After a week off, Brian Snow and myself got back together to record a new episode of The Unnamed Cincinnati Reds Podcast. About thirty minutes after we recorded this episode, the Cincinnati Reds signed reliever Jared Hughes. Which, of course, means that the talk of no moves in the podcast is now old, useless information. What we did talk about, though, was some of the non-roster invitees for spring training, and players who could be the key to having success in 2018 for the Reds.

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8 Responses

  1. Nick Lauth

    “This Week in Reds Baseball with Doug Gray and Brian Snow”

    You think the Reds could possibly have Kyle Crockett on the team as possibly the 2nd lefty out of the pen, or 3rd if AG is in the swingman/longman role?

  2. Shawn

    The name of your podcast needs to honor The Old Lefthander. Maybe “rounding 3rd” with Doug Grey.

      • Doug Gray

        The name is going to remain “The Unnamed Reds Podcast”. I’m weird, but I like it.

      • CP

        I like the name Doug. Not sure if this is your reasoning, but it gives me the impression that our names will probably never be known to the Reds. We as fans are “The Unnamed”, and we spend our time talking about those who names are known.

        Kind of a humble way of approaching a podcast. We are “The Unnamed”, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not about us anyways. What connects us is the common bond we share in being fans of those who are named, The Reds.

  3. Bill

    Going with your theme, I suggest, “The Podcast to be Named Later”