Let’s start out this post by saying thank you to every last one of you for taking time out of your day to read my writings about baseball. The 2017 year was the most successful year at RedsMinorLeagues.com. For those of you who sent in donations over the holidays for your appreciation of the work I do, thank you, I greatly appreciate the support. For those of you who have continued to support the work done here through Patreon, thank you as well. The contributions through Patreon have made it much easier for me to plan ahead the work and travel that I do that’s related to the site.

The website began in January of 2006. While the domain name has remained the same, but things have come a long way since then. The site nearly reached 3,000,000 views this year. That was a 48% increase in views over last year. Again, thank you guys.

The Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017

  1. Marty Brennaman on Joey Votto. Again.
  2. Cincinnati Reds 2017 Draft: Rounds 3-10
  3. Midseason 2017 Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospect List
  4. Cincinnati Reds 1st round pick: Hunter Greene
  5. The Reds to sign Cuban SS Jose Israel Garcia
  6. Cincinnati Reds 2017 Draft: Rounds 11-20
  7. Cincinnati Reds 2nd round pick: Stuart Fairchild
  8. How much can the Reds sign Hunter Greene for?
  9. Cincinnati Reds draft pick signing updates
  10. Cincinnati Reds Comp. A 1st round pick: Jeter Downs

The draft is quite popular if the list above says anything. Also, don’t talk poorly about Joey Votto.

The most popular month of 2017

June, as has been multiple times in past year, was the most visited month of the year. The draft usually carries the month, and it did that once again. June, July, and August all topped the most visited month in the history of the site entering the year.


I like to tell people that we have one of the best comments sections on the internet. For the most part we tend to behave and have respect for each other. I’m writing this before the final day of the year, so the number won’t be perfectly accurate, but it’s close. During 2017 there were 18,500 approved comments. Last year there were just under 13,000 comments.

Lots of content

There were 920 articles written this past year on the site. That’s up from 864 in 2016 and 785 the year before that. Getting away from doing the prospect guide over the past few years and instead putting the information that would have gone into the book onto the site has led to plenty of additional content on the site. It’s also continued to do wonders for my carpel tunnel during the offseason.

Over on Youtube there were 86 videos published for the site. That’s up from 57 in 2016, though I also had some real computer issues to deal with during the season that led to a lower number of videos than planned during 2016. There were 127,724 views over there. Strangely enough, the top videos were of Loek Van Mil, Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, and Billy Hamilton. Luis Castillo pitching in spring training was the most viewed Reds prospect video that was from 2017.

Google remains the top dog

When it comes to places that refer the most traffic to the site, unsurprisingly, Google is still the king. They brought int 5.9% of all traffic that the site had. Twitter was next at 4.3%. Facebook was a distant third at 1.1%.

Around the World

99% of the traffic comes from the United States, but there is plenty of traffic that comes from other parts of the world. Canada, Australia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Germany, and Venezuela all had a stronger than the rest of the planet readership. In total there were visitors from 140 different countries. That’s five more than last year. 18 countries were good for at least 1,000 views or more. We’re moving closer and closer to global domination.

Looking forward

The 2017 year was the best one yet for the site. I’m hoping to take things to the next level again in 2018. More articles, more video, more podcasts (we even have one now!), more content, more travel. While I can’t tell the future, I can do my best to plan it. I’m looking forward to putting in the work to make this site even better in the upcoming year.

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21 Responses

  1. Rich

    Doug, I sincerely appreciate the work the work that you do, and the content you produce. For myself and my Reds enthusiast friends, thanks. We spend an absolutely unnecessary amount of time talking about the Ol Redlegs, and you are certainly one of, possibly the MOST cited (beer gets in the way of official Statcast numbers on this) references that comes up. Wish we could do more, but just know we appreciate ya and do what we can. Best wishes, and keep on doing what you’re doing, its awesome man. Happy New Year’s!

  2. DocProc

    I joined the blog this year and have enjoyed it thoroughly–thanks for the good work, Doug. Here’s to a great 2018!

  3. IndyRedsFan


    Congratulations on the great numbers in 2017 and all the best wishes for an even better 2018. Love your articles and the mostly respectful discourse between those posting comments.

    Other fans,

    If you aren’t supporting Doug thru Patreon, please make it your New Year’s resolution to do so. Surely Doug’s work is worth $4 per month to you. It’s worth a lot more than that to me.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  4. Michael Smith

    Thank you for the great work Doug. When is the Pete Rose is greatest human on earth article going to be released?

    • Doug Gray

      In some alternate universe, that article has already been released.

      • Michael Smith

        I just reread the Votto thread and would love to update it so we can have more ridiculous arguments about his contract and value.

  5. Hebron Reds Fan

    Thanks Doug for another great year of content. First place I go to read every day! Look forward to a great 2018!

  6. Colorado Red

    Thanks for your effort and a Happy New Year to all.
    I also joined the site this year, and started contributing toward the end.
    This is without a doubt the best site for the Reds.
    I enjoy it, as I do not get much info, living in the Rocky Mountains.

  7. CP

    Very thankful for all that you do Doug! This have become my favorite Reds website to visit by far!!

    Also very thankful for those who participate on the comments section. Very informed, and for the most part very respectful. Outside of Doug, you are what help make this website so enjoyable.

    Happy New Year to you all…

  8. Justin

    I’ve rarely commented but I visit the site multiple times a day and read the comments just as much as the article content. Thanks for your hard work!

  9. James K

    One of the things I like about this site is that you censor some of the most venomous comments, unlike many other Internet sites.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s been tougher this year to monitor the comments simply because of the sheer volume. There were 51 comments per day this year.

      • victor vollhardt

        Enjoy the site every day. If you read the comments every day- you will soon find that some contributors have a good handle on their baseball knowledge. I don’t mean that they always agree with my thoughts, but rather their points (on whatever subject) made in April usually come true in August.So you come to rely on their posts as most of the time they are right. Some even seem to have inside knowledge of the Reds organization.. So Happy New Year to Mr. Gray and all who make this a great read everyday.

  10. Branch Brown

    Thanks for all the work Doug, by doing what you do, you make us better fans. And also save us a ton of time doing our own research. Missed donating for a few months because of a bank switch. It’s all corrected now and am happy to support your site. Have a safe and Happy New Year! No, scratch that. Have a safe and hopefully busy New Year, telling us about new prospects the Reds got because they finally did something.

  11. LeRoy

    Good job Doug. This is the best minor league site on the web. This site helps us to endure the Reds major league woes by getting updates on the prospects and giving us a look at what the Reds future may be. Thanks!

  12. Piggly Wiggly

    My new years wish for you is that you get to spend new years eve with Anna Kendrick and her Pitch Perfect pitches. The party won’t be over ’til Fat Amy sings.
    By the way, Fat Amy has her eyes on you. Be on the lookout. Have you head on a swivel.
    Here’s to a competitive Reds team in 2018 with exciting minor league affiliates.

  13. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Well, the Reds have 1 more day to make the Hamilton trade to see if it will crack your top 10 for 2017.

    If it’s a typical Chapman/Frazier/Bruce trade, we’ll all visit the site to grumble and moan about it.

  14. zblakey

    Thanks Doug for a tremendous 2017. Looking forward to your efforts in 2018 and beyond