      • Hingle McCringleberry

        If I’m the reds, I’m in on Castro. Maybe saurez straight up, but man I love saurez.

      • Greenfield Red

        If GS’s contract turns into an albatross like the majority of these huge long term deals, the Marlins would be coming out good.

    • Kap

      I have a feeling judge will regress. Has huge strikeout number he needs to fix

      • Greenfield Red

        This I agree with. Add to it that both are righties. I doubt they see many lefthanders.

  4. Bill

    The Stanton trade to the Yankees as reported would still leave the Marlins with about $25M in payroll to slash if there goal remains to slash payroll by $50M for the 2018 season.

    • Colorado Red

      I thought (could be wrong), they want to slash to 90M not 50M. They may be there.

  5. Hingle McCringleberry

    The difference in a good organization and a god awful one?look no further than the dodgers and the reds.

    The dodgers traded for cingrani and forced him to throw more sliders. Also worked with him on only throwing his fastball in a particular area. Mainly mid to upper in when ahead of the count.

    The reds? They ask the player to work on his slider.

    • Wes

      HM, are you related to Cingrani? He is mediocre 45 grade player -you are the only one who care’s Red’s shed him. Also castro for Suarez is a terrible trade- like Reds need a 6th 2nd baseman who’s older than the rest of them?! He’s been declining for several seasons now.

      As for the Dodgers- they make some of the dumbest moves in all of baseball. There trades, for the most, are one sided for the other team and they acquire huge contracts on older players while blocking prospects. If they were wiser- they’d prob have 2 rings in past few seasons- they have the talent.

      • Hingle

        The dodgers make terrible moves Yet the dodgers won how many games? Lol. You make zero sense about Castro. He’s got more upside than scooter, and more than like hit well for average here. True top of lineup or a good 5 or 6 guy. To act like Castro is worth nothing, look at his stats which you obviously never have. As far as cingrani, it’s clear you know nothing about baseball. More like a low info fan. Here’s some info for you. When cingrani breaks out next year, maybe you can look in the mirror and admit that the reds front office and player development is horrible. When an organization like the dodgers gives a crap about making players better, they usually have the people in place to make it happen.

        Fangeaphs on cingrani with facts for you and Doug:

      • Doug Gray

        I’ve read the article, Hingle.

        Here are some more facts: We heard for YEARS that the Reds kept asking him to throw something more than the fastball. FOR YEARS. He didn’t. That he finally listened to someone doesn’t make the Dodgers better and the Reds worse. Maybe they are better at it, but there’s nothing at all related to Tony Cingrani that shows that whether you want to believe it or not. The Dodgers told him the same thing the Reds had been for years and years. The difference was: He finally took the advice.

      • Hingle McCringleberry

        If he wouldn’t take the reds advice doug, what does that say about the reds? Here’s the question, do the reds have the people in place to help these guys? Do the players respect this franchise? Maybe this is an under-current of whats going on in the lower minors and why we cant develop top tier pitching? I think darwin is great and he should be given a huge promotion for taking low end guys and showing them that you don’t have to be cy young to be successful. I think his next project of Jose Lopez will prove to benefit the reds. Just seems like they don’t get it until they get to darwin. Then they become stagnant at AAA. Nice to have more darwins. Also would be nice to draft more pitchers with more than 2 pitches and better control.

    • MK

      A lot of times a trade is a 2×4 between the eyes, If you listened to Price and pitching coaches they said they could not convince Cingrani to throw the ball over the plate and trust his stuff. All he would do was slow his pace and nibble. Maybe he took the 2×4 to heart or between the eyes and finally made the changes he needed to make.

  6. wes

    Absolutely terrible trade for Marlins! As bad as Chapman trade. SMH….why would the owners approve the sale if the new ownership is going to deteriorate the quality of the league?!?

    Salary dump, IMO, revolves around a player being over paid. Stanton is underpaid even at 25 million even with the injury concerns. So Yankees got the 28 year old reigning MVP for a 28 year old journyman second baseman. IMO, it’s easier for Yankees to move money around in the off season than other teams so they prey on teams needing/wanting to dump talent and it really makes the league unfair with their advantage to simply outspend on any free agent.

    Black eye for baseball today!

      • Bill

        You’re right, this is a salary dump … exactly what the Marlin’s new owners have said they intended to do.

        But I’m not sure how Stanton’s value is going to go up by the trade deadline?

        Keep in mind, the Yankees are taking on $242M in obligation over the next 10 years. That makes break even about 30 WAR plus whatever the prospects might generate for the Marlins. If Stanton is on tract to eclipse that mark in 2020, he gets to opt out of his contract. There is huge long-term risk for the Yankees. The more meaningful consequences for exceeding the soft salary cap also add an risk for the Yankees. It’s a short-term boom for them no doubt.

        I really wish baseball had a hard ceiling and floor on player spending that leveled the playing field across MLB and took away the incentive for teams to “tank”. I think MLB would benefit a lot if every team approached every season with their best effort and with equal player acquisition resources.

      • Wes

        Stanton’s value doesn’t increase- the willingness and flexibility of paying him increases. You are signing up for a million every other week and you gotta be ready to pay. I think a lot of teams shy away from that in winter.

        Revenue vs salary Stanton is underpaid at 25 mil a season. Every big market team has a player making 20 mil plus who is a fringe 25th man (bailey). And take in play the largest market acquiring him and that quantifies. Way to risky for reds but it’s literally a drop in bucket for yanks. Throw in the fact that it was a give away and it instantly deminishes the value of baseball.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think the other owners expected this group to come in and start shedding payroll….

  7. Billy

    What’s the scouting report on Brett Gardner these days? Could he play CF?

    Do the Yankees now have a need at 2B, or will they put Torres at 2B? Any chance we could make a Gardner for Schebler (LH DH/OF), Gennett/Herrera, and prospects trade? How good would the prospects have to be?

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      Terrible idea. CF at 34? Keep schebler at CF and Winker in RF. Winker could and should be our leadoff hitter.

  8. Kap

    What about ellsbury? Yeah I know, he’s past his prime, expensive, and injury prone. But the yankees may be inclined tobdump his salary since they have stanton and he is practically their 5th outfielder now. He can still bat and play center. They would.have to take on most of his contract though. Every good team has at least one or two good veterans on the roster

  9. Jim Delaney

    Any future change in ownership in MLB,, will be scrutinized more. The debt service the New ownership group is taking on will be analyzed to know if they can handle the current financial struggle the selling organization is at.
    Stanton had a No trade clause and blocked Marlins from dealing him to teams that would have given them a better refurn…
    A key thing to keep in mind though are the other bad contracts the Marlins have that they can’t move Martin Prado, Wei Yin Chen, Yunichi Tazawa, Edison Volquez and Brad Ziegler….

  10. Stock

    Two more games with 2 hits in 4 AB. 5 consecutive multi-hit games. 14-27 since he started playing everyday. Granted the .750 BABIP won’t last but his manager will be hard pressed not to pencil his name in the lineup everyday from here on out.