The season for Nick Longhi began with the Boston Red Sox. The then 21-year-old started out in Double-A Portland. The jump up to Double-A was a struggle early on. April didn’t go well for Longhi and there wasn’t much of a stretch where he was performing well. In 17 games played he hit just .182 with one walk and 10 strikeouts. He also slugged just .288 on the month.

The early season struggles didn’t carry into May for Nick Longhi. In the first week he went out and hit .333 with five walks and he slugged .500 during the week. The second week was even better as he hit .500 and slugged .550. After five days off from the 13th through the 17th, he returned to the lineup on the 18th. The second half of the month didn’t go nearly as well as the first. In the final 13 games played he went just 11-55 (.200) with two extra-base hits. It was a massive improvement over April for Lonhi, who hit .290/.353/.376 with eight walks and 16 strikeouts in 24 games.

June started out slowly. Nick Longhi went 1-11 to start the month, but he went off from there. For the rest of the month he racked up 22 hits, including nine doubles and three home runs. Over the 21 games played in the month it was another step forward for the Red Sox first base prospect. He hit .295/.337/.526 in 84 plate appearances with four walks and 14 strikeouts during June.

On Jule 2nd the Red Sox traded Nick Longhi to the Cincinnati Reds. He was traded for international bonus pool money and joined the Reds organization a few days later. After going 0-2 and playing right field on July 7th, Nick Longhi went 1-3  in each of the next five games, before going 1-2 on the 13th. He left the game early. At first it was reported that it was just a precaution, but not serious. That turned out to be untrue as it was the last game he played on the season, and underwent Tommy John surgery later in the month.

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Nick Longhi Spray Chart

Nick Longhi Scouting Report

Hitting | Nick Longhi can and does use the entire field, and he makes plenty of contact. While his hit tool hasn’t played up yet, scouts I spoke with felt it would get there eventually and graded it out as slightly above-average.

Power | There’s power in his bat, but to get the raw power to start showing up in games more frequently he will need a change in approach. He doesn’t pull the ball much and he’s got some ground ball tendencies. Changes in both would allow his power to play more than it currently does. He’s got average power potential in the future if he gets the most out of the raw power that’s in there.

Running | He’s an average runner.

Arm | While we don’t know how his arm will play coming off of Tommy John surgery just yet, before the injury his arm was good. In limited action in the outfield it played well. At first base it’s not needed often, but stands out over there.

Defense | Nick Longhi spent most of his time at 1st base in 2017, but the Reds tried him in the outfield in his brief stint in Pensacola before his injury. He looked athletic in the corners and showed good range.

Nick Longhi was younger than most played in Double-A at just 21-years-old. He held his own overall, especially after a slow start. From the start of May through the end of his season he hit .295/.353/.453 in 52 games played. How his power develops will be key for whether or not Longhi becomes more than a utility player that can handle the outfield corners and first base, or if he can compete as an every day corner player.

12 Responses

  1. Greenfield Red

    I like NL and look forward to seeing how he does this year.

    Off topic, but important, it has been reported that Ohtani has a grade 1 sprain of his pitching elbow.

  2. Shamrock

    Is Nick expected to be back at full strength before spring training?

  3. The Duke

    If he can handle both corner OF spots as well as 1B, he’s got a shot as a utility guy off the bench. He’d need the power to show up a lot more if he’s going to be a 1B only kind of guy. Still young so the upside is still there, but he’s at a point where he needs to show more of it on the field and not just in BP.

    • Shamrock

      I agree Duke.
      This guy’s ceiling is probably Kivlehan-esque. Nothing to see here..
      Except, I wonder if we still had that $300k if we’d be in the running for more of the top braves prospects??

      • Colorado Red

        Money to sign there prospects is there. We can use this years or next.
        Problem, is we are limited to 300K. All have signed for more.

  4. MK

    Wonder if his arm was not prepared for the extended outfield play once he came to Reds or this is another example of Reds trading for damaged goods.

  5. Piggly Wiggly

    He had a pretty good year in AA after that bad start. His age is certainly something to consider.
    Is Tyler Goeddel still in the Reds system? I believe he still s, but I haven’t heard anything about him in quite some time. Goeddel (25) and Longhi (22) give the Reds some good OF depth.
    If one of the Reds current outfielders get traded, Goeddel is a nice sleeper candidate for the 5th OF spot. Goeddel was a great waiver pickup that might pay some dividends this coming year.

  6. wes

    I think Bob Steve profiles better in AL where his high era will blend in better. if I am Red Sox I like him a lot. What about Bob Steve and Duvall for Bradley Jr and Tanner Houck?

    Boston has 90 million locked up in pretty bad contracts and it prob makes more sense for them to trade to improve rather than sign a couple guys. They forsure need to keep pace with Yanks though! Maybe reds can capitalize off that?

  7. MK

    If your theory is he would play better there due to high NL ERA being more acceptable in AL where ERA’s are higher due to DH, doesn’t his ERA continue to worsen there making it just as problematic there as his current one is now in NL.

    • wes

      It will, but he’s lights out stuff will shine a little brighter too. He can get the better hitters out. So when he’s on- he’s top of rotation. When he’s off- its more justifiable in AL

      • Jasonp

        Robert Stephenson had a ERA of 2.22 in 24 innings in August and 2.77 ERA in 26 innings in September.

        The last 50 innings he pitched were pretty good. Not sure if I would want to trade him off.